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Chapter 12: Something Worth Fighting For

Emma felt like her hope was back. She knew that Killian was alright for the time being and even though he was under the sleeping curse she knew she could wake him. All she had to do was find him first. The problem with that was that she didn't really know how. There had to be a way. Her parents always managed to find each other and she believed she could always find Killian. Without a word she shot up from the couch, grabbed her father's sword that was sitting in the corner, and headed toward the door.

"Where are you going?" Snow asked, before she had the chance to leave.

"I'm going to find Killian," Emma replied turning around. "I don't know how yet, but I'm not giving up on him, not without a fight."

Snow smiled as Emma headed out of the door. She had no idea where she was going, but she found herself heading back towards the woods. Ruby had caught his scent at one point and she lost it. That means that he had to have been there at some point. She thought about what Ruby had said when she lost his scent. It's like he disappeared or went underground. Emma stopped dead in her tracks. Underground. The Mines. They had been all but abandoned since the dwarfs were helping Anton with the magic beans.

Without another thought, Emma headed toward the entrance to the mines. There didn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary there at the moment, but she knew in her heart that this is where she would find Killian. It was dark and she realized that she should have brought a flashlight or something. At one point there were lanterns, but they had been snuffed out when the dwarfs left. In the distance she could hear what sounded like footsteps. Killian was under the sleeping curse so he couldn't be walking around. That's when she realized Neal had been missing too and it was very likely that he was down here waiting for her.

Emma put her sword up as she turned a corner and noticed a light at the end of a long tunnel. It appeared that she was right about Neal being there. She could see his shadow pacing back and forth in a small room that she believed once held the diamonds that Gold had used to try to stop her and her mother from coming back through the portal from the Enchanted Forest. Warily, Emma entered the room and Neal stopped his pacing and looked to her. A smile crept up onto his face and that's when she noticed Killian laying on the ground in the corner.

"So glad you could join us, Emma," Neal stated, holding his own sword. She could barely recognize the man anymore. There was an evil look in his eye that Emma had never seen before. It gave her chills, but she wasn't about to back down now.

"I'm not leaving here without Killian," Emma stated, keeping her sword aimed at him. "I'm not letting you take him from me."

"How can you even love a man like that?" Neal asked, glancing back at the unconscious pirate. "He's Captain Hook and described as evil in every story that's ever been told about him."

"I've lived in this town long enough to know that the stories that are told aren't always true," said Emma. "And I don't care about what he did in his past. I know what happened to him and I know why he became who he was. People can change. You have, but unlike Killian, you've changed for the worst."

"We have a son together, Emma," Neal stated, completely ignoring Emma's words. "I'm not going to let a pirate raise him."

"I haven't even discussed Henry with Killian," Emma stated. "We haven't really been together long enough to go into that and Henry doesn't know about Killian yet. Before this, I could have let you be a part of your son's life, but not now. Not after you did this to me. You tried to take away the man I love and for what? Did you really think that I would want to get back together with you after this?"

"I'm the father of your son," Neal stated before pointing his sword towards Killian. "And he won't live to see tomorrow."

Emma made a move to run toward Killian, but Neal pulled a bottle out of his pocket and threw it to the ground. A large puff of smoke enveloped them and she prayed that Neal didn't get to Killian. However, when the smoke cleared a snake the size of a horse stood between her and Killian. Emma's eyes went wide and she backed a few steps away from the giant snake.

"You want to get to your love?" Neal asked, laughing. "Go ahead and try. It's interesting the things you can find in my father's shop."

"You're crazy," Emma shouted, never taking her eyes off the snake.

"All I wanted was to be a family with you," Neal stated. "But you had to go and fall in love with the damned pirate that took my mother away. Now all I want is my son. And right now the two of you are the ones standing in my way."

Oh God. Emma thought. He was going to try to get rid of her and Killian so that he could get to Henry. She'd be damned if she let that happen. Neal was not going anywhere near Henry. The snake was beginning to move toward her and Emma side stepped out of the way when it lunged at her. She nearly tumbled onto the floor, but got back up as the snake turned back to face her. As the snake began to slither toward her again she could hear Neal laughing. This was insane. Did he really think that getting rid of her and Killian would change anything? Her parents would still be there.

The snake was getting to close and she moved further from Killian to try to avoid him getting hurt if it lunged toward her again. She could feel the adrenaline start to take over like it did when she was battling the dragon. The last thing she was going to do was let Neal win. If anyone wasn't making it out alive it was going to be Neal. For the first time in her life she felt complete with Killian there and she wasn't giving up on them. As the snake lunged for her again, she stepped over to the side just enough before plunging her sword into its head. It attempted to shake the sword off, but Emma held on tight as the snake's body began to go limp.

Emma's breathing was heavy as she pulled the sword out of the now dead snake's head. She could feel herself shaking, but she hid that from Neal who was standing in the corner looking at her in shock. She hoped that he didn't have any other tricks up his sleeve, because she really wasn't in the mood to deal with any more of this. He stood up straight and walked back to the spot in front of Killian.

"I admit that was impressive," Neal stated.

"I'm the daughter of Prince Charming," Emma pointed out. "Sword fighting is in my blood."

"I guess so," said Neal. "You have one last chance to just give up and agree to be with me. We can be a family and I will spare the pirates life."

"Fuck you," Emma replied. "After everything you've done I am not letting you anywhere near my family and we sure as hell will never be a family. And if you think I will let you so much as touch Killian, you have another thing coming. I'm not giving him up that easily. We have something I will always fight for."

"Suit yourself," said Neal as he began to swing his sword toward Killian.

"NO," Emma yelled. A familiar feeling began to take over. A bright light surrounded her and it shot out knocking Neal against the back wall. Emma put her hand to her chest. Sometimes she forgot about the magic she had deep inside her. She glanced over to Neal who wasn't moving, before running over to kneel next to Killian.

It almost looked like he was just sleeping peacefully right there. She placed her hands on either side of his face and leaned in to brush her lips against his softly. A rush of electricity went straight through her as she felt a gust of wind blow past her. She pulled back and studied his face. For a moment nothing happened and Emma could feel the tears forming in her eyes. Suddenly, he opened his eyes and took a deep breath. Emma could feel the relief wash over her as he turned to look at her. He smiled and moved his right hand to her cheek.

"You found me," he stated simply. Emma laughed and leaned in to kiss him again. She pulled back and he sat up stroking her cheek lovingly.

"At the risk of sounding like my father," Emma started. "I'll always find you."