Hello everyone. 1st chapter of my new story, this will be a longer one and serious. In addition it's slightly AU and starts just after the Young Jedi arc of season 5. Hope you like it

A Gift Lost: Chapter 1- A connection severed

Jedi padawan Ahsoka Tano loves younglings. It is because of this that she has just got back after taking a group of younglings to Ilum on their Gathering trip; a mission that was harder than it should have been due to pirates, but at least all the kids now have their lightsabers.

It was with some concern therefore that she was met as soon as she set foot in the temple by her master Anakin Skywalker. "Are you alright Snips?" he enquired insistently.

"Of course I am." She replied "it was only Hondo and his crew."

"Yes…..and General Grevious. Don't think I don't know about that, my young padawan."

"Yeah, but I'm still here, and the younglings have their sabers." She smiled, knowing that her master couldn't really argue with that one.

"Only you could almost get killed babysitting younglings!" Anakin seemed to take glee in laughing at Ahsoka's expense.

"I must have learnt that trick from you Master." She returned triumphantly. Anakin didn't really know how to respond to that, she had beaten him again. She really did earn her nickname.

"You look spent." Anakin slotted this in as soon as he thought appropriate. Ahsoka was indeed tired; she hadn't slept in days, and in addition had had a class of younglings to look after. She certainly looked tired as well, ever since Anakin had first met her that day, he could sense that Ahsoka was concentrating hard to avoid yawning or dropping off.

"I'm fine Master." She replied, but it was a blatant lie and Anakin knew it. "I've got to inform the Council about the Separatists taking control of Florrum." She continued.

"That's not good." Anakin looked concerned. "They will use that as a launch point for attacks in the Outer Rim. Ok Ahsoka, make your report to the Council, but then I want you to sleep. Understand?"

"Yes Master." She didn't argue. In fact she wanted nothing more than sleep right now.


"Troubling this is." Stated Master Yoda, in reply to Ahsoka's report.

"They have the perfect launch point now." Returned Mace Windu. "Padawan Tano, did you get any indication what they were planning on Florrum?"

"They seemed to be melting the place down." Answered Ahsoka. "Apparently Count Dooku has taken revenge on Hondo and his pirates over his kidnapping a year ago."

"Hmmm stay as revenge it will not." Stated Master Yoda. Ahsoka sensed that he was slightly uneasy at her last answer.

"No doubt they will attack from there in the future." Obi-Wan added. "We may need to look into this matter at some point. However at the moment, well done Ahsoka, you saved the younglings and yourself."

"The younglings saved me as much as I saved them." Ahsoka wanted their contribution to be acknowledged by the Council.

"True this is, but congratulations to you in order still are."

"Thank you Master Yoda." Although Ahsoka didn't really need the praise, it was nice nonetheless.

"Get some rest Padawan Tano." Stated Master Windu in a voice that made it clear it was an order.

"Yes Masters." With this, Ahsoka bowed with respect and headed out of the door.


Ahsoka's sleep was usually full of dreams or visions. It was one of her many force powers, but not tonight. Her sleep was long and deep; it came as a nice change from the action and terror in recent days.

She had slept from early evening until morning when she finally woke up. As soon as she was awake, she could tell something was different; she couldn't place it. She looked around her room, all was as it should be, her twin sabers on the desk where she tended to keep them, her clean clothes where she had put them the night before, but something was different.

Then it hit her, she was sensing nothing. The Force had gone, abandoned her. She held her hand out and tried to command her lightsabers to her, but nothing happened. Ahsoka reeled in shock and pain. The Force had been her constant companion for as long as she could remember, but now it was gone. Tears flooded out of her eyes, she was in trouble and she needed help.

"MASTER!" she screamed. She knew that Anakin was sleeping in the room next door. "MASTER PLEASE, I NEED YOU NOW. MASTER!"


Anakin Skywalker was busy sleeping. For once, he was having a quiet night without nightmares. He had been asleep for several hours when his hearing registered.


Anakin woke instantly. He could sense the trouble and distress in his padawan's room next door. If Ahsoka was screaming like that, she must be in real trouble. She was, he could sense it. Not even bothering to dress himself properly, just enough to be decent, he flew round to Ahsoka's room.

He didn't bother to knock; he just blew the door down with a force blast. He ran in and seen Ahsoka bent double in fits of tears. She looked up at him. "It's gone Master. It's gone." She uttered before crying again.

"What's gone?" Asked Anakin. Just as he asked, he sensed something was different. He knew he wasn't going to like this.

"The Force, Master. It's gone, it's left me, I can't feel or use it anymore."

Anakin's eyes widened with shock. He placed his hand on Ahsoka, closed his eyes and concentrated hard. "The Force has left you." He gasped in shock. He could sense that what Ahsoka was telling him was true, but it was impossible, as far as he could remember, this has never happened in the history of the order. "Get dressed Ahsoka. I don't care what time it is, I'm going to wake the council."


All the masters of the council reeled in shock when Anakin told them what had happened to his padawan. Anakin could sense, the shock, uncertainty and even fear, yes fear from every Master in the room. They were all stunned and speechless. Even Master Yoda was visibly shaken.

Ahsoka stood there in total terror, she had never seen the council masters react like this; she didn't need the Force to know they were reeling. She knew her life as a Jedi was over, but she also believed her life was completely over.

"This is unheard of." Mace Windu finally managed to utter.

"Jedi and Sith have been stripped of their force powers before." Began Obi-Wan. "Nomi Sunrider severed Ulic Qel-Droma's connection for example, but only with the sever force form of the wall of light power. The force cutting itself off from a force user has never been reported before to my knowledge."

"Cruel of the Force this is." Said Master Yoda solemnly. "To treat one of its closest followers like this, cruel this is. Kneel down child." Ahsoka knelt down, and Master Yoda placed his hand on her head and opened himself to the force. "All around you the force is, but in you, it is not. Cruel."

Nobody had heard Master Yoda say the word cruel that many times before. It indicated how shaken he had been with this event. Anakin stepped forward "Masters, would it be worth taking another Midi-chlorian count from Ahsoka?"

"That's a surprisingly good idea from you Anakin." Replied Obi-Wan.

Anakin removed a needle from his utility belt. Every Jedi has one in case they come across a force-sensitive child. He pricked Ahsoka's arm and fed the blood sample into the tester. After some processing, the result made Anakin's eyes bulge out. "Masters, it's over 20,000. What was Ahsoka's count when she was brought in by Master Plo?"

"That's impossible, how can her count be that high, but still be severed from the force? I believe her count before was around 14,000." Master Plo, was astonished. He couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"My count has increased?" Ahsoka asked in shock. "That makes it worse."

"Padawan Tano." Began Master Windu. "However this happened, I'm sure you know you cannot continue as a Jedi, but we will not abandon you young one. We will set you up with an apartment here on Coruscant as well as a generous Credit line. I'm sure we will have a civilian place for you here at the temple as well. One final thing, for the first time in my life I'm ashamed of the Force"

"Research on this we will. Abandon you, we will not." Master Yoda's eyes dropped to the floor.

Ahsoka was in tears and for once, no one seemed to mind. In fact, although they were trying to hide it, many of the masters were as well. "This is not your fault Ahsoka." Obi-Wan stated. "And it's not your fault either Anakin."

"Just make sure to leave your lightsabers." Added Master Windu. Still crying, she handed her sabers over to Master Yoda and said her goodbyes to everyone.

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