Breaking Through

The subway station below Main Street was not at all a very welcoming environment. The constant aura of dirt and dust sluggishly moved around in the air. The people blended in easily with the dust. The station was the only thing that could barely pass for a safe haven so far. Nothing threatening had attacked the swarms of people for now. But that did not stop the station from being depressing.

Lucy sat beneath a column in the subway platform. Behind her was the track in which a train usually passes. Right now, there were no such trains passing. Nothing came. Nothing came that enabled Lucy to believe that help was coming for them. Clinging onto hope as best as she can, Lucy didn't know how long she could believe that everything will be alright.

'As far as I know, things are probably getting worse.' She thought.

She also thought back to her conversation with Linda which seemed like a long time ago now. It had been such a peaceful time. She had expressed her approval that superpowered individuals were not to be counted upon much less trusted.

'How stupid was I. It only took multiple disasters to see that we do in fact, need them.'

"Trying to get a handle on the moment?" a voice called out to her.

Looking up she saw the man who had been the bane of possibly every superhero, Lex Luthor gave a sly smile as he looked down at Lucy. She wanted absolutely nothing to do with the man. Even if he had helped her with the selfish man moments ago, it was not enough to trust him.

"Get away from me." She muttered. "The very sight of you disgusts me."

Lex looked a bit amused. "Ah…you're at that point where you're thinking 'Gee, this guy kidnapped me and now he saved me. Should I really place my faith in a man who time and time again became a problem and not a solution', is that right?"

"You're not going to win any points no matter what you do." She whispered and looked away from him.

"I could explain my excuses for having taking you but-"

"They would fall on deaf ears." Lucy said strictly while looking at him in contempt. He wished it had been any other man besides him that took down the threatening man. Lex was not a man to be trusted. He knew he had ulterior motives. Even now, Lucy naturally assumed he was playing with her.

"It's not my fault that you were that easy to get ahold of." Lex said.

"And that makes it OK to kidnap someone?"

"I had no other alternative. I wanted results. Those results happened regardless. So I need your help Lucy Lane if we're going to stand a chance in this war."

"What 'are' you talking about?"

"I'm talking about attaining those results. If you'll bear with me, I'll explain." He grinned.

Kara was dreaming of a time and place when violence and destruction no longer occurred. The world Earth as she knew it, was in a state of peacefulness. Every problem resolved. Every terror dispelled. Every war eradicated. She was in pure ecstasy. She was finally content. Letting the bright yellow sun kiss her in waves, she savored the moment. Especially with the person she wanted to be with.

Jim was by her side. In a meadow where long, green fields of grass spread out through the surrounding area, Kara was happy. Jim held her in his arms. She let herself be touched by him.

"This can all happen you know, if you really want it." Jim told her gently.

Kara closed her eyes and nodded. She went back to holding onto the moment. But it was gone in an instant when a cruel voice was heard.

"Having a splendid sleep?"

Kara gasping woke up and immediately looked around. In a large gloomy area of the Worldkillers' ship, Kara felt utter despair again. Her enemy Zora Vi-Lar stared right at her, completely face to face. Kara found herself with her wrists held upwards to the ceiling by an electric force. She hung inches from the ground. The interesting thing was…so was Zora.

"What do you want?"

"Is that really the first question that always comes to your inferior mind?" Zora said annoyed. She hinted that Kara look up at her arms and saw that she was as bound as she was. Kara was appalled that she had been taken captive as well. It didn't make Kara relinquish her anger and hatred of her.

"You shut your mouth! It's because of you that we're in this predicament!" Kara spat.

"Your anger will not help you here Kara Zor-El. But if we're going to point fingers, I'd say it's your fault that we're here."

Kara could only look on confusion.

"If you had joined me, we could have put an end to these Worldkillers. Now you see the dire situation grow even larger."

"Where's that leader?" Kara asked all of a sudden.

As if she was really that careless, Zora answered with a shrug of her shoulders. "I would say she's doing what all brutal dictators would do first. Remove the dictator."

"She's a dictator?" Kara asked not understanding. "I have heard the Worldkillers were supposed to operate as a single collective. That woman…she's the leader." Kara understood that firsthand. "That amazes me. How can a sole product of Kryptonian engineering have independent thought?" she wanted to ask herself.

"Evolution is one of the keys to power, Kara Zor-El." Zora simply stated. "I'm not entirely fond of the woman myself. This is why I needed your help beforehand."

"Then why did you bring me here?"

"I'll admit. I wanted asylum. I had hoped that if I brought you here. They would spare my life. Unfortunately such vendettas are not well erased. I too, am a thorn in their affairs. They've taken me."

"It's always about what you want isn't it?"

"When it comes to surviving, self-preservation is not just a constant, it's a necessity."

Kara thought Zora Vi-Lar made her sick to her stomach. "I don't understand. You were a highly esteemed Kryptonian soldier. Why can't you take her down?" Kara asked.

"I could. But apparently she's more formidable than I realized and there's too many of her machines around. This woman in question, controls all and will control this planet soon enough."

"So this woman?" Kara began. "She doesn't want to destroy. She wants to rule?"

"Yes." Zora was glad Kara understood. "While I wanted crime and mayhem, she on the other hand, is going bring the world to its knees."

"She can't do that. No one will allow her to do that! She can't have free reign to do what she pleases."

"You think she can't do what she wants?" Zora said as if she had heard something insane. "She doesn't want free reign. She is reign."

General Lane waited for a response. Still there was no answer. He had called again more than once. More than twice. There was still no word from Krull. A potential disaster had been averted. Thanks to him. He had been thinking about how hard he was on him moments ago. He had completely misjudged his character.

'I was wrong about him. He was a good soldier.' He thought.

Suddenly his phone rang. He picked it up in a hurry. "Lane here."

"Sir, Lois Lane has escaped."

"What?" he asked shocked.

It was bad enough thinking he had lost a good soldier, it was another for his daughter to escape without her powers transferred. The soldier on the other line explained as best he could.

"There were disturbances brought on by the coolant leak shakedown. Everything was taken down. Eventually the minerals bound to her ceased to function and she escaped." the voice said.

"Great…" Lane shook his head in disappointment.

"Sir…it gets worse."

"What do you mean 'worse'?" he barked.

"Lois Lane took Officer Lang, sir."

"Are you kidding me, soldier?"

"No sir. We were incapacitated. There was nothing we could do. She just took off with Ms. Lang."

"But how-"


An immense explosion had occurred about a mile away. The blast wave spread out like a hurricane, sending back and knocking him out Lane in the process. Debris and dust scattered throughout. Lane merely lay on the ground with a cut appearing on his forehead. His hat had been knocked out and his cell phone lay right beside him.

Then something had landed beside him. Lane struggled to open his eyes and barely focused but eventually the figure materialized clearly. It was a man wearing an armored suit. The same kind that Krull had shown him. He then began to suspect who it was.

"K-Krull?" he struggled to say.

But something about Krull looked different. Energy of a strange kind enveloped all around his body like a bright yellow aura. His eyes through his skeletal-like helmet gave off yellow light.

"I don't like it here." Krull whispered as he looked around the area. "This world….I don't like it here."

"Wh-What?" A confused Lane groaned and tried to sit up.

"This world is being compromised. But I see a chance…for peace." He said the last bit with a hint of disgust which appalled Lane.

"Krull…" Lane began to get up but merely sat. "What the hell happened to you?"

Martin looked back at Lane as if he had finally noticed him. "I've reacted." He said simply as if the answer was obvious.

"What?" Lane didn't understand.

"I'll come back when I've mastered and harnessed my new potential." He said in a hissing voice. "Once I do, I will have mastered this world!" Krull looked up at the sky before taking off.

Lane saw how high he went. In the sky, he was no longer visible. 'My word! He's gone! He's gone…mad!' Lane had absolutely no idea how Martin had suddenly become so strange, almost as if he were another person.

'This reaction is unexpected.' Lane thought when he was thinking about Krull's new behavior just now.

But then he realized that what Martin Krull had implied was that he had given them, the military, the humans, a headstart.

One thing was for certain. 'Things are a hell of lot worse.' General Lane realized.

Lois thought she was getting reckless. She felt reckless for taking matters into her own hands. Right now, she assumed Kara was doing everything she can to resolved the mayhem and destruction in Metropolis. She could help out but she had other duties to attend.

In the Fortress of Solitude, Lois looked at the crystals before she punched one of them one by one. She had not just inherited her husband's abilities but also his mindset which came in handy when handling Fortress protocols. She had to find the relics. The ones that Kara showed her through the object.

'I need to find her suit!' she realized.

She didn't know exactly why or why it mattered. Lois somehow knew that her costume would help Kara's confidence grow. Something inside her told her it was the case. It was illogical but it was enough. She felt as if her husband's voice was inside her telling her to do what needed to be done.

A swirl of snowy wind picked up and spun around in mid-air, each particle of white snow made up a large map. All put together as if it were a puzzle. 'This is something alright.' Lois thought impressed.

Lois saw the outline of the country Brazil being formed by the very flakes of snow. Just before she did anything else, Lois heard the cocking of a gun.

She had to roll her eyes. Turning around, she saw Lana holding a pistol with her right hand. It was raised at her.

Lois sighed as if bored. "I take it you're not happy I saved your life?"

"Is that what you call it? Taking me against my will and bringing me to a gigantic igloo?"

"I figured kidnapping is something anybody does so they can make a point. Might as well take a page out of the Luthor playbook."

Lana ignored that and merely questioned the obvious. "Why am I here?"

"Believe me after what you've done to me, I want nothing more to kick your ass. But…it would be to easy." Lois gave a smirk. "You're here because I need your help." She sighed.

"In what?"

"Saving the world of course."

" there no way of escaping?" Kara said as she struggled with her electrical bindings which were made up of energy rather than solid material.

"I would have already escaped alone if I had found a way." Zora simply stated with no emotion and looked away.

"I believe that." Kara nodded angrily.

Zora looked back at Kara as if she were studying her. "Had you been brought up the same way I did, you would know that emotions breed weakness, vulnerability and flaws."

"If that were so then you would have been better a long time ago." Kara said.


Kara shrugged. "You're in the same place as me. I know you well enough that all you care about is crime because you think people will remember you for such actions. But you won't. Nobody will give a care to you. You will never be remembered." she stated strongly.

Zora finally looked angry. "I remembered." she said in a meaningful hiss.

"Both of you seem to have different philosophies when you're looking at a world. But you debate in the manner of children." the red-haired woman appeared as she came out of the darkness and stood in between where Zora and Kara hung.

"Apologies to keep you waiting, you see I had to eliminate 20 Earth leaders, the other few I will eliminate soon enough. For I grow weary as of late."

"Why are you doing this?" Kara said out loud.

"Well if there is to be one ruler. There can be no can there?"

"I mean why are you taking control of this planet? Have you no shame?" Kara said.

"Oh Rao..." A chuckling Zora shook her head in disbelief.

"Our very kind is the epitome of destruction and conquering, Kara Zor-El. One must begin anew and for that, no other forms of life must be present. Especially weak individuals such as humans." the woman said.

"They are going to stop you, if I'm not the one." Kara said.

"I doubt that considering they were already on the verge of destruction long before we ever showed up to their planet. We're just trying to speed up the process."

"That is what I said at the time." Zora nodded.

The woman then turned to look at Zora. "You were one of Krypton's most gifted soldiers. You've won wars, Vi-Lar. But don't think that makes me respect you. You have betrayed me."

"I never wanted your respect. I like you...wanted my own purpose."

"And unlike you, we are about to fulfill it." the red-haired woman's dark eyes blared in response.

"If you see us as disappointments..." Kara spoke up again. "Why are you keeping us alive then?"

"I thought that was obvious. Or have you forgotten?" the woman said to her.

Kara finally understood why. Kara and Zora were related.

"See if I were to kill you, Zora-Vi Lar will not exist in this new time frame. She…is from the future who went to the past version of Krypton. Eventually the ripples that would resonate could change a myriad of things, it might prevent my kind from being created. Either way, we wouldn't be here now. This was bound to happen. It is destiny."

"My own purpose was made a long time ago." Kara looked at the evil woman square in the eyes. "I don't know how. I don't know when. But I'm going to stop you and you will both regret coming to this planet!"

"Petty threats...and futile, of course." Zora said rather bored.

The red-haired woman looked at Zora. "Even though you are also my enemy I can't do anything Kara Zor-El. What can you do but cling onto inferior hope, false hope I must add?"

Suddenly the woman's head jerked upward and she gave out a loud gasp as if she had witnessed such horror. Her expression then turned to frustration as she came back. "How can this be?!" she asked.

Barbara did not know what she was going to get herself into. It was a miracle in and of itself that she made it onboard. After going from building roof to building roof as well as jumping onto one of the robotic drones, Barbara made her way inside the main ship at last.

She clicked on her earphone to her team. "Alright I'm in. At this moment, radio silence must be maintained."

"How will we know you've succeeded?" Huntress asked on the other line.

"You won't." Barbara said slowly. "But…if the worse comes to me. You take up the mantle from here on in."


"Helena…at this point, you know what might happen. I trust you. If I die…will you take up the mantle as leader?"

"I promise." Helena said after a long while.

"See you." She then clicked off her earphone. 'Or not.' she thought sadly.

As she looked around the small hanger where a single drone was in the process of being repaired, Barbara snuck away effortlessly using the cover of darkness as her only ally. 'Bruce taught me to be like a shadow and be as swift as wind.' she thought.

She made her way through by use of her grappling hook into one of the make-shift air ducts. Cradling the device in her belt, Barbara hoped that no damage hit the bomb. She had created it back at the cave because she had a feeling she was going to have to use it.

'I'm glad I made it.' she thought satisfied.

Barbara made her way around and she knew where must plant the device. The ship had to have a core engine. It was the right place to place the bomb. All other ways of taking down the main ship were futile. The military were taken down. The numbers were dwindling and it was up to her to turn the tide.

It took a long while but after evading several passerby which included strange beings the likes of which Barbara never seen before. She eventually landed down a hallway when she heard no one coming.

"Now if I was a core reactor...where would I be?" she whispered as she walked along the dark corridor.

The answer was given and as she saw a large engine room. It was a good place as any. The area was the correct equivalent of a engine core chamber. She put her oxygen mask on as fast as she could and then readied the bomb on the floor. As she did, she thought sadly as she had to figure out how to get out. 'Maybe I'm not supposed to.' she answered.

She went to a large focal point in the middle of the room where a large amount of energy was being distributed. Two points served as injectors, one on the bottom and one on top.

She then quickly placed the device on the base of the core engine. The bomb started to arm itself and it was powering up. It waited for a final response. "Here goes nothing." she said and after a long while of hoping and praying, she punched in the final command. The device whirled and counted down.

'Nobody ever said peace and tranquility were easy.' Barbara sighed, knelt down and closed her eyes, accepting her fate soon. She was unaware of someone standing at the doorway, right behind her.