Hey everybody its me DragonPrincess 1999 , and this is my very first FanFicion!

Disclamer: I do not own Pokemon but if i did , lets just say Darkrai would have alot more screen time.


As I looked down from the hot air balloon , I was in deep thought about seeing my Aunt Alice , and my cousin my long orange hair flowed in the wind, I could feel something strange in the felt strange , like somethimg was pulling me towards it.

" Hey kid,is this your first time in Alamos town?" The man driving the balloon asked.

" Yes, and its so beautiful here." I said shyly, looking down at the upcoming ground.

" Ok ,well here we are kid,Alomos town." He said opening the balloon door.

"Thank you." I said , walking out of the balloon.

"Hey do you need a guide to show you around?'' he yelled out to me.

"No, but thanks anyway."

"Ok but be careful the city is no place for a little girl.'' he warned.

" I will.'' I said.

As I ran through the streets I couldn't believe what that man in the balloon said to me.

''Urg why do people always think I am helpless, just because I am 8 years old does not mean I can't take care of myself.'' I thought .

After a few hours of site seeing the town I decided to go to the I got there i sat on a bench, and took out a speical leaf out of my pocket.I placed it at my mouth and started to sound that came out was so pretty it made me close my eye, and relax.

About 10 minutes later i heared foot steps coming towards me. I opened my eye to see three kids about 2 years older than me.

"Hey kid I like that necklace your wearing, can i take a look at it." the first kid asked,with an attitude.

Cluching my golden heart shaped necklace I firmly said no.

"Well then I guess we have an a newbie in town.'' The second kid said.

"Yea, lets show her who are the bosses in this town.''The third kid announced , grabbing the pokeball around his belt.

"Yea lets show her." The other two said, with a grinnch like grinn.

"Lets go Houndoom!'' Kid number one yelled ,letting out a verly large houndoom.

"Lets do this Zangoose!'' Kid number two snickered.

'' Last but not least ,go Luxray!'' Kid number three anounced.

When all there pokemon was out of I got up and started to run for my life.

''Houndoom ,Zangoose,Luxray, go and bring us that necklace.'' kid number one yelled

The pokemon nodded and stared after me.

As I ran deeper into the garden I could sence that something was there, other than the pokemon chasing I saw a path much different from the other paths.I turned around to see if the pokemon were still behind me. They were there and coming towards me at high speed. Having no other option I turned, and ran down the mysterious path.

I was starting to get tired so i began to slow at the upcoming pokemon i thought to myself.

'' Why does this kind of stuff have to happen to me.''

What will happen to our hero?

Why is her necklace so important?

What is this stange feeling haunting her?

Will I ever get around to cleaning my closet?

All will be revealed in the next chapter!

( PS: sorry for the cliffhangers, there will be alot of those.I also promise that I will update very soon)