My name is Beatrice, but I am better known as Tris. Or even as the girl that was the first to jump off the roof at the dauntless headquarters, or even the stiff. But my name is Tris, the brave. Right now I am running for my life as three simulated dauntless members were chasing us. That's right, us. Me, and Tobias, or Four. Tobias was slightly ahead of me, but he never let go of my hand. Then, I heard a gun go off, and my shoulder blasted with pain.

"Ah!" I screamed as the bullet penetrated my shoulder with an unbelievable force. Tobias immediately turned at the sound of my cry, and he caught my head as I fell to the floor. Blood was oozing from my wound on my shoulder, but Tobias didn't care. "Tris," Tobias whispered with fear written in his voice.

"Tobias, run!" I screamed at him, but he didn't move an inch. "No." I didn't have time for this. "Please, Tobias, I'd rather die than see you get hurt, now please, run!" Tobias looked at me as tears smeared on his face. The dauntless members were close, I could hear their rhymed footsteps. "I love you, Tris." Tobias cried. I couldn't even think before the words slipped out of my mouth.

"I love you too." Tobias kissed my forehead, then turned around, and ran away deeper into the alley, leaving me. "I love you," I whispered once more, even though I knew Tobias was already gone. I silently then started to let my tears cloud my vision, and then I squeezed them shut, and cried. Just cried. Not because I was going to die, but because I would never see Tobias again. Then something inside me clicked. No, I'm not going to die here. I'm dauntless. I'm abnegation. I'm Divergent. I have to fight. If not, die fighting. I slowly picked myself up, and let my blood smear on the concrete floor. I winced as I raised myself to my feet, and grabbed my gun that was still in the back of my waist pants. I reloaded my gun, and listened to the footsteps come closer, and closer. Five, four, three, two…one. I raised my gun and aimed at the first head I saw. I pulled the trigger, which made my shoulder shack with pain, but I ignored it. The first person fell with a thud as blood smeared on the floor. Then the second dauntless member came, and I aimed at the head, striking him almost immediately. The third member, however, was quick, and shot my lower arm, which I ignored as well, even though the pain was excruciating. I glared at the man, and aimed, and bang. He fell as soon as I pulled the trigger. I waited for more members, but no more came, so I quickly ran in the direction that Tobias had, hoping to find him. I ran and searched for any sign of him, but I didn't see anything. I felt a sob rising in my chest, but I held them back. "Tobias!" I screamed as I collapsed on the ground. "Please, Tobias. Please," I then felt my warm tears pour down my face. I curled up in a ball, and cried. I cried until my lungs hurt, and there were no more tears to shed. I then pulled myself together, I am Tris, the brave. I will find Tobias, and my family, then evacuate to Amity. I get off the ground, and run towards were I thought Tobias would be going. Amity compounds. I run towards the train tracks, and wait for the next train. I then run to the first train I see, and I run beside the train, and pull myself on with my good arm, leaving pain shudder up my arm. I pulled myself up onto to train, thinking that it would be so much easier if Tobias was here to pull me up. The thought of Tobias made my cry again. I sat in the corner of the train car, and cried, and cried. My family could be dead. Tobias could be dead. All because I was too weak to get back up and run. I shifted my eyes to the opened side of the car and watched the dauntless section disappear, as I headed to Amity with tears clogging my vision.