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Bella and Jacob had been together since the day he kissed her in her father's kitchen. The day she stupidly decided cliff diving was a good idea. They had taken things slowly. There was no open declaration or verbal announcement of the change in their relationship status. In fact, the two of them never really discussed it; they just exists – Jake and Bells. Like breathing, their relationship was almost a totally involuntary action and completely just as natural.

Jake was patient. He knew Bella was skittish after her last relationship. He concocted dates that really didn't look like dates in order to keep her from freaking out - long walks on the beach, picnics, trips to eat pizza at the diner in Forks, and stargazing when the weather permitted. Bella wasn't into ostentatious gestures so there was no need to plan fancy dinners or extravagant nights out. In fact, trying to spend any real amount of money on Bella would probably get him a swift kick in a very delicate area.

Charlie and Billy were both ecstatic to see their children together and hoped that one day they would be officially family. Neither father questioned the relationship status of the pair fearing that their questions could disrupt the balance. Instead they would secretly smirk at each other over the dinner table when Bella demanded they share a meal, or while they were pretending to watch a game on t.v., but were really eavesdropping on the younger couple secreted away in the kitchen.

When Jacob turned eighteen, Sam finally pushed the issue of Alpha. Jacob's inner wolf had been pushing for the change, making it more and more difficult for Jacob to be submissive to Sam's direction. Before it could cause too much trouble among the ranks, Sam decided it was time for his to quit phasing so he and Emily could start raising a family. Vampire activity was on the low, so Sam's involvement was no longer a real necessity. Sam was still available for consultation when the need arose, but Jake, and the natural Alpha of the pack, was a natural born leader. His Alpha wolf was born to be "top dog" and dominate - a fact Bella became intimately aware of when their relationship became physical.

Both Bella and Jake graduated from high school. Bella took college classes at the local community college in business and was thinking of going to culinary school after she finished her degree. Jake, Quil and Embry worked out of the garage attached to the Black house until they saved enough money to buy a bigger space. These days, the Wolf Pack Auto Body and Repair Shop was one of the most lucrative mechanic businesses in the area and the boys had the added benefit of not having to work a full-time job and hide their supernatural full-time job from their bosses. The income from the shop allowed Jacob to buy a house on the Rez. Now that Rachel was home, she and Paul volunteered to take over Bill's care so Jake could concentrate on the garage and try to have a somewhat normal life as could be expected for a man who shifted into a wolf. Shortly after buying the house, Jake asked Bella to move in with him.

The passion between the two was intense from the moment they both gave into their feelings for each other. Bella reveled in the warm, almost sweltering embrace of Jacob's arms and though she was always a bit shy with her sexuality, she quickly followed Jacob's lead. Jacob, though trying to remain gentle with his beautiful Bella, often gave in to his animalistic nature and let his inner wolf take control. The wolf inside him craved Bella like his lungs needed air. The need to possess her, claim her, mate with her, was sometimes more than Jacob could control. And Bella loved it; but there was a part of her that wanted something more…something a little bit different, and tonight, tonight she was going to get it, even if she died from embarrassment afterwards.