Tim kicked his foot up, boot contacting with a chin, before using the extra momentum to swing over to the next brute, his last conquest falling to the ground unconscious.

Bart zoomed past in a blur, striking quick blows to a thug trying to get Tim from behind. The boys worked together seamlessly, using their small size to slip under attacks directed at them so that they were the only ones giving out punches.

"I hope we get this over with quickly," Tim's voice came through the communicator in Bart's ear. He obviously wasn't too excited by the simple gang of bank robbers. The Speedster was just thinking of it as practice.

"Why's that?" Bart asked curiously, finishing his fifth thug with a blow to the back of the head.

"Dick's making cake," a sound much like a giggle followed this statement.

"Come again?" Bart laughed, skidded to a stop as he watched Tim take down the final villain.

"You heard me! Help me tie these guys up, and we might make it to watch," Tim smirked, passing some zipties to the other boy as they both set to work. Bart's grin back was full of mischief, and soon they were speeding back to Wayne Manner.

Upon entering the kitchen, they were greeted by the surprised face of one Dick Grayson, who was wearing an apron and oven mitts, flower in his hair. Tim pouted slightly, muttering that they missed the show of the actual batter making.

Dick laughed off his surprise quickly. "You're just in time to taste test!" he said, bending to open the oven and retrieve the cake. "Unfortunately I don't have enough for a hungry speedster, but you are welcome to all the ice cream Bart."

The boy didn't have to be told twice, and soon was gulping down the contents of the freezer while Tim dipped his finger into the frosting Dick was trying to put on the cake.

Finally they all settled down at the kitchen table, plates with rich chocolate cake in front of them.