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'Finally!' Jake thought and his wolf was actually jumping around in excitement as well. He flashed Bella his dirtiest smile.

"You have no idea how much I'm ready for dessert." He growled at her and he leaned forward to claim her lips. Just before making contact Bella stopped him with a light hand his chest. Scooting to the edge of her chair she brought her legs up to lay across both of his.

'One little pull forward and she would be in my lap. Then I could just unbutton my pants, rip her panties off and take her right here.' Jacob and his wolf mentally calculated together. 'I think it's going to take a couple rounds to take the edge off.' His wolf started thinking of all types of dirty things to do to Bella to make her pay for her constant delay.

"I made your favorite." Bella whispered against his lips. Jake took a deep breath in, reveling in the scent of her potent arousal. It was like cat nip except for wolves; wolf nip if you will.

"Yea you did, baby. I can smell it. Ugh it smells so good it's driving me crazy." Jake growled.

'Just fucking pull her on your lap and fuck her brains out. Just rip those clothes off. The sexy librarian thing she's working is hot, but she's so much fucking hotter naked!' Jake's inner wolf ordered. He was tired of waiting. He wanted his mate and he wanted her right fucking now! 'If you can't do it let me out and I will!'

Jake groaned at the images his wolf was putting in his head and did his best to push them away. He was trying his best to be good for Bella but she was just so damn sexy and he was way too fucking hard. Having to deal with his inner wolf only made the struggle harder. Jake knew if he gave up control and let his wolf take charge Bella's night would be ruined and Jake couldn't stand her disappointment.

"I know how much you love chocolate pudding." Bella said as she ran her hands through Jake's hair and kissed him gently on the lips. "Let me get you some." With that Bella hopped away from his and scampered away.

"Chocolate pudding?" Jake was so confused. 'What the fuck!' Alpha screamed at him. 'I'll fucking show her chocolate pudding.'

As Bella quickly walked over to the refrigerator to retrieve her homemade dessert, she contemplated the events of the night thus far. While she expected Jacob to be stubborn, she didn't expect him to be this difficult. She had already had to take a break from their game to have a sentimental heart to heart with him about why she wanted what she wanted tonight and it definitely ruined her flow. Well, no more Miss. Nice Bella! If she wanted this, she was going to have to be strong and take it. If Jacob fell out of line again she was just going to show him who was boss!

Smirking to herself, she grabbing the large bowl of pudding and practically skipped back to a very horny Jake. She could see the confusion and frustration written all over his face. Bella knew from their previous exchange that he didn't think they were actually talking about dessert. Well at least not the kind you actually eat…with utensils.

Setting the bowl down on the table, Bella stood between Jake's legs. Sticking a finger in the thick, chocolaty mass, she scooped up some pudding and brought it to her mouth. Bella moaned at the flavor.

'Damn, I'm good.' She thought to herself.

"Do you want some?" She asked Jake innocently.

"No thank you." Jake was trying to be polite, but for the life of him he just could not understand her need for sweets at this moment. Watching her pink mouth suck the pudding off her finger made his dick throb. It was beyond his comprehension that she could even stand to delay their union another second when his whole being, wolf included, was yearning for her. He was hanging on by a thread. Having to deal with curbing his own desires and the struggle keeping his inner wolf locked inside him was putting him on edge. He needed to get this show moving.

"Tsk, tsk, Jacob." Bella scolded, wagging her finger at him. "I worked really hard on this for you and you don't even want to try it? Well, I think I'm going to have some." She pouted a little at him. While Jake normally couldn't stand to see Bella even the slighted bit upset, all he could think about in that moment was sucking her pouting bottom lip into his mouth until she moaned.

"Do you mind if I get a little bit more comfortable? Being so closed to you makes me so hot." Jake heard the implication in her words and tone. He wordlessly shook his head "no." Jake had no idea what she was up to, but he was hoping it had something to do with getting naked.

"Good!" Bella responded happily. "Take off my shirt, Jacob." Jake started.

'Now we are getting somewhere!' His wolf practically shouted at him. 'Rip that shirt right off her. Show her how powerful we are!'

Jake liked the sound of that. Bella always liked his aggressiveness in their love making. She had told him it made her feel sexy to know that he desired her so much he couldn't control himself. With that in mind, he brought his hands up to the front of her button down.

"Don't even think about it, Jacob! One button at a time." Bella could see the direction of Jake's thoughts by the look on his face almost as clearly as if she could read his mind. She didn't want him to think she was giving him a window to take back control. Plus, she really liked his shirt.

With a sigh of frustration, Jake narrowed his eyes but began using his large hands to slowly unbutton her shirt. His hands shook with frustration and anticipation, but he managed to get them all undone. Jake let out a soft moan when his work revealed a very tight black and red corset top underneath.

"Now my skirt Jacob." Bell commanded, turning around so he could access the zipper on the back. Jake was quick to comply, deftly pulling it down and letting the skirt drop to the floor. His moan was louder this time as he took in the sight before him. Bella was dressed in a black and red corset top and the sexiest black panties he had ever seen. They sat low on her hip, revealing a couple inches of skin in between. The cut of them framed her ass to perfection. Her long legs were encased in sheer black thigh highs and the heels on her feet made her legs looked impossibly sexy. If Jake thought he couldn't get any harder before, Bella just proved him wrong.

Bella looked at Jake impishly over her shoulder. The look on his face made her feel powerful and renewed her confidence in her roll tonight. His eyes were black with desire and slightly hooded. His mouth was open and he was slightly panting. She slowly turned around giving him time to take in the front view and was delighted when he growled softly in appreciation. While Bella had a drawer full of sexy clothes upstairs in their bedroom, they were all more innocent than what she currently had on. Before tonight, she usually stuck with flimsy babydoll nighties, but not this outfit. This outfit was pure, powerful, aggressive, sinful sexy.

Jake made to reach for her, but Bella gave him a little push on the shoulder and made a scolding noise.

"Since you can't seem to keep your hands to yourself, I want you to sit on them so you won't be as tempted." Jake gapped at her as if he didn't understand her request. In his mind his wolf was borderline raging at the thought of not being able to touch his Bella.

"Now, Jacob. Do not make me tell you again. You won't like the consequences." Jake slowly complied. He realized if he went along with Bella's requests she seemed to move in the direction he wanted her to go anyway. His wolf chuckled at his thought process.

'Being in control by pretending to not be in control. What a sneaky bastard!' Jake and wolf inwardly grinned at each other. With this thought in mind he knew he could play Bella's little game. 'Come on honey, I can take whatever you dish out now.'

Once Jake was settled, hands securely between his bottom and the chair, Bella climbed into his lap. Jake moaned at the sensation of her rubbing up against his straining erection. Trying to take a deep breath to calm himself, Jake moaned again at the incredibly strong smell of her desire. The scent of it made his head spin.

Pulling the bowl of chocolate pudding closer, Bella smiled wickedly at him.

"You know, if you had said you wanted some of this chocolate pudding, I was going to let you rip this outfit off me and eat your dessert off my naked body. But since you decided not to appreciate my hard work, for the second time tonight I might add, I think I will just eat my dessert off you instead."

'Fuck!' Both Jake and wolf screamed at each other. The thought of ripping off her clothes and licking chocolate pudding off her firm tits, smooth stomach and glistening pussy was too much and Jake pushed his hips up against Bella in an attempt to relieve the strain. He released a moaning growl at both the image and the feeling. Bella smirked at him. It was a sexy, sassy smirk and one Jake was not use to seeing. He thought it was probably the hottest look his Bella had ever worn, coming second only to the look on her face when she came.

Jacob shifted again as he pictured Bella coming apart against him with his dick deep inside her. In response, Bella forcefully rolled her hips and ground herself against him. Bella moaned at the feeling her moments created and she felt a gush of wetness. Jake closed his eyes and let out a deep moan. He unconsciously bent his head, trying desperately to get closer to the sweet smell that was coming from Bella. He just wanted to taste her. The thought of it was beginning to consume him.

Before Bella could get lost in the sensation their movements were causing in her, she stuck her finger back in the bowl and swiped a finger full of cold chocolate pudding across the left side of Jake's neck and down the planes of his chest. Jake jumped, at the cold or the contact, Bella wasn't exactly sure. Her movement distracted Jake from his attempt to contort his body to align his face with the area between Bella's thighs.

His eyes flashed open and she smiled at him again before leaning forward to lick at the chocolate goodness on his neck. Jake closed his eyes again and moaned at the feeling of her warm tongue on his neck. He could feel her kitten like strokes as she lapped at the mess she created. It took everything Jake had not to thrust his hips up in time with her licks. He would let her have this and when she was done torturously eating pudding off his body he would bend her over the table and slam his dick so hard into her she would feel their union for the next week. He could make it through this; but he needed a little bit of relief. Jake was sure the button of his jeans would leave behind a permanent indent on his hard cock if he didn't do something soon.

"Bella," Jake moaned. He could barely think. Bella's mouth on his neck and roaming hands were short-circuiting his brain.

"Unbutton my pants if you're going to continue. You're killing me, babe."

Bella pulled back quickly and glared at him. Grasping the hair at the nape of his neck she pulled sharply until he was looking her in the eye and was actually focused on what she was about to say.

"First of all, when you are with me like this, my name is Isabella, not babe and you will address me as such every time you speak to me. Do you understand?"

Jake stared at her and when his response didn't come soon enough she pulled harder on his hair and narrowed her eyes. He was slightly stunned at her request. She normally didn't like going by her full name and often discouraged others from using it. But he always thought her name was sexy and had no problem addressing her as such.

"Yes." He responded to her question. Bella raised an eyebrow.

"I don't think you do. Yes, what, Jacob?"

Jake got her point.

"Yes, Isabella. I understand." She smirked and released her harsh grip on his hair.

"Second. I do not take orders from you, Jacob. I will let it go this one time because this is new for you, but the next time you will be punished. Do you understand?"

Jake thought this was incredibly hot. His wolf on the other hand was growling.

'I'd like to see her try to punish me.' He snarled, pushing to take control.

Jake's eyes flashed yellow, but as quickly as she saw the change it was gone. Bella knew Alpha was pushing to get in control and she knew Jake fought him off. She couldn't help but be glad. While she normally loved the time she got to spend with Alpha on the rare occasions Jake either let him through or lost his control, she knew he would quickly put her night to an end. Jake rolled his shoulders to ease the tension his wolf was creating at being denied. He lowered his eyes to where Bella was still seated on his lap so she would not see the inner struggle he was having.

Jake wanted to submit to Bella. It was his ultimate pleasure to give Bella her every desire. His wolf on the other hand, who had never submitted to a person a day in his life since he took charge, wanted nothing to do with this.

"Yes, Isabella. I understand." He murmured quietly. Bella massaged his head in response and Jake closed his eyes and growled softly at his reward. She leaned forward and kissed him gently, waiting for him to gain control and relax. Bella heard him take a deep breath and lean into her hand. She smiled softly again his lips at her small victory.

"All you have to do is ask, Jacob." She repeated her words from earlier. "I will never deny you something you need. It's my job to challenge you, but I will never do something more than what I know you can handle. This will work if you trust me, Jacob. Do you trust me to take care of you?"

Jake nodded immediately.

"I trust you with everything I am, Isabella." Bella's heart warmed at his statement and she continued to massage his scalp.

"It pleases me to hear you say that, Jacob. Because you've please I will give you what you want." With that Bella unbutton Jake's jeans and unzipped the fly. Jake let out an immediate moan at the relief.

"Lift your hips a bit." Bella commanded and Jake complied without thought. When his hips lifted, Bella maneuvered his jeans down so they fell to a pile at his ankles. She moaned in appreciation as she took in his hard length. It really was impressive and she knew the pleasure Jake could bring her when he was buried deep inside her.

Bella reclaimed her seat and moaned as his silky hardness came in contact with her core. Jake's eyes widened and he moaned when Bella made contact with him. He could feel how warm and wet she was.

Bella smirked at him and leaned in to whisper in his ear.

"My panties are crotchless. I could just slip you inside me anytime I wanted and end your discomfort. But you've been a bad boy tonight, Jacob. You have been very challenging and I don't think you deserve that treat just yet, do you?"

Jake thought he was about to have a stroke. This Bella was so sexy, so daring and so incredibly dirty. Her dirty talk was turning him on and the thought that he was so close to being inside her was literally torture of the sweetest kind. He pushed his hips up to feel her and was rewarded by Bella's moan and the felling of more wetness coating his hardness.

Bella kissed him then. It was a bruising dominate kiss, but Jake submitted to it, anything to keep her grinding hips connected to his.

Pulling back, Bella whispered against his lips. "I'm going to finish my dessert and then I'm going to make myself cum all over your dick. You do not have permission to cum. Your pleasure is mine. It is mine to give and it is mine to take away. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Isabella." Jake said at the same time Jake's wolf roared.