Maid of Might

A blue marble hung in the vastness of space. Along with its moon, Earth represented a ball of marvelous wonder and possibility. Rich with life, the planet was full of marvel and splendor. Human beings occupied the planet and so far, they showed great potential even though at stressful times they go on a goal with misguided intentions. Because Earth is precious, it has attracted curiosity from different intelligent species, aliens for instance, who are looking at such a planet for its natural resources, for its uniqueness or the pleasure of trying to destroy it. Over the last thousand years, the planet has undergone a variety of changes with its human occupants being responsible for mainly governmental and natural changes.

A young woman, who was unlike any normal human being on the planet, was aware of the concept of human nature and although she looked like a typical woman, she was not entirely human. For that the young woman often question the illogicality of human behavior. She was a different world onto herself. She often thought whether the people around her will ever accept her for her own extraordinary uniqueness if they ever found out about her true origin. The girl was strong, brave, healthy, and had a grace that was unparalleled. Every step she took, gasps of awe would often ensue. Standing tall and upright as she possibly could, she waited for what was to come.

"Danvers, Linda!" said a voice with a tone of authority.

"Present." the young teen replied in what sounded like a commanding tone.

'Today was the day...' she thought.

Kara Zor-El, a native of Argo City, partial to Krypton, walked inside a cramped bus with other people around her age, all of them oblivious to their own drama and entertainment. She put on a demeanor that she had picked up over the years while living on the city of Argo. Such a city that was unlike anything that ever existed was gone now. It, along with its major planet Krypton had ceased to exist. Nevertheless, she put on a serious behavior like her own people had demonstrated on Argo.

Trying to forget about what it took for her father to send her to such a planet while her own had been in utter chaos to survive in, Kara looked back at the man wearing large glasses and a suit that stood out too much and a tie that tried to be too colorful. In the case of going to such a place, Kara sometimes questioned humans' decisions as well. The man organizing such an expedition seemed to be taking this with much eager excitement.

Humanity's greatest wish is to triumph through life without any obstacles or hardships standing in their way. It would be as easy as flying. The concept of trying to fly without any machines was an old one. The idea was in the category of why men long ago have yearned to try and destroy the sun. 'Who could blame them?' Humans have always wanted to fly and the closest they would come to traveling in the skies were in machines. Such ingenuity has to be given as credit, of course. But to feel the wind under your shoulders and over them, to feel as if you had no limit, to actually tasting the sky was something humans have yet to achieve.

Flying. Kara thought about that very word as soon as she was being led to a place where young people screamed when being swirled around in the air to being thrown from the ground upward. It was a place that Kara seemed to take seriously. Machines could only do so much to make humans' dreams a reality but they were what made Kara uncomfortable. Kara could only dream of a monstrous, intelligent robot named Brainiac and how he had destroyed so many worlds and so many lives. Because of that, Kara went to the place she was going with a grudge and treated it as if was a very special mission. She, along with her classmates from Smallville High were about to travel for two days to get to the desired destination.

Her High School friends were with her, laughing and giggling all the way. Kara could only hold her breath. How could they not see what panic lies in that place?' she thought. Standing, she surveyed the bold letters so blatantly pressed on one of the brochures on the ground.


Kara knew that the professors decided for such as a gift for all the hard work his students had done in his class. She on the other hand, treated the amusement park like she was about to fight a very powerful alien. Kara didn't know much about 'Six Flags'. The rides didn't look very safe and looked rather dangerous. But she made sure her presence mattered when it would be needed. As she sat down in an empty seat, she turned to look at her reflection from the bus window, Kara had a beauty that was unlike a model's and for that she was the subject of scrutiny and curiosity among classmates. Everything in her life had been hectic. She was and had been, a lot of things. From being a dictator in the future, to having her mind transplanted into a younger clone of herself, to living in the past all over again. It was unbelievable.

The past couple of months had been, in lack of a better word, enduring, both emotionally and mentally. Kara tried to put what happened at the back of her mind as hard as she could. To pretend the circumstances never happened was difficult. If it were not for other superpowered people, she would never have gotten such a unique present. From the future to the past, Kara cherished every moment at this point. For that, Kara became careful and more wary about not just her surroundings but of people as well.

Kara was at a great advantage however, she knew when several dangers would come. She knew which people were going to become great adversaries and also, she knew when people close to her would die. Kara's actions at this point would become like giant ripples in the sea. She made sure every decision she made was the right one. She was going to think before acting on impulse. The reason being, she made sure every action wouldn't lead back to how the future had been. Instead, she tried to turn away from the window and looked over her shoulder where several seats away, Jim was seated alone, looking lost and morose.

'I know the feeling...' she thought.

Even though Kara was having problems adjusting to her new life, she couldn't help but be sentimental towards Jim. She could actually relate what it was like being an outsider. In the other reality, Jim had died an almost meaningless death. She wished she could tell him how much she meant to him. But a young woman like her ending up with someone as Jim, would attract unwanted attention from students proclaiming something was out of the ordinary. People had claimed she was too attractive to be with Jim. That was the point where she stopped thinking and went to the back to where Jim was seated. It was her mission to be with him.

"Hey." Linda said to him.

Pushing his glasses even more inward, Jim's eyes widened at the sight of Kara seated next to him. "Oh! Umm...Hello." he said awkwardly.

"Anyone sitting here?" she smiled.

"Umm...nope you can sit down if you want to, that is if you want to?" Jim repeated and turned red.

Kara did so and immediately the bus went on its way with the rest of the students screaming in the background. "SIX FLAGS!" one of them bellowed out while the rest of his comrades whistled and cheered.

"Hopefully this is going to be a good trip." Jim said unsure and nodded a bit.

"It will..." she said.

Kara was glad that Jim's quirks were the same. She felt satisfied now and despite what was to come, her being with him made her feel better. Her mission was complete. She had saved Jim's life. As she had told herself, today was an important day, not just of the trip but because Jim was technically supposed to die today. But he didn't today. 'And he never will. Not as long as I'm here with him…' she thought. Content now, the bus had passed a certain highway interstate entrance. Everyone but Kara was looking at the back at the bus where certain superheroes were attending to a situation at the interstate that they passed. Kara did not look and simply put on an impassive face as the students muttered amongst one another about what they were seeing.

'I don't want to know anymore...' she thought. Thinking back in the alternate timeline in which Jim had died in that exact same highway after he had saved her, was too much and so instead concentrated on the boy seated next to him. She wanted to know what he was feeling.

Jim apparently discontent of what he was seeing brushed his hand towards Kara's. He then turned to look at Kara and blushed. He had since pulled his hand back.

"Oh sorry..." he said sheepishly and looked back at the disaster that slowly got smaller as the bus went to its destination.

"It's alright, Jim." she said tenderly.

"He's back..." Kara happily thought with a tear in her eye.