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Night had finally fallen onto Irk. With massive power failures the night could be revealed as one of the most beautiful sites to be seen. But with war going on, smoke and ash filled the air and lasers raged everywhere. Zim meanwhile was walking towards the Tallests's private room. Seeing the door opened, he knew he could come in.

"My Tallest" said Zim alerting Red who was sitting, staring at a picture of the Almighty Tallest Miyuki.

"Sir, we have positions set up to hold against the enemy, the power plant is secure"

Red didn't move, merely stared at the picture. Kove then came in.

"My Tallest, the Meekrob and Vortians are slicing through to the tower"

"This can't be happening…..it feels like a dream…..no…..more like….a nightmare….will I lose….NO…..General Floogoda is preparing to break the siege…..final victory will happen…a great cost…..but no doubt worth it" Red mentally thought

"Order the last of our tanks to engage them; they cannot reach the bunker, not now, not ever!" Red said calmly yet sternly

"I thought they were supposed to be used to defend the power planet?" argued Kove

It was then where Red started shaking uncontrollably as he slowly rubbed his temples.

"Do not tell me what I already know, my orders are my orders, so why DO YOU QUESTION ME!" he shouted rising up before flipping over the table

"I am trying to state the reality that you refuse to confront!" yelled Kove before realizing what he just did, seeing Red's eyes boil with anger

"Kove the Tallest is right" said Zim arms crossed

"We have to use the tanks to avoid the inferior enemy for if the bunker falls then we cannot contact General Floogoda to repeal the enemy"

"If we move from the power planet our men will be slaughtered!" affirmed Kove

"And if we do not defend the bunker then what's the POINT in defending the power plant!"
"So stupid! If we don't defend the planet then the bunker's defenses are useless."

"You speak lies, the Irken Empire will not collapse in the face of such a struggle, to believe that is sheer fantasy, do you Kove honestly believe that will happen!?"

"Unlike you Zim, yes I do…..I do believe-"

"My Tallest" saluted Heerade entering the room

"What is it" stated Red walking towards the doorway.

"We have an updated situation on General Floogoda"

"Good then" smiled Red believing the worse would soon pass and motioned for Zim and Kove to followed. While they walked, Kove and Zim whispered to each other.

"See, everything will work out"

"You're a foolish you think Floogoda can mobilize anything"

"Such a defeatist you are, Kove, might want to watch that tone" smirked Zim but unknowingly triggered something in Kove

"By the way Zim I just want to say something" he said preparing for his insult as they approached the war room.

"And what meant that be, more concerns?"


"What?" Zim raised an invisible eyebrow

"For getting Tenn pregnant" he said fast giving him a rough pat on the pack, leaving Zim with a horror look on his face.

By then the duo were in the room and Zim, wishing, couldn't turn back. He quickly composed himself but if one stared long enough, he was a nervous wreck.

"The Vortians and Meekrob are steadily advancing towards the bunker, at the power planet-"

The lights in the room fuzzed following a loud boom. The Irken continued

"Um, at the power planet, the Screwheads are putting pressure; the tanks are really the only thing keeping them at bay for now, but they may only be able to hold out for one more than a few hours unless reinforcements arrive."

"Order General Floogoda to attack immediately, have him relieve the situation so we can turn the tides" said Red flipping through the many holograms presented to him.

"My Tallest, General Floogoda may not be able to make an impact" said Kove

"Nonsense, Floogoda shall strike and bring the empire up from the ashes. If the empire is too survive, we have to neglect preparations and move faster" said Red


The rumbling was getting louder as Heerade stood over Tak who was directing communications.

"The noise is getting louder" said Tak

"I know, but I'm sure Floogoda will put an end to this"

"Will see" said Tak awaiting a reply

Another ring caught her ear

"Yes…I see….I'll let the Tallest know"

"What was that?"

"There getting beaten at the power plant. The Screwheads are crushing our tanks"

"I'm sure the Tallest will-"

Another ring

"Yes…what!...very well"

"Not good news I take it"

"General Floogoda was beaten and surrendered" said Tak with a concerned look on her face.

"Earlier you told me everything was find"

"That was before this update"

Heerade remained silent before walking off to tell the Tallest.

As he approached the war room, he could hear Red exclaiming victory was near.

"I hate my job" he thought before stepping in

"My Tallest, Floogoda was beaten back"

The room went dead silent

"Why wasn't I informed" said Red darkly

"I actually just got the message sir" said Heerade standing uncomfortably

"Get me the General now" said Red visibly shaken

An Irken came in whispering something to Kove's ear.

"Oh great here goes nothing" he thought

"Sir I have just been informed that General Floogoda has surrendered to the enemy"


"This obviously has to be miscommunication" said Zim trying to fix a worsening situation.

"Give it time My Tallest, I'm sure-"

"Oh enough of the charade Zim!" yelled Kove clearly tired

"We all know the city cannot be relieved unless we have outside help which is now gone" he 'exclaimed

Zim then remained silent trying to come up with something but failed too.

"This can't be happening…..this can't be happening…this can't be happening…this can't be happening…BUT IT"S HAPPENING!" yelled Red standing up scaring everyone for a moment

"My Tallest, I urge you to consider opening some form of peace talks or face the destruction of the entire Irken Race!" yelled Kove

"Determination and Dedication, what a failure, failure! The Irken Military has failed me!"

"Sir we have fought tooth and nail too-"

"FAILED ME!" asserted Red pounding his fist onto the holograms

"And now you ask I meekly ask for some peace after all we fought for! And then to top it off, you ask I spare the Irken race!? We were made to be superior and if we cannot win, then I say death to all who believe in peace! The Irken race will either meet its victory….or its downfall. Peace, surrender….if it's considered, you will be tried for treason and shot immediately!" he asserted

"Then I ask you be removed" spoke Kove bravely

"Excuse me short one! Do not forget only the Tallest make the decisions" he said towering over Kove

"And who is left to enforce it, huh? Your wanna-be commander Zim? The dead control brains!? Huh?" yelled Kove.

The two stared at each other before the bunker started shaking from increased bombardment and that's when the lights went out.

"The power….it's gone…were defenseless!" yelled an Irken

Red withdrew from Kove trying to fight the reality caving in on him.

"Have to do something…something…maybe….yes….that will work for now"

"Zim…I hereby appoint you Commander of the Almighty Tower Defense Area" said Red patting Zim before hovering away leaving everyone in the room stunned

Zim knew it was an empty role, by would not waste the chance to use his newfound authority.

"So the Tallest is on the verge of a breakdown and his recent actions…..make Zim the senior commander" said Kove reluctantly

"Well…..since the power is out, we move the tanks to defend the bunker" said Zim with a commanding voice yet it was shaken for even he knew the war would soon end.

"Zim I urge you we consider opening talks" plead Kove

"The Tallest forbade it! We will figure out a way" said Zim exiting the room.

"Time to take matters into my own hands" muttered Kove





The power plant was becoming a massacre for the defending Irkens. The Screwheads had new and improved tanks and were shattering the Irken ones. Not to mention they were nearly surrounded.

"Come on Zee, we have to move" yelled Skoodge carrying a wounded Zee as the trudged across the dry barren wasteland. The power plant above exploded from a direct hit knocking the duo down. The Irkens around them were slowly being gunned down. And a few of the blasts just happen to hit Zee in the back.

"Come on, I'll get you out of here" said Skoodge attempting to pick up Zee only to find he was exhausted and stop breathing.

"Zee…?" he asked almost on the brink of tears.

"She died for the empire"

Skoodge turned to see…a smeet?
"What are you doing here!?" yelled Skoodge not believing a smeet in poor uniform was fighting

"The ranks of the Irkens have fallen, we have been called in to replace them"

"But why?"

"I give a plege to the Tallest to fight till we win"

Skoodge suddenly became light-headed.

"We will defend this power plant until we win, or face honorary death" proclaimed the smeet as more approached from behind.