A/N: After watching the movie Downfall, I got the idea of how the last few days would be if the Irken Empire faced its last moments. I will post one chapter a day for maybe either five or six days as we see the situation go from bad to worse.

A dark room is revealed and we see a short aged Irken, skin rotting downwards, as he slowly takes his seat.

"So you wish to tell us your story" said a deep computerized voice

"I do"


"Former Invader Skoodge"

"There is not many left you know"

"Inside bunker? No there is not" Skoodge replied

"Begin where you see fit"

"Very well, I think I will begin…..at the celebration….yes, the celebration…no….it wasn't a celebration, a funeral…..but a at the same time a celebration"


We see a large a room, decorated like a palace, fit for a Tallest. This was the Almighty Tower, capital and symbolic power of the Irken Empire in all its glory. Yet it would soon be over for dark days were ahead. The Irken Empire, once stretching from galaxy to galaxy, planet to planet, was reduced to the last Irken stronghold on Irk. The Armada was shattered, the Army in ruins, technological might all but gone. How did it happen? No empire lasts forever. The Empire had undergone a massive revolt from enslaved and free planets that were now united in an alliance. The control brains failed to predict such upheaval and ended up having a very big system crash for their refusal to acknowledge their failure. The empire was then under direct command of two very incompetent Tallest who lead disaster after disaster, and wasted their War Machine on a multi-war front. Now with so many failures, even Irk was invaded, and the last city where the capital was, where the Almighty Tower stood high despite constant shelling, would soon fall. But the leadership refused that.

The funeral was for Almighty Tallest Purple, who died from a direct hit from a Vortian shell. Even thou many knew him for his stupidity, he was none the less a friend of Red. And yet many celebrated, not for his death, but knowing it would be the last time to have such fun.

"Attention, presenting the Almighty Tallest Red" the announcer announced

The many Tall Irkens who were conversating among themselves immediately became silent and turned to face the front of the room. The Irken Flag hanged left and right, and out came Red. He had seen better days, eyes darken, his skin a paler green, and his mind slowly rioting away.

"As we all know, the Almighty Tallest Purple unfortunately died yesterday following a direct strike as he bravely lead the man to turn back the enemy. His death will not be in vain, no matter how gloomy this war looks, no matter how many die, we must not break face, and instead hold true to our values that the Irken Empire will and never will surrender for we must not give in to less-superior ones. Instead dedication, loyalty, and determination will decide our fates. We must never give in and instead crush the multi-alien enemy. So…are you with me?"

"Yes, My Tallest!" they all shouted saluting to him.

A few moments passed before a blast tore through the building.

"Everyone, underground now!" shouted soldiers.

Tallest Red followed suite as the noise of battle soon reached his ears. He briefly looked where the blast happened, seeing a few dead, but felt no sympathy. After all they died for the empire. He hovered downwards as he went deeper before entering a room filled with maps and holograms overseeing the war. And that's where his staff greeted him.

"My Tallest" saluted Zim

Ah yes Zim, as the Irken Empire fell, Red sought to weed out defeatists and morale lowers. He gave Zim a high ranking position. In his head loyalty was better than confronting reality. Zim was a yes-man, nothing more.

"Update" he said as he took his seat.

Rarl Kove was the first to speak.

"My Tallest, as you know the Vortian and Meekrob hordes have breached the second line of defense. General Plujura was encircled and obliterated. He followed commands to fight till his last breath."

"I see"

"My Tallest, we have to make a counter-attack. The enemy nearly has the city surrounded"

"Order General Floogoda to gather the rest of Irken Army in the Northeast"

"Sir, supplies are running low, we have to consider our options" pleaded Kove

"And what are these options? Huh!? Surrender? We must not fall prey to a disgusting inferior enemy. No instead we must fight on….the Irken Empire lives!...and all considering options should be left out" explained Zim showing his upmost loyalty.

"I believe Zim is right, we must fight on."

"But sir the city is dying, the-"

"My Orders are my orders! And the fact remains we have to ignore…...*sigh*….ignore the hardships and turn back the enemy. The cost will no doubt be great, but victory will and shall be ever greater!" finished Red slamming his fist onto his desk making the holograms briefly fuzz up. Rarl Kove stared at him for a bit.

"Yes My Tallest, your orders will be carried out!" he saluted

The third high ranking member of his staff then spoke.

"My Tallest, the Screwheads has seized control of the last Sir factory and are dangerously close to attacking the last power planet." Said Tenn

"Ungrateful savages, I should of killed them rather than enslave him! I want that power plant defended now!" an angered Red said

"We have to organize a force capable to fight back or risk losing this war" spoke up Zim

"Send my orders out to General Floogoda, we have to act fast" said Red lowering his voice.

Some silence

"Order the attempted defectors to be shot" said Red

"Energy is low, we must conserve-" attempted Kove

"THEN HANG THEM! Hang them! Zim you learned the ways humans execute, see to it happens."

"Yes Sir"

"Your all dismissed"

"Yes My Tallest!" the trio saluted before exiting.

Red looked down at the holograms, seeing the combined efforts of Vortians, Meekrob, Screwheads, and other species he had enslaved.

"The time will come" he muttered.


The poorly constructed defenses were shattered by a laser blow from a Vortian cannon.

Skoodge narrowly escaped death due to his short size. The one next to him was not so lucky.

One of the soldiers got up before reached a communicator. The Meekrob has disrupted communication through Paks so hard lines were established.

"This is guard post 2, the Vortians are advancing…..what!?...where is the artillery support!?...they took the last factory!?...understood"
"What did they say" asked Skoodge shooting a mounted gun in a vain attempt to turn the enemy back.

"General Asodosa's flanks just collapsed. He's ordered a temporary retreat; this area can no longer be defended!"

"If we keep falling back, we'll be cornered!" he yelled back

"The Tallest is organizing a counter-attack. Get what you can! We are to defend the power plant!"


A few more blasts shattered the defense around them.

"How close are they!" asked Skoodge as he quickly packed up

"Close enough" he said also packing up

"We have the SIRs, right!?"

"Afraid not, the screwheads overran it."

"What about General Plujura line of defense!? Wasn't he supposed to watch out backs!?"

"The General is dead along with those who fought with him. The second line is battered everywhere. Come on, we have to go"

The duo finished packing before running off. Skoodge looked back to see a Vortian tank slowly make its way into the intersection.

"Come on Skoodge lets go" the soldier yelled

And Skoodge quickly followed.

Was it good? Bad? Should I go on? Hoped you enjoyed it.