I smiled prettily at the cheering crowds as I spun, my arms in the air above my head and my toes pointed at an angle any ballerina would be proud of. I dipped and jumped and danced as gracefully as the animal I was portraying deserved; a swan. My white corset was covered in silky feathers, and the short puffy skirt cascaded in a chaos of more soft fluffy feathers. White ribbons criss-crossed up my legs and arms, ending in pretty bows, and matching the white ribbon choker around my neck. My brown curls tumbled down my back, secured in place by a white headband sprouting two large white feathers. It matched the headdress of the horse I was balancing on as I continued my dance.

Andrea wasn't my favorite leading horse, but her smooth pure white coat was the perfect image to go with this dance. I refused to call her 'gray' rather than white, as she was far too elegant for that. When my dance came to an end, I jumped from Andrea's back and landed neatly and silently on my feet center stage as she ran through the exit doors to the animal's quarters.

The crowd applauded, but they didn't have long before the next act. Whilst 'Maximillion the Incredibly Fantastic Illusionist' or Maxy, as I called him – much to his annoyance – came onto the stage in all his flamboyance with Katerina (The trademark glamorous assistant) bouncing along behind him, I slipped backstage to change outfits. I could hear the crowd oooh-ing and ahhh-ing at the magic tricks appearing before their eyes as I slipped out of my white feathers and into my glittery pink and gold costume. After replacing the white feather headband with a pink and gold glittery flower hair accessory, and having my make-up quickly but expertly changed by Flo, I slipped back on stage.

Max and Katerina hadn't finished their act yet, so I went unnoticed as I silently climbed the ladder that led to the top of the tent. It wasn't until they took a bow and curtsey and a spotlight flashed onto me that the audience realised I was there. I smiled and fluttered my eyelashes just a little before stepping out onto the narrow tightrope. I didn't need a harness or a net, because I knew nothing bad would happen. That was probably what made me such an amazing performer – I had no fear. That was because I always knew if something was going to happen; if I would trip or fall or get hurt, and so I could avoid such circumstances from happening. It was a gift I suppose, that I had always had. Seeing the future.

Nothing was going to happen tonight, so the tightrope act went completely as planned and the audience watched in awe as the fearless girl before them jumped and spun and leapt along the rope that stretched way above their heads. The rest of the night went as usual; The clowns came out, the plate spinners and the 'monkey men' acrobats. Ronan was shot out of his cannon and joined me at the top of the tent and we swung on the trapeze, I did my act on the high hoop and on the ropes. And then the animals came out, and I performed with them along side Daisy and Lena.

I suppose I did a lot for in the show, I was the main attraction; the fearless Alicia Star. Of course, most of that was an act. My real name is Alice Cullen. My father is the owner and ringleader of Chiniselli Circus, so I suppose it was only natural for me to have a large part in it. It was my life – always had been. I guess the other part was my…ability, meant that I knew exactly what I should and shouldn't do, exactly what was too far and what was just far enough, and I guess that made me seem fearless and exciting. It made me feel fearless and exciting.

After we all appeared on stage at the end of the show – me sitting astride Andrea, in a black copy of my swan outfit, with her in a matching black headdress – I collapsed in front of my dressing table as my friends (The people I considered to be my family) chatted around me excitedly.

"Alice you were brilliant as usual!" Lena told me as she looked into my mirror to adjust the hair clip that was falling out of place. I smiled at her.

"Thanks Lena, so were you." I told her and Katerina nudged me out of the way so she could begin peeling off the layer of make-up Flo had applied for her.

"Middy's pining for you." Daisy told me as she appeared in the dressing room doorway. I shot up at the sound of my darling horse's nickname. I went round to where the animals were kept and beamed as I saw him standing there in all his glory.

Midnight was the first horse I ever performed with, when he and I were both just young and still learning. He was a sleek jet black, with a pure white diamond on his head and a cluster of tiny white diamonds on his hind. I had always thought they looked like stars against a midnight sky – hence the name. I stroked my fingers through his silky black mane gently as I remembered those times when I would perform on Middy every night. He was getting older now, and I couldn't do all the tricks with him that I used to, but he was still my favorite.

In my black swan outfit I was blending against Midnight's black coat quite nicely, but that didn't stop Max from interrupting my reminiscing. "Hey shortie."

I wasn't that short. At 16 years old I stood at just over 5ft 3inch, and it actually benefited my performing, but Max still found it as an excuse to tease me. "Hey Maxy."

He pulled a face at the name, but it didn't stop him walking over and grinning at Midnight. "Still got this old thing?"

"Shut up." I told him, covering Midnight's ears protectively.

No one disliked each other in our little mis-match family, because that led to fights and complications. Lena and Daisy were my best friends, Katerina was like a sister to me. Ronan was the loving big brother I'd never had, and the animals gave more love and friendship than I could ask for. The older performers were like my aunts, uncles, godparents, as well as my actual parents who lived here. But Max was just plain annoying. So, I didn't dislike him, I just didn't like him.

I said my goodbye's to Midnight and went back to the other performers with Max. Everyone looked glamorous and exotic, even though most of them had changed out of their costumes and into everyday clothes. Or what we call everyday clothes. I smiled at my friends – my family – and excused myself to go and get changed. When I got into my changing room I smiled at my reflection in the mirror surrounded by spotlights and fairylights. I lived a life most girls only dreamed about, and I loved every minute of it.

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