"INCOMING!" one of the clones yelled and the artillery blast hit the ground sending clone soldiers sprawling everywhere. A second wave of soldiers moved in to take their place, but they weren't clone soldiers. They were Republic Militia troopers clad in Naboo guard uniforms that were manufactured on Fondor and Distributed on Thyferra. The ships that deployed them were manufactured in Correlia jointly with Mon Calamari. The Republic Militia was growing in size and uniting systems that had never even traded with one another before. And it united them.

Jokoren ran ahead of his troops as they charged, laser rifles blazing as they assaulted the Separatist position at the other end of the street. They had moved into Taris by request of the Taris Senator, Kin Robb. The planet was scarred ever since the bombings during the Jedi Civil War by the Sith forces. Ever since, it has floundered as a core world in the Republic. However, if the Separatists claimed this system then it would be one step deeper into the Republic core. And Jokoren was the first to volunteer to keep that from happening.

"Master Jokoren, clankers are falling back and regrouping north of the intersection. They're setting up for defense." Commander Fletch announced over the Holo-com. Jokoren nodded.

"Very well. Bring your men around and hit them from the rear. Have the Gunship ready to bombard in case we can't break their line." Jokoren replied taking cover as the fleeing battle droids lay down suppressive fire to cover their retreat. The Militia troopers dropped prone under the volley of red lasers and returned fire with their blue bolts of plasma. The droids weren't ready for their evasion and immediately took casualties. The herd of droids still fleeing made it to the blast damaged intersection and immediately took cover and returning fire.

"Get into the buildings, we'll have vantage points from there." Jokoren advised and they followed suit. Jokoren had to admit, they were far more adept than their clone trooper counter parts. These clones were still fresh into the battle field. The Militia had been fighting Separatists and criminals for eight months. That may not have been much, but considering no experience as a pose to little experience, the ratio was better no matter how you looked at it. All the clones were used to were the training holos. The Republic Militia had been doing this for a while now.

"Fletch, lean some weight the droid defensive. We need to alternate pressure to your angle temporarily while we position for the final blow. Can you hold out?" Jokoren asked taking cover in the space between two pillars fixed to the wall.

"We'll hold sir, just don't take too long. The boys are second guessing how much action they wanted to see. We're seeing a lot of heavy fire and casualties rather early in this whole war." Fletch replied kneeling behind cover as his clone soldiers desperately began engaging the droids.

"Understood, we'll liven up the pace. Just hold your ground." Jokoren replied before turning to his force."Alright boys, our clones are taking hits! Liven up pace! They won't buy us time long!"

They sprinted into the buildings and began fanning out throughout each, checking rooms for strays or ambushes of battle droids. Jokoren followed one of the platoons up to the roof as they positioned themselves to rain fire down from above.

"They aren't gonna see this one coming." One of the soldiers smirked as he mounted the butt of his laser rifle to his shoulder and took aim, waiting for the signal to fire. The clones below were doing poorly. They had little to use as cover and were taking casualties throughout the street while the droids plucked them off from the cover of their fortification at the intersection.

"That was the general idea." Jokoren replied solemnly with a hint if mischief."Salori, How close is your team to the Ground based control relay?"

"We're about three blocks to the relay, but it will take some time. These droid patrols are still way too thick."

"Alright, just keep it up. We'll keep going with your plan. On a side note, our clones back here are taking major hits." Jokoren mentioned. Salori picked up on the hint of a request for urgency.

"Don't tell me what to do." Salori shot back and Jokoren sighed. One of the soldiers raised an eyebrow overhearing the conversation.

"Well at least she isn't trying to sabotage it any more. Just plain stubborn." The soldier noted chuckling.

"She is getting better, isn't she?" Jokoren agreed with a smile and re-hailed Salori."Just don't screw up. I am counting on you."

There was silence on the other end for a time and Salori finally replied."Yes, Master."

"Hey, two scores in one day! Things are looking up." The soldier laughed softly again.

"Master Amidale, all units in position. Awaiting your order." Commander Caedar anounced, Jokoren's ground commander from Corulag.

"All units, open fire on the enemy forces!" Jokoren ordered and ran towards the edge of the roof, drawing his lightsaber and igniting it as he ran. He jumped and sailed down at the enemy droids below as the Republic militia troopers opened fire behind him, tearing apart the enemy ranks. The droids were exposed form the top and took fire immediately, droids collapsing left and right as the laser bolts rained down from above. Nowhere provided cover from this assault of laser fire.

Clones cheered as the droids abandoned their vantage point and fled deeper into the main ring of the city planet. Above, Jokoren's blockade runners and the Republic Warship engaged the handful of banking clan frigates holding out in a defensive blockade above the control station situated on the ground.

The clone soldiers pursued the droids down the broad open street while the Militia troopers came down from their roof top positions to engage the droids fleeing in the streets.

"Salori, clankers coming in from the front line in full retreat. Watch yourself." Jokoren noted watching the droids flee in desperation to regroup with the larger body at the command station.

"General Kro'At, Republic forces are advancing on our position in the rear area." One of the command droids announced with their pathetic sounding mechanical moan of a voice. The Human separatist commander growled in rage.

"Lord Malak will not be pleased. Activate the Engager droids. We will see how these clones respond to equal skill and equal numbers." Kro'At grumbled. Suddenly Malak appeared on the Holo projector after a crackle and a fizzle of the communications being established.

"Commander, withdraw your forces." Malak ordered, hands folded into his black billowy robes. Commander Kro'At frowned.


"Withdraw. The battle has progressed to a measure we cannot challenge. Jokoren Amidale is on leading the invasion Taris. I am grateful for your superior tactical capabilities that you are still alive." Malak noted solemnly.

"But sir, we can still deploy our Engager droids-"

"No, Kro'At. This battle is a loss. Survival for this long is the closest we will come to victory. You must fall back." Malak replied ominously and commander Kro'At swallowed hard.

"Yes sir." Kro'At replied somberly."All forces will be in full retreat. I will return with the fleet."

"Very good. I will be expecting you shortly." Malak replied and the communication ended.