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(Kida's Pov)

Darkria looked at me as tears fell from my eyes. I saw in his eyes that he was sorry, but the look he had just made it worse. "Darkria I don't want to leave you! Your me best friend." I cried. "I don't want to either, but I can't risk you getting you got hurt I would never forgive myself. "He sighed. "Well I'm willing to take that risk so I can be with you.

I looked into Darkrai's eyes as they widened to my reaction. "Kida I..." I cut him off. "I'm going with you and we are going to ask Arcues if I can stay with he says that I can stay then our prayers will be answered. If he says no then lets hope for the best" I looked back up at him, while tears still fell from my eyes. "Kida you are really going to take that risk for me?" He asked as he wiped the tears from my face. I nodded my head yes. He started down at me for a while then Finally answered," Fine, but you must be careful the power of the legendries is strong, I don't want you to get hurt." He sighed.

I knew I was taking a huge risk, But I would do anything for Darkria even if it meant I could die. "I will, I promise." Now only had hope on our side that the great Arcues lets us stay together. I can't take the loneliness once who would keep Darkria company. Only hope was on our side.

( A few hours later)

(Kida's POV)

I started to pack my bags for the trip ahead. Thankfully, I do not have a lot of cloths so my bag will not be very heavy. Score one for me! I would have made Darkria carry it anyway.

After I put everything in my bag I looked to see if I had everything. There was another pink dress for emergency, My mouse trap game, another pair of blue biker gloves, and my secret teddy bear named General Fuzzy ( Thankfully only Darkria knows about my teddy bear!) Now that I knew I had everything I looked up at the Time towers . OMG! It's already 7:00 p.m! We are going to be late!

" Darkrai, come on Arcues said you have to be at the hall of origins by 8:00!" I shouted back at him.

" I'm coming! I have to get something!" he said as he turned and disappeared into the bushes.

Then looking back at the time, I sat down and waited for him. URG! I thought to myself. Waiting is so boring! It feels like he has been gone for hours, even though it hasn't even been a minute yet! I looked up at the sky as it was growing dim. I couldn't see the moon which ment it was a New Moon. That means Darkria's powers are unstoppable!

" Kida, I'm back!" Darkria said as he emerged out of the bushes.

" DARKRIA!" I shouted as I ran up to him with my bag in my hand.

" Kida."

" YEA!"

" I want you to have these." He said as he handed me a little wrapped box.

Looking down at the box, I could se that It was wrapped with really pretty paper. The paper was yellow with alot of Pikachus on it, and had a black ribbon at the top. I started to open my gift, while my mind was racing with excitement. This is the first time that Darkria has given me a gift! Then lifting up the lid of the box I saw a pair a beautiful hair pins. They were silver and shaped like a flower, with a sapphire in the middle.

" Their beautiful." I said

" I got them so they can protect you." Darkrai said.

" How can they protect me?"

" They have power beyond the legendary Pokémon that will protect the person who wears it, as long as you believe."

" AWESOME! Thank you so much Darkria!" I said as I put him into one of my 'super' hugs.

" You're welcome." He said as I let him out of my hug.

" Now let's go or we are going to be late." He said as he looked up at the time towers.

" Yea, but how are we going to get there. You know I can't fly?

" Well I can , so all you have to do is ride on my back."

" Awesome! Presents and flying, this must be my lucky day!

Then with a slight nod from Darkria, I climbed onto his back. He then lifted up his legs from the ground and we started to sour through the sky. As the wind hit my face it brought me back to the memory of my first day in Alamos town. Also the memory of the first time me and Darkrai looking tords the horizon I lifted up my fist and yelled:

" We are off to see the wizard!"

I really hoped you all like this chapter! Next it will be time to meet the other legendries!