Soul Mate


Ava Brett

Chapter One

Disclaimer – None of the characters belong to me in any shape or form. I am merely using them for my own personal entertainment.

Author Note – This story is based on the book Angel Blood by Nalini Singh. As soon as I read it I knew I had to convert it to a supernatural story. I've followed the basic plot but there will be a lot of differences.

If you're expected a sweet Dean or a sweet Castiel then you should probably pick another story. I don't think I'm well known for fluffy characters. I like Dean and Castiel to be strong individuals when I write them and since I a fan of BAMF possessive Castiel that tends to be what I write…

Anyway this is my last offering. I won't be putting up any new stories for a while only updating so enjoy

Summary – A/U – Dean Winchester is the best Supernatural Hunter in America, When he is hired by Castiel the newest Archangel for a job he soon finds himself over his head, because this time its not a supernatural creature he's to hunt its Lucifer himself. Thrown into the deep end Dean has only him self and his brother to rely on. If the hunt doesn't kill him then his attraction to Castiel just might.

Romance – Castiel/Dean

When Dean Winchester told people that he hunted the supernatural for a living it nearly always produced the same reaction. The person in question would gasp, eyes widening as they leaned towards him and then they would ask him.

"So you're like a male version of Buffy the vampire slayer"

Occasionally the way the question was posed to him changed but the general feeling behind it always remained the same. Sheer disbelief tainted with some awe. Personally Dean wanted to find whoever created Buffy and kick their ass. He wished it was as easy as sticking a sharp piece of wood into the vampire heart, hell if they really did burst into dust then he would save a fortune on matches and gasoline alone. But life was never that simple for him and killing a vampire required strength, determination and normally a fucking big and sharp sword which would allow him to decapitate the creature with ease.

It was something that he was pretty sure a skinny blind chick that looked like she needed some more meals in her wouldn't be able to manage.

Dean was part of an organisation that killed and captured supernatural creatures for money. He supposed if he had any job description it was a bounty hunter. He preferred catching them; simply killing them had no finesse. Having to figure out the creature's patterns and habits, figure out the way its mind work was far more challenging to him and if there was one thing Dean Winchester loved then it was a challenge.

The fact that the pay was amazing helped, on the rare occasion he had told people how much he earned monthly they couldn't believe it but considering if he did a bad job it would normally mean his jugular being ripped out by a creature then he figured that the money was fair. The health insurance wasn't too bad either

Still he was beginning to figure that he deserved a big fat raise, he had been crouched down in the same alley way for the past three hours and still there was no sign of his prey. It wasn't as though he blended in well either, his face was handsome and he was tall and built; that was completely normal, even his short blond-brown hair was fine. It was his goddamn eyes which were the problem.

His eyes weren't just green; oh no that would have been too easy for him, they were a bright green, like grass under the sun with flecks of gold in. Eyes which were stupidly sensitive to light and god knew what else. Dean had to spend his life in sunglasses just to function. He had no idea why the hell they were like they were, Dean's younger brother Sam had no problem it was just him. His mother had promised to explain the reason some day but then both she and her Dad had died the next day in a car crash, a crash which had seen too coincidental. Dean couldn't help but wonder whether someone was trying to quieten his mother before she could tell him the truth.

Normally it was fine but nothing said 'man up to no good' more then a man crouching down in an alley way in the middle of the night wearing shades. He supposed he could take them off but then the stars and the street light down the bottom of the street would affect him. He needed to be on top form for this chase.

Dean licked his lips, his eyes narrowing as he heard a rustling sound behind him. He turned swiftly stopping when he came face to face with a stray cat that froze watching him carefully. Dean stared hard into the cats face before his shoulders relaxed and he turned away.

That was the other thing his eyes allowed him to do. See the true face of a supernatural creatures face. It was a talent which had saved both his and Sam's lives countless of time.

He shifted slightly on the spot, rubbing at his calf muscles to get some feeling back into them before he lifted his wrist to his mouth, speaking quietly into it, the sound barely audible despite the silence of his surroundings.

"Any sign on your end Sammy?" he asked, he pressed the headset into his ear.

"He's definitely coming towards you Dean" his brother answered, Dean could hear him typing away, "This one was chipped so he's been fairly easy to track so far"

Dean snorted; the bloody werewolf had led him on a merry chase all around the city.

"And he's alone?" Dean asked. He could almost picture Sam's shrug in his mind.

"Yes" his brother confirmed "Well unless he's met up with an unchipped wolf" Sam stated, a slight tone of concern coming to his voice. "I could get a sky visual or send Rufus in to cover you"

"Don't you dare send that idiot in" Dean hissed. "Last time he covered my ass he almost shot it with a damn arrow. What kind of Hunter uses arrows still when they could have a gun?"

"A traditionalist?" Sam suggested before brushing the conversation away "Do you want aerial cover?" Dean shook his head.

"No" he said firmly "They'll use the lights and they'll distract me. If you say the guy is alone then he's alone. All I've got to do is stab him with a tranquiliser and then deliver him to the drop point. I don't really care about anything else."

"Ok well Dean if-"

"shhhh" Dean hissed, standing up straighter. A smile came to his face and Dean was pretty sure it wasn't a pleasant one. A man appeared around the corner, he was younger then Dean expected, perhaps only twenty or so with short wavy red hair and brown eyes. He looked nervous, looking around him his hand shoved deeply into his pocket, his stride quick barely escaping being a run.

He would almost have felt sorry for him if he didn't know that the young wolf had already killed five people since his escape two days ago. He had clearly been made too young and had no idea how to control his cravings now he was out in the real world surrounded by the temptation of flesh. Really Dean would be doing him a favour.

He blending into the shadow watching as the boy hurried past him without a glance round. Dean shook his head, did supernatural creatures get taught nothing these days? The first lesson Dean had learnt from his father at the age of five was to always scout the shadows because that is where most predators would be.

"I'm on his trail" he said in an undertone to Sam.

"Good" his brother responded "Be careful."

"Aren't I always?" Dean responded, twisting and pushing himself to his feet. He walked down the alley way and into the main street. A quick glance round showed that it was almost deserted other then the boy and himself. A slight smile curved his mouth before he straightened it, forcing his face to resume an innocent expression as he quickened his step.

"Hey" he called out. "Hey, sorry to bother you man but I was wondering whether you had a light, mine just ran out and I'm desperate for a smoke" he held up a blue lighter, looking sheepishly at it.

The boy stared at it for a second before staring at Dean, pupils widening as he caught Dean's scent. Dean kept the friendly smile on his face as the boy shifted his body weight between his feet clearly unsure whether he was going to flee or attack.

"If you don't have one then it's cool, I was just being lazy. I could get one in the shop back there" he jabbed his thumb over his shoulder towards the shop at the end of the street. The boy followed his gaze before looking back at Dean with a considering look. Dean could imagine what the man thought he was seeing, a pretty frat boy with no brains behind his smile.

"Sorry you startled me" the boy said taking a cautious step forward. "I've got a lighter that you can use" he offered, lowering his head slightly as he began fishing through his pocket.

It was almost too easy for Dean to step forward, whipping out the tranquilizer from his pocket which he plunged into the boy's neck pushing the bottom at the end.

"Sorry kid" he said as the boys staggered against him, the drug quickly moving through his blood stream. "It's for your own good" the boy sagged against him, a sudden dead weight causing him to grunt. He leaned back checking the boy, his hand wrapped around his silver knife but the boy was clearly out of it. Shaking his head, Dean pulled one of the werewolves arm around his shoulder and dragged him over to where the impala was parked.

If anyone looked out of their window it would simply seem as though Dean was helping a friend who had drank too much. He opened the back door and shoved the creature in, closing the door and locking it from the outside before he circled the car and got into the drivers seat.

The creature would be out of it for fifteen minutes but even if he did wake up sooner then expected there would be no way for the boy to attack him. The backseat of Dean's car was made for transporting any kind of supernatural creature.

"Got him Sammy" Dean said out loud knowing that his intercom would pick it up, he shoved the key into the ignition and turned it, a pleased grin coming to his face at the healthy sound his baby made.

"Good" Sam replied in satisfaction "You just got to make the drop off?"

"Yep I'm already on my way. I'm thinking Chinese tonight little bro, get ordering and none of that vegetarian crap you sometimes get either."

"Whatever" Sam replied in amusement "You'll get what you get and you'll like it" Dean snorted, shaking his head as headed towards the drop off point, singing along with the music from his radio.

He must have been five minutes away from the drop off when the kid woke up, the first thing he noticed was the smell of fear which suddenly filled his car.

"Why are you doing this?" the boy asked his voice shaky and scared. Dean shrugged not bothering to look back.

"Because I get paid to do it" he said flatly "and you killed five people, how many more would you have killed before you were captured or killed?" he demanded, shaking his head at the boy's low keening noise.

"I didn't mean… I couldn't help it"

"Save it" Dean said. "I'm not the one you need to answer to. You'll be taken to the Angel committee and they'll decide your fate."

Dean ignored the sound of terror the boy made the same way he ignored the sudden smell or urine that filled the car as the boy pissed him self in fright. He got out taking a deep breathe of air before waving a hand at the three guards who were waiting for him by the armoured truck that would deliver the werewolf to the prisons.

"Hey Walker" he called out watching as the older man came over to him, a gun resting by his side.

"Winchester" he said, nodding his head in greeting as he lowered his head to peer through the window. "Werewolf?" he said. Dean nodded, pulling out an envelope from his pocket; he casually pulled out the paper and read it out.

"Darren Skinner, property of Dick Roman, it appears Mr Roman wants his property back." Gordon Walker took the paper, reading it before nodded and handed it back. He fished out an envelope from his pocket and handed it over.

"Mr Roman asked me to hand this over to you if you appeared uninjured when you arrived" he stated, glancing over his shoulder and waving the other two guards over. "He's already paid the amount owed into your bank account which was provided by your company this is just a little bonus he wanted to give you as thanks."

Dean peered into the envelope and whistled silently.

"Mr Roman is very generous" he said, tucking the money into the pocket of his jacket "It's unlocked" he told the two guards "I gave him a shot of WW Tranquilizer so he should still be pretty out of it, he literally just woke up, this ones a pisser" he remarked wrinkling his nose up.

"Mr Roman also wanted me to ask you whether you are willing to do a bit more work for him?" Dean looked thoughtful for a moment before he shrugged.

"I've nothing on work wise at this moment" he said slowly "I could do another job for him; does he want me to pick up another rogue or something?"

"He didn't go into details Winchester but I think the job is for a high powered friend of him. He wanted the best and your name came up. Money should be good."

"Isn't it always" Dean answered, taking the file from Walker. He wanted to look at it straight away but he made himself meet the older man's dark eyes. "Any idea where the man is based who wants my services?" he asked. Walker turned his head watching his two men drag the werewolf over to the truck. Dean followed his gaze, the werewolf tried to put up a fight but it was hopeless.

"South Dakota" Dean froze, his eyes widening behind his glasses making him thankful for the first time that his eyes were hidden so Walker wouldn't see the reaction. There was only one powerful person who lived in South Dakota as far as Dean knew and it was one person he had no desire to meet. For a moment Dean was swept away by fear but as quickly as it had come it had past.

There was no way that Archangel would want to see a human, he was positive of it.

"Is there a problem Winchester?" Walker said quietly, Dean shook his head.

"Nope" he replied lightly "Thank Mr Roman for his generosity" he nodded at Walker before turning back and walking back to the Impala. He entered it quickly driving off making a note to himself to get the car cleaned so it didn't smell of scared Werewolf.

It didn't take him long to get to the apartment he shared with Sam. He kicked off his boots the minute he entered, shrugging out of his coat at the same time.

"Sam I here, Chinese arrived yet?" he called out.

"Nope" came the reply from what sounded like the living room. Dean made a sound of acknowledgement walking into his bedroom, twirling the file in his hand. Normally he would get straight into the shower to wash the stink of a hunt off of him but this time he couldn't resist the urge to have a peek at the file.

He frowned when he realised that there was only a hand written note in there. Raising an eyebrow he reached up and took his sunglasses off his face, throwing them on his bed. He skimmed the note, his heart skipping a beat as terror swept over him making his choke on his own saliva.

The note was brief.

I desire your presence tomorrow at 1PM at the Angel High Embassy in South Dakota. Do not be late.


Dean stared at the note blankly.

What would the newest Archangel want with him? Dean hadn't had any contact with any Angel before making sure he kept away from them just like his mother had always told him to on a nightly basis. He had promised he would never go near one and yet he couldn't turn this down. No one turned an Archangel down.

Dean sank onto his bed feeling sick to his stomach, the paper crumpled in his hand.

He was screwed.

Author note – Hope you enjoyed it, chapter two will be up within two weeks or so once I've sorted some real life stuff out!