The Trade Federation droid landing ships began touching down on the landing pads while a small squad of droids milled about waiting to begin unloading supplies and escorting ATTs and MTTs. Jokoren looked out the bridge window down on the platform below.

"This won't be easy." One of the clones noted. Jokoren turned to him and smirked.

"No mission worth doing is. Especially these. Ambushing the Trade Federation on their own turf is rather rash on our part. And rash isn't something they're ready for." Jokoren said calmly and began walking to the elevator that went down to the loading area of the ship.

"How did you become a Jedi master anyway?"

"The same way any of us do it. Training, meditation, and not letting your mind stray from the moment. Rather simple in concept yet difficult to master. Those of us that do master it are recognized as such."

"Any way a clone could possibly need that?" The clone scoffed.

"In the heat of battle, yes. But you're still a rookie aren't you?" Jokoren replied over his shoulder as the elevator closed shut behind him. The clone shook his helmeted head and used a different elevator with the others in his platoon.

The doors of the ship began to part and the droids turned to see what they had expected was their cargo. Instead, volley after volley of blue plasma bolts threw them all over the landing pad.

"Ambush on pad 177! Ambush on WHAAAAoooooo..." One of the droids called into a emergency communicator station as Jokoren dismembered it and the station in three whirling sweeps of his lightsabre.

"Hammer team, on me!" Jokoren ordered as he force pushed the massive palace doors adjacent to the landing platform open. The stone city around them sat undisturbed as chaos broke out in the palace. Clones ran in on both sides of the door way as squads of super battle droids hurried down the stairs of the upper hall to stop them.

"All units find cover!" Fletch ordered. The supers had arrived on the flight of stairs that descended on the landing where the clones were moving in. The clones fired first but started taking fire the moment the supers began their return. Within seconds, the hall was strewn with clones and droids alike. The marvelous red marble walls began to scar from stray shots and ordinance as each side began firing stronger and more devastating weapons. Jokoren did a leaping jump rolling in the air and descended within the enemy ranks, lightsabre spinning and his lightsabre back and forth as he charged through the droid forces. The droids began moving for cover as Jokoren made his way up the broad marble stairs. When he reached the top, he turned and grabbed ahold on the pillars that the droids were hidding behind with the force. After confirming he had a firm grip, he pulled down and back, the pillars collapsing on the droids and the ceiling finishing the job.

"Keep moving!" Fletch ordered and signaled to the others of Hammer team.

"Commander, Anvil is having problems in the throne room chamber entrance. They've been pinned down!" One of the clones called who was standing guard by the door. Jokoren exhaled sadly and finally made a decision.

"Fletch, abort your original course. Take the bulk of Hammer team with you to relieve Anvil. I'll take two troopers with me to the command tower to shut it down. We should be able to cause enough damage to get them to bring in reinforcements. Meet me in the throne room and secure the Separatist commander there. No killing. Just scrapping."

"Right sir! Alright boys, move in to assist anvil team!" Fletch ordered giving hand signals. Jokoren ran up the stairs with the pair of clones flanking him on either side.

They came up onto the next floor and stood at the far end of a massive grand hall. Jokoren held his humming lightsabre in his right hand loosely as they advanced into the empty hall room. The clones were looking around nervously, laser rifles mounted to their shoulders as they went.

Suddenly Jokoren saw him. A hologram of Malak talking to a Separatist commander. They turned to him in surprise and the Separatist commander pulled out a blaster. Jokoren spun his lightsabre in front of himself as the commander tried to take off his escort clone troopers. The shots deflected away harmlessly, one hitting the hologram projector and killing the image of Malak. The other knocked the gun from the separatist's hands and skittered away across the floor.

"Foul scum." The commander spat in rage.

"You'll learn to take that back when you find out how the Republic really deals with prisoners of war." Jokoren replied calmly.

Without warning a team of four Droidekas rolled in and unfolded, opening fire on Jokoren and the clones. The two clones dropped to one knee returning fire while Jokoren force pushed the destroyers back, shields dissolving as they lost balance. One clone took them out while the other turned to see a line of Super battle droids encircle them. He pulled out a thermal detonator and ran over the Separatist Commander and grabbed him around the neck with a choke hold.

"Just try it Clankers!" The Clone yelled priming the Thermal Detonator for detonation.

"Trooper, stand down." Jokoren ordered gravely, turning off his lightsabre. The Separatist commander sneered.

"But sir-" The clone protested.

"They won this round. Save it for the final match." Jokoren replied calmly. The clone reluctantly let go and dropped the disarmed thermal detonator as well as his laser rifle to the cold marble floor before walking over to Jokoren and the other.

"Fools, We can kill you at any moment!" The commander said raising a hand to give the order to fire.

"Not when we're actually worth something to the republic alive. You could fund an enormous amount of battle droid production just off of a ransom being placed on the heads of a jedi and his clones." Jokoren said flatly. It was a lame gamble, but it was all he would need. The Commander froze in thought.

"Yes...yes I see you're point." The commander mused gleefully."Why kill a Jedi when you can offer a sale for him, rake in a deal and kill him while retaining the profits? An excellent plan I have devised if I do say so myself."

"If you want me alive, you'll have to spare myself and my men. Otherwise, I shall return to being one with the force." Jokoren reminded and the Separatist commander winced slightly. But only slightly.

"Understood. I expect this is a surrender then?" The Separatist Commander asked.

"Of this detachment, yes. But don't be surprised when reinforcements arrive. They will try to rescue us in two days once it is clear that our mission has failed." Jokoren added. The clones looked at him, their helmets masking the shock on their faces. The Commander paused, realizing he had received a large gift of information. Jokoren however maintained his emotionless expression.

"I see you willingly told me your back up plan. May I take it, your allegiance has been... swayed in a manner of speaking?" The Commander asked smiling broadly.

"One could say that." Jokoren said and made a fist with his left hand. The clone on his left saw it out of the corner of his vizor. The other clone growled with rage.

"You two faced traitor!" He roared, lunging at Jokoren. The other clone caught him by the arm and hauled him back.

"Not here, Jebes." The clone said and lowered his voice pulling him closer to his helmet."It's a set up."

The clone named Jebes hesitated upon hearing that and pushed again, but this time with no intention of escaping his comrade's grasp. The Separatist Commander smiled ruthlessly.

"Please pardon my forces. They are behaving in a rather insubordinate manner. Nothing I can't iron out with a little time. Simply deal with them for now. I will convince them to see our point of view." Jokoren said. He knew he was rushing his hand, but at the moment, his troopers were being torn apart down below. He didn't have a choice.

"Do you mean to say-?"

"My forces will serve the Separatists if I can keep them in line. Nothing a little pep talk couldn't alter."

"I am glad you see the true way the galaxy must follow. I will call off my forces. You call off yours."