The mood in the bunker was filled with either despair, or fanaticism. Silence filled the air; the busy Irkens that populated the inside were either dead or desperately fighting on. The Vortians, Screawheads, and the Meekrob were clawing through towards the bunker despite encountering stiff resistance. Kove meanwhile was in a jail cell awaiting his execution. Zim meanwhile was preparing his last words. He was writing to someone that he knew would read this, not a loved one, not a friend, yet not an enemy, more of a rival.

Dear pathetic worm baby,

It seems the end is near for me. You may or may not know, but the Irken Empire stands on its last heels. It seems we've been beaten, I almost wish I was on your primitive planet. Despite how disgusting it was, I wouldn't be coming to the conclusion in killing myself. I cannot live in a world with the Irken Empire….without the Tallest. So before your head explodes trying to comprehend what I'm saying, I say it first, because I am Zim….ignore how little sense that made! Anyways I congratulate you for being a worthy adversary, I would how have loved nothing more than to rule the human race with an Iron Fist! So goodbye Dib-Stink. Also as a present, you can have Gir.

I hope you develop a brain tumor which will explode from your titanic head



"Heerade, take this Tak and have it sent to earth" ordered Zim

"Yes Sir" said the Irken exiting the room quickly

Zim slumped back into his chair, now tired and hearing the gunfire outside, it would be only a few more minutes before everything would fall. But he would not sit around and await for the end. No he instead he pulled out his gun.

"Long live the Tallest!" he yelled before shooting himself and his head collapsed onto the desk.

He was shot in the stomach, and laid on the ground as blood poured out. His luck for his size was all but gone now as the enemy enclosed around him.

"Is the end here?" he muttered as the blackness went around him.


"That's it?" said the computerized voice in disbelief

"What were you expecting? Some epic fight? Some epic argument between Kove and Zim resulting in a gunfight? You think we all just throw ourselves for the empire, hell no! We like to live."

"I see….so what happen afterward?"

"Well…" Skoodge scratched the back of his head clear tired and trying to remember.

"With Zim's suicide everything fell apart. Kove was murdered in his cell by fanatics. General Rustawe surrendered to the enemy. I mean… the time I was shot, they reached the bunker where we started to surrender"

"And the others?" asked the eager computerized voice

"Well Heerade hung himself…Tak…I don't know. I believe she slipped out and went into hiding. Tenn…she had the baby…..was never sure of the relationship between her and Zim. I think Zim was stressed and on the brink of a nervous breakdown that may have led to it." Chuckled Skoodge before coughing.

"So that's it?"

"Yea….not the way you expected?"

There was silence on the other in before a door opened revealing a taller and older Dib.

"I did expect some epic fight….but that's not how the real world works, is it?"

"Maybe you could make a story out this…only adding more"

"Yes I could" Dib leaned against the wall taking out an aged letter he had gotten years ago.

"Well…thanks Skoodge" said Dib walking towards him and shaking his hand. Skoodge hoped off waving at Dib before walking on.

He walked out of the room, the hallways isolated, and approached a Voot Cruiser. He opened the truck revealing too Paks.

"I think I'll smash your Pak my tallest….I still haven't forgot when you shot me out of a cannon. And Zim…you forgot you technically never did commit suicide….should of shot your Pak. I think I'll keep it around" he laughed before shutting the truck

A/N: Well that's it, I was thinking of doing some epic fight but decided not too and instead end it a different way.