AN: Okay, so basically here's how this chapter came about; we're talking about/watching videos that have to do with pregnancy and fetal development in my Child Development class right now, and while we were watching a video a couple days or so ago, I suddenly heard Diane's voice in my head going, "Mom, why don't I have any brothers or sisters yet?" And I said to myself, "PLOT BUNNY!" And that's pretty much how I came up with this one. :/



"Mom, Dad?"
"Yeah, baby?"
"When am I gonna get a brother or sister?"

Julie and I look up at each other, shock on both our faces. We are sitting at the table eating dinner, and Diane has just dropped this on us out of seemingly no where. Julie is the first to recover. She blinks slowly. "Um...well...we didn't know you wanted one," she says. "What's...What's bringing this on, Diane, did something happen that made you decide you want a sibling, or...?" Diane shrugs as she picks at the mashed potatoes on her plate, her chin resting in the hand that's not holding her fork. "Clara's gonna get to be a big sister, so I just thought, why can't I be one, too?"

"You mean Clara Alderman, the girl who already has two older brothers, that Clara?" Julie shakes her head at me and mouths the words, "Settle down in bed already!" I have to repress laughter at this, lifting my hand up to my face and turning away slightly so that Diane won't see the smile I'm fighting back. "We'll talk about it, alright?" Julie says to Diane. "Right now, quit playing with those potatoes, I didn't make them so you could practice sculpting. You should count yourself lucky that you're not stuck eating carbtein like Aunt Nora and I were. Oh my God, R, stop it! You are seriously not helping right now! I don't know what you think you're doing, but you better stop it right now before I come over there and knock you cross-eyed!"

Diane almost chokes on her water laughing, and when she and I high-five each other, Julie drops her fork, letting it clatter onto her plate as her head falls forward and she catches her forehead in her hand, her hair falling forward to hide her face, but I know her well enough to know for a fact that she is smirking and repressing snickers behind that blonde curtain.

I spit my toothepaste out in the sink, then head out of the bathroom and fall onto the bed next to Julie, who is sitting cross-legged on her side with a paperback book in her hands. "R," she says, "did you know that apparantly, that movie that Diane watched over at Clara Alderman's birthday party is based on a true story? This guy ran away when he was sixteen, the feds were after him for embezzlement, check fraud, and counterfeit, just to name a few. They chased this kid for years, he was like twenty-one when they finally caught him over in France, and then when he finally got out of jail, he actually ended up teaming up with the FBI agent who'd been chasing him for all those years before finally catching him, he ended up helping with identifying bad checks and stuff, and he and that FBI agent eventually ended up becoming real close friends, how crazy is that?"

"Not to change the subject or anything, but, Julie?"
"Hmmm?" she says vaguely, nose still in the book. I turn my head and look up at her from where I lay. "Do you think Diane has a point?" She finally lifts her face away from the book, tilting her head as she looks at me in confusion. "About what?" she asks. I push myself into a sitting position, crossing my legs like Julie and brushing some hair out of my eyes. "What she said earlier," I say, "about why can't she be a big sister. I mean, there's really no reason why she can't, is there?"

Julie marks her place before setting her book down on the nightstand. "No," she says, "there's not. Why? Do you want another?" I think about this for a minute, then shrug. "I haven't really thought about it to tell the truth," I say. "I mean, I definitely wouldn't mind. If you wanted to, then I would gladly, not that it wouldn't make me happy, anyway, but..." I shrug again. "I dunno. I just haven't thought about it until now, so I really don't know if I do or not."

Julie smiles and leans into me, resting her head on my shoulder. "I don't see any reason why we shouldn't at least try," she says. "If Diane wants a younger sibling and we're both up for it, then..." She lifts her head to look at me. "Why not?" she says. For a few moments or so, we just sit there, neither of us speaking as we study each other's faces, even though we could both probably draw one another in our sleep by this point because we have pretty much every last inch of each other entirely committed to memory, especially our faces, considering all the countless hours we've spent staring at each other like this over the years.

"So...does this mean we're having another baby?" I ask finally. Julie smiles and shrugs. "To hell with it," she says. "Yeah. Yeah, let's do it, let's have another baby, baby." We both laugh, and I kiss her. It's deep and lingering, and it leaves me wanting more. When we pull apart, I can see that Julie doesn't want to stop either. I recognize that hungry gleam in her eyes, and I can see the side of her that, not long before our wedding, I nicknamed Crazy Cabernet itching to come out and reveal herself. We might give in to these desires. It is very tempting. But we both know that we can't, not with Diane sleeping just down the hall from us. We will have to wait, though neither of us wants to.

"She's spending the night with Nora this Friday," Julie whispers. "Then. I promise." I am having trouble remembering how to speak with her warm, sweetly scented breath on my face and filling my nostrils, so I just nod in response. Friday is not that far away. Today is Wednesday, so only another day. Until then, we can continue kissing as much as we want.

AN: If anyone's wondering why Julie is reading about the true story behind Catch Me If You Can (anyone who recognized it as the Catch Me story, GREAT JOB, YOU JUST EARNED MAJOR POINTS IN MY BOOK!), it's because my mom and I are going to see the musical tomorrow night, and I've only ever seen the movie, so I'm like UBER psyched, because I've been wanting to see the musical for quite a while now, and I can't wait!