Soul Mate


Ava Brett


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Overall Summary

A/U – Dean Winchester is the best Supernatural Hunter in America, When he is hired by Castiel the newest Archangel for a job he soon finds himself over his head, because this time its not a supernatural creature he's to hunt its Lucifer himself. Thrown into the deep end Dean has only him self and his brother to rely on. If the hunt doesn't kill him then his attraction to Castiel just might.

Chapter Summary

Dean speaks to Bobby...

Overall Romance

Castiel / Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester / Amelia Caine (OFC), Bobby Singer / Ellen Harvelle

Chapter Romance

Bobby Singer / Ellen Harvelle, brief mention of Sam Winchester / Amelia Caine (OFC)

Chapter Two

Dean stared down at the piece of paper in his hand, fighting the overwhelming urge to throw up. What the hell did Castiel want with him of all people? Had he actually asked for him by name or had his name simply been put forward to the Archangel for whatever business he had to conduct? If he had asked for him by name then how did he find out about him? Dean had always been carefully to remain below most important people's radars. He definitely kept away from Angels and yet clearly they had been aware of him all this time.


Dean started at the sound of Sam's voice glancing up at him through wide eyes. He watched, hating when Sam's smile melted away at the sight of Dean's face to be replaced by a concerned, worried look. "Hey, what's wrong?" Sam demanded, crossing the room swiftly and placing his hand on Dean's shoulder, the weight heavy and strangely comforting, reminding Dean that he wasn't alone in this.

Dean breathed out shakily, nervously licking at his lips before he held the note out to Sam soundlessly. Sam glanced down at it with a frown before his eyes flickered back up to Dean's. Sam was one of the only people in Dean's life who didn't flinch away from his gaze. "What's this?" he queried, reaching out and taking the paper from Dean's grip. "A new mission for you?" he looked down, clearly not expecting an answer, his eyes moving over the words.

Dean saw the exact moment when Sam saw who the letter had come from because his body stilled, his face whitening as though he had seen a ghost while his expression turned from being mildly concerned to a look of fright, it was a look which Dean hadn't seen on his brother's face for years and one which he had never wanted to see again.

"Yep" Dean said weakly, licking his lips again as he coughed in an attempt to clear his throat. "That right there was my reaction to reading it as well."

Sam breathed out noisily, dropping the paper next to Dean on the bed as though the very touch of it could contaminate him with something before he reached up and dragged both of his hands roughly through his hair, his hazel eyes moving frantically from side to side as he tried to figure out exactly what the note meant for them and whether there was a way of getting Dean out of it.

"What are you going to do? Are you going to go to the Angel embassy and meet him?" Sam demanded.

"Well last time I checked Sammy there wasn't a choice involved in it. We both know that if a fucking Archangel summons you to meet it then you go and you make sure you're on time even if that means waiting all night for them. Archangels aren't exactly known for their understanding or forgiveness of human flaws." Dean commented, forcing him self off his bed and to his feet, biting down hard on his lower lip. Sam nodded his head slowly.

"You're gonna have to call Bobby" Sam stated "He might not even know about this and we both know that if there's a way out for you then he's gonna be the one who knows it. He's the director, all this negotiation bullshit stuff is one of his many talents, or at least that what he says."

"And here I was thinking he was there to give us mission and to blast us if things go slightly wrong" Dean commented mildly, raising an eyebrow when Sam reached over and snatched the house phone from Dean's bedside table, holding it out to him with a determined expression on his face which always meant that Sam meant business.

"Call him now Dean or so help me god I'll kick your ass my self, throw you in the impala and drag you to his front door" he threatened, glancing away from Dean's eyes when the door bell rang. "That's the Chinese now; I'll pay for that and get it in the other room while you make that call. At least once you've spoken to him we'll have a better idea on where we stand in all this mess."

"We?" Dean called after Sam. "Let's make one thing clear Sammy, there's no we in this situation." He huffed when Sam ignored him, closing the bedroom door behind him leaving Dean standing in silence. He shook his head staring at the door for a moment before he lowered his eyes to the phone Sam had handed him and typed in the Hunter guild phone number pressing the connect call button and praying that Bobby Singer was seated at his desk, working late on something.

"Hello Hunter Guild, how may I help you this evening?" Dean rolled his eyes at the soft feminine greeting.

"I need to speak to Bobby, Lily. Is he there?" he asked the receptionist.

"I'm sorry Sir but the director has left the building for the evening, he won't be back until tomorrow morning from nine onwards. Is that you Dean? You can try and call him then if you still desire to speak to him? He always wanted to speak to you if you call regardless of what he is doing."

"Right" Dean said, hanging up the phone without a goodbye, he'd have to apologise to Lily later but right now he had other important issues on his mind then whether he had hurt Bobby's receptionist feelings. He swallowed, running a hand through his hair before he turned his attention back to the phone and typed in the number he had for Bobby's home. If Bobby has already left the office for the evening then there was a good chance that he had already made it back to his house.

The other man picked up the phone before it had even rang twice.

"Dean I've been expecting this call since two of clock this afternoon, what's taken you so long you idjit? Been having a long nap or something?"

"Yeah or something" Dean confirmed, his hand tightening around the phone. He glanced towards the door when it opened and Sam slipped in before he continued speaking. "I'm ringing because I need you to confirm to me that the stress of this job has finally done me in and I've lost me damn mind. Because all I keep thinking is that there is no way in hell that you of all people would sign me up to work for an Archangel. I mean that's just a crazy thought isn't it" he said flatly.

"Ah that…" Bobby answered after a pause, his voice trailing off leaving them in an awkward silence. Dean raised an eyebrow. Bobby Singer, resident badass who had helped teach Dean all he knew and who was now the Director of the Hunter Guild, a man who could reduce even Angels to quivering wrecks, sounded distinctly nervous. Dean could almost picture the uneasy look on the older man's face as he paced around his study. "Look Dean, be reasonable. On this occasion there was no way in which I could have said no to his request."

"What the hell is that supposed to mean Bobby" Dean burst out. "Of course you could have said no to him. What did you think would happen? He would kill you if you turned down his offer?"

"Probably" Bobby replied "Look his two Angel lackeys made it pretty damn clear when they came to visit me that Castiel wanted you for this job and he only wanted you. I'm not stupid boy; I haven't forgotten how you feel about them. I offered them a selection of other people, people who don't have your aversion to the Angel population but their response was a big fat no. Like it or not Dean, you've come to Castiel's attention and no one else will do. He is not used to being denied by anyone."

"So you at least tried to say no to him?" Dean asked, his anger leaving him in a rush, leaving him feeling exhausted. All he wanted to do was lie down on his bed and sleep, maybe he was already sleeping and this whole mess was merely a terrible nightmare he was experiencing which he couldn't wake up from.

"Jesus give me some credit idjit. I helped raise you didn't I? I was hardly going to throw you of all people to the wolves. What kind of man do you think I am?"

Dean lowered him self back onto the mattress, rubbing tiredly at his eyes before he turned and looked towards Sam who was leaning against the closed door, clearly listening to every word which as being exchange between him and Bobby.

If Dean had gotten the freaky ass eyes then Sam had gotten the freaky ass hearing. He could hear anything and Dean was pretty damn sure that his brother could hear everything which Bobby was saying to him as clearly as if the older man had been standing next to him saying them.

"Well did these Angel lackeys who came to visit you tell you anything about what the job is going to be?" Dean asked "Because his little summoning note tells me nothing except to have my ass in the Angel embassy tomorrow afternoon"

"South Dakota is an easy enough journey for you to make Dean" Bobby informed him "And no, Rachel and Hester aren't exactly known for being the most talkative of Angels. They live for Castiel and that appears to be it. All they said was that Castiel wanted you and they would not leave until I had agreed to it. They- Just a moment Dean" Bobby commented, covering the speaking piece on the phone with his hand. He said something to someone else before removing his hand. "Sorry Dean that was Jo coming to say goodnight to me."

"How is your adopted daughter old man?" he queried, a small smile coming to his face when he thought of Bobby's five year old daughter. He still couldn't get over the fact in his mind that Bobby of all people had married Ellen Harvelle, adopting Ellen's two young children as he own, the same way he had done with the Winchester brothers. "I hope she's giving you hell like I taught her and Ash to do. We've got to keep you on your toes after all and make sure that your desk job isn't turning you soft."

"Don't remind me of that" Bobby growled at him. "Ellen blames me for that because she doesn't know you well enough yet to see past your angelic little face. She soon will though boy and then you better watch out because she's much worse then I am. Between her, the kids, you and your brother and Demon I'm surprised I manage to get any sleep. I should just stay up the whole night worrying about what stupid ass things you're all getting up to now!"

Dean laughed when he though about the massive hell hound which Bobby had brought from a passing Angel trader. It had look fierce, completely covered in black fur, long sharp teeth and bright red eyes which glowed especially in the dark but it had taken exactly two minutes for them all to realise that the Dog which Sam had named Demon, was more likely to lick you to death then rip you limb from limb. Dean could still picture the look on Bobby's face when he had realised that his killer dog was the complete opposite of that.

"Speaking of your wife where is she? Normally she's on the other phone, butting it to try and find out whether me and Sam are still alive in our bachelor pad."

"You should be grateful that she gives a damn about the pair of you. She's out at the moment though picking up some last minute things for dinner tonight."

Dean rolled his eyes, he could hear Bobby's smile in his voice and it made a part of his soul clench unpleasantly as though he was in actual physical pain. It wasn't that Dean begrudged Bobby is happiness. Hell no one had been happier then he had been when he realised that his adopted father had sound someone not just willing to put up with him and his job but also to put up with the two young men who came part and parcel with Bobby. He loved Ellen simple for the fact that she made Bobby happy. The simple problem was that every time he saw them together it made him realised that his own time was beginning to slip away from him.

He was a twenty eight year old Hunter and it was obvious to him that the few friends he had trusted enough to enter his life were all beginning to grow up and move on, getting into stable relationships, taking the next big step by getting married to each other or having children together, while Dean simply remained the same as he always had been. A man who only had one night stands because he couldn't open up to people. Everyone was changing apart from him, hell even Sam had been in a steady relationship for the past two months, a slow smile coming to his brother's face every time his girlfriend called him which almost screamed of sheer contentment.

"Dean? You still there or have you gone to sleep?" Bobby asked "Dreaming about tomorrow?" he teased lightly. Dean snorted.

"Don't you mean having nightmares about it?" he countered, shaking his head. A movement to the side of him caught his attention and he glanced towards it, seeing Sam cross the room and sink into the free spot next to Dean on the bed.

Dean breathed out noisily trying to ignore the fear creeping slowly up his spine.

"Bobby did either Rachel or Hester actually tell you why Castiel asked for me personally?"

There was a long pause before Bobby answered his voice surprisingly gentle.

"Sure they did Dean. He asked for you because he wanted the best and you are the best, whether you want to be or not. Just be careful tomorrow Dean. I've got a bad feeling about this job" the older man said before he disconnected the call.

Dean stared down at it before he hit the disconnect button.

So did he.

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