AN: Ok, so remember in "Journey to the Past" when I was all like, "OOOH, I'M GONNA DO A THING WITH R AS A DADDY!" and stuff? Well, I did! And it ended up turning into a three-shot instead of a one-shot like I'd originally planned, lol! But anyway, here's the first of those three shots, and I promise that the next one will have Diane!

OOOOH, BTW, I got two Warm Bodies shirts at Hot Topic yesterday, and they gave me some Warm Bodies Valentines cards since I bought Warm Bodies stuff, and guess where those card are now? That's right, tacked up on my bedroom wall! XD One of them has a picture of M on it, and it says, "A good wingman just needs to look alive." I thought that one was pretty funny. They all have stuff that's on some of the posters, but I hadn't seen that one before like I had seen the others, so I just got a little more of a laugh out of it than I did with the puns on the others, that's all.

So, anyway, yeah! Hope you like this, and the other two shots will be up within mere moments, scout's honor!



"Julie, it's bad luck, tradition—"
"Screw tradition! It's my wedding, if I wanna show him, then I'm going to show him!"

I can hear this from somewhere down the hallway, but I don't really pay much attention, because I am too busy trying to figure out if this thing on my chin is a mark that's actually a part of my skin, like a freckle or a mole, or something with puss inside that needs to be popped. Then I hear the door to the bedroom open and realize that Julie and Nora are here. "R!" Julie says. "R, where'd you go? Come here, I want to show you something!" I glance over my shoulder. "Coming," I call. I frown at my reflection, still wondering about that thing on my chin, then grab the closest towel and start working on drying my hair as I leave the bathroom. "Well," Julie's voice says. "What do you think?" I move the towel away from my face and suddenly forget how to breathe. She is gorgeous.

She is wearing a white sundress that falls to her knees, and her blonde hair is in a low updo with little white flowers in it. Her makeup is done in colors and shades that are like the ones seen in the sunrise over the ocean, which matches some of the flowers in the bouquet she is holding. On her left foot is one of those "barefoot" sandals, and around the other ankle is a sterling silver ankle bracelet with an infinity symbol and a single, tiny turqoise bead side-by-side.

I blink slowly. "You..." I say dumbly. Her face falls a bit. "That bad?" she asks. That snaps me out of it. "No!" I say, shaking my head. I go over to her and place my hands on her shoulders. "No, not at all. You look...It's just...I-I'm speechless. I mean, you just...Wow. I mean, that's all I can say, really, The only word that comes to mind right now is...breathtaking. And by breathtaking, I mean that until just a minute ago, I literally could not remember how to breathe. But...I do have a question."

"What's that?" she asks. I point at her feet and raise an eyebrow questioningly. She laughs. "Oh, that!" she says. "The way I figure, since we're kind of trying to bring the beach to this, there's no reason that shoes should be an absolute nessecity for...well, anybody, really. Besides, I've always kind of wanted to wear one of these sandal things. I've just always thought they look cool and I've been curious about what it's like to wear one, so I figured that this is as good an excuse as any to finally wear one, you know?"

"Julie," Nora says from the doorway. She is leaning with her arms crossed and one bare foot against the doorframe. Her hair is done in a classic Grecian plait with little jade beads, probably on bobby pins, scattered throughout, and much like Julie, she has tendrils hanging loose. Her only decoration is the anklet on her right foot, pink and purplish beads that match the coral colored dress she is wearing. Her bouquet is almost exactly the same as Julie's, the only difference being that Nora's is slightly smaller.

"Julie," she says again, gesturing out into the hall with her head. "Come on, will you? You've shown him, now let's go, alright? I get that you're wanting to go against this tradition, but seriously, let's not push our luck with it. Besides, R's not even dressed yet, we've gotta let him finish getting ready." Julie looks at me and smiles as she pushes some of my wet hair away from my eyes and kisses me. "Meet me at the altar, okay?" she says. I return her smile and nod. "I'll be there, promise," I tell her. We kiss again, and this one is more lingering. Nora clears her throat, and we break apart. As Julie follows Nora into the hall, I notice that her eyes linger on my bare chest before she closes the door behind herself, though it's not as if I've got a six pack or anything; I'm too scrawny for that.

I finish drying my hair, then start getting dressed. As I'm fighting with the buttons on the cuff of one of my sleeves, I notice a subtle glint from the corner of my eye and turn. It's the sunglight reflecting off the ring. All thoughts of my sleeve currently abandoned, I pick it up off the dresser and sit down on the end of the bed holding it between my fingers. I sit there and study it closely, turning it around so that the gemstone catches the light at different angles, allowing me to watch an entire rainbow of colors glittering in its surface. There is a knock, and the door opens. It is M. "Ready?" he asks. I take a deep breath and let it out, then look up at him and smile. "Yeah," I say. "Yeah, I'm ready." He holds his hand out. I already know what he is asking for, and I give it to him, placing the ring in his open palm as we meet each other's eyes, neither of us speaking a word. M places the ring in his pocket, then claps me on the shoulder.

M and I do not speak much when it is just the two of us. We do not need to. After spending practically our entire Deaths together and not being able to speak properly to one another, we have sort of developed a way of speaking without words. Since re-joining the Living, we have been able to further the development of this unspoken language. We have now reached a point with it that allows us to have entire conversations without ever speaking a single word to each other, and while on cmopletely opposite ends of the room to boot. Now, I don't want to brag or anything, but I believe that M and I have earned the right to be proud of ourselves and this special mutual skill that we have put so much work into perfecting as a two-man team.

We keep our unspoken conversation going for most of the walk down the hall, and once we leave it, we just walk together in comfortable silence, this time one that applies to both the outside world, and to the two of us.

Julie is wearing a silver ring on her left hand. It has stars engraved on it and a half moon instead of a diamond or other gemstone. The one on my own hand matches, but instead of stars and a moon, the band itself is blank, and where the moon is on Julie's, there is a gold sun with a yellow jewel that I don't know the name of serving as the center. They are made to go together in more ways than one. Half of the sun's rays are absent on mine, and if we put the ray-less half of the sun into the cradle of the moon, it resembles an eclipse.

We will be wearing these rings every day from now on until we die. These are the rings that M carried in his pocket earlier. These are the rings that we put on each other. These are our wedding rings. We are married. I am Julie's husband, and she is my wife.

By now, we have moved into the reception. The whole thing is being held at a church within the city. The actual ceremony was in the smaller chapel building, and now things have moved into the bigger building with what had once been Sunday school rooms on the second floor. Julie has remained barefoot the entire time, but Nora slipped a pair of Keds on for the walk across the grounds when we started to shift from one building to the other. She has taken them off again, and they now rest underneath the table in front of her chair. Julie's bare feet had gotten quite a few stares as she was walking down the aisle earlier, but she was either ignoring them or unaware. I myself was having to repress laughter at the sight of it all.

Julie gives me a sideways look and shakes her head slightly. "What?" she asks. This feels like one of those moments where it's okay to shrug, so I do. "What what?" I say. Julie giggles a little. "You keep staring at me, that's what what," she says. I shrug again and shake my head. "I can't help it," I tell her. "It's not my fault you look so beautiful and worthy of being stared at." Her cheeks turn a pretty shade of pink, and I lean over to kiss her.

Julie is beautiful, and she is mine.

AN: I actually made a set on Polyvore with Julie's wedding outfit and the rings, it's just not up yet because I haven't thought of a name for it yet, but once I do, I'll post the link to it on my profile for anyone who wants to see it and let you know.