Hi here's chapter 4. The questions are answered and Ahsoka finds out what has happened to her, but it leaves her with something to accomplish.

A Gift Lost: Chapter 4 – True Gifts Given.

Ahsoka was full of peace and happiness, the force was with her again; after she returned the coffee table to its original position, she sat on the sofa, still not quite believing how good a day this was. She decided to give herself a few minutes of quiet to process what had happened. In some ways, the force's return had been as sudden and shocking as its abandonment 24 years earlier. She couldn't quite work it out, although she could now sense from the force itself that it had been a deliberate plan, but who? What? And why? The force wouldn't tell her, but she could tell that she would be told, again, how? She didn't know.

As Ahsoka sat in wonderment, she glanced up into the mirror that has hung over the fireplace. Lux and Ahsoka's house was quite an old one and came complete with real fireplaces, not that they were of use now. Ahsoka was beyond shocked; she could see that she was giving off a definite white incandescent light that outlined her teenage looking body. "What in the name of the force?" she gasped. At the same time, she could tell her power had grown beyond any known Jedi. She knew she would struggle to control it, yet the peace she felt was incredible.

As she stood wide eyed at herself in the mirror, she noticed an eerie blue light, and noticed a blue figure standing behind her in the mirror. Not quite knowing what to expect, she turned around. It took her brain quite a few moments before she realised who it was. "The Father." She exclaimed.

"Ahsoka, my child. I am here to tell you exactly what has happened to you and why. I'm also here to tell you what it will mean for yourself and your galaxy. Before you can understand all this however, I must show you what happened when your master, Obi-Wan Kenobi and you were brought into my planet of Mortis."

"I remember what happened." Ahsoka begin. "My former master temporarily fell to the dark side and after you restored him to the light, he killed your son."

"Unfortunately, my child, you do not remember all the events that occurred there, but you must see them and accept them before you can fully understand what you have become. I'm afraid child what you will see will cause you some pain, but you must see it." With this, the Father placed two fingers on Ahsoka's forehead and instantly Ahsoka found herself hovering over the planet Mortis.

"Remember my child" the Father began "What you see here is the past, it cannot hurt you."

Ahsoka noticed a dark twisted version of herself standing waiting as her former master approached.

Ahsoka watched in horror as her twisted former self goaded and fought with first Anakin, then Anakin and Obi-Wan. "I fell to the dark side?" Ahsoka asked in tears.

"You didn't fall my child. My son infected you with the dark side. It was out of your control."

"Please. I don't want to see any more." Ahsoka pleaded.

"I'm afraid you must my child. As I said, this cannot hurt you."

Ahsoka watched as the Father, Son and the Daughter turned up, and watched in horror as her twisted former self intercepted the sword Obi-Wan threw to Anakin. She thought her heart was going to stop when the Son drained her past self's life energy and she fell down dead.

"I died." Exclaimed Ahsoka, now in real pain.

"Patience, just keep watching my child. You weren't exactly dead."

Ahsoka felt like killing herself in the present time as she watched then Son going to stab the Father only for the Daughter to get it instead. As the Son flew off in rage, Ahsoka watched her former master bend in pain over her former body.

It was with some relief she watched as the Daughter's life force was transferred to her restoring her to life and banishing the dark side out of her.

As Ahsoka's vision returned to her own home and the blue figure of the Father in front of her, she asked the question. "Why did you show me that?" She was struggling to hide the emotional distress she was in after seeing that.

"As I said my child, it is vital you knew that so you would understand what I'm going to tell you now. As you have just seen, my daughter's life energy was transferred to you to restore you to life and the light side. At the time I thought that was all it accomplished. It was only as I become one with the force, that I realised it gave you more, much more."

"It gave me more than life?" questioned Ahsoka. Finally getting some control of her emotions.

"Yes my child. In fact it gave you three things; my daughter's power, my daughter's longevity and my daughter's true purpose."

Ahsoka looked at the Father in awe. "What?" was all she could manage to say.

"When you were revived, my daughter's force potential transferred to you as well; coupled with your own natural force sensitivity, it has made you the most powerful force user in the galaxy, perhaps the most powerful, the galaxy has ever seen."

"Is that why I seem to be glowing?"

"Yes my child. You are the essence of the light side of the force. That is what the glow you are giving off is."

"I can't go around glowing like this." Stated Ahsoka."People will think I'm other worldly."

"In some respects my dear, you are. No matter, you can control the glow if you concentrate."

Ahsoka closed her eyes and concentrated hard. She commanded the glow to fade out. To her relief, she noticed in the mirror that it had. "Can I ask why my connection to the force severed all those years ago?" asked Ahsoka.

"It was never severed my dear, I just blocked it."

"You did this to me?" Ahsoka wasn't exactly happy after hearing that. "Why?"

"Because, my child, the dark time this galaxy has just gone through was unavoidable and I knew that any light side force user, especially one as powerful as you were, would be in extreme danger and would probably be killed. By blocking your connection to the force, I got you out of the Jedi Order and took you off the target list. I knew that your former master, even as Vader, would never hunt you down if you were no threat, therefore, as far as was possible, guaranteeing your survival."

"Why was it so vital that I survive? I was just one Jedi padawan."

"This brings us to the other two gifts you obtained from my daughter. The first of these is longevity. You may have noticed my child but you haven't really aged in these 24 years. This is because biologically, you are still 16."

Ahsoka's mouth dropped. "I've stopped aging? How long will I live?"

"It's impossible to say for certain my child, but tens maybe even hundreds of millennia. You must remember that even though you aren't aging you aren't invincible. You are still flesh and blood and just as vulnerable as any togruta."

Ahsoka was struggling to come to terms with this information. "I'm going to outlive Lux." She said sadly.

"Unfortunately you will child. In fact your love for your husband brings us to the last gift from my daughter. In many ways this is the hardest for me to explain, and hardest for you to understand." The Father was obviously trying to think of the best way to inform her.

"You mentioned something about a true purpose."

"Yes my child. You see as a Jedi, you were told to avoid attachments and love. Banning these has always been the Jedi order's greatest weakness; it is this weakness that the Sith have always played on. In reality, love is the true nature of the light side of the force, the Jedi never really understood this, so relationships like your husband and you were dangerous as they couldn't be handled. The truth however is that love between two people feeds the light. Romantic love brings happiness and peace, whilst physical love brings completeness and pure joy. Only love can truly defeat the Sith. It is this urge and purpose that is the third gift from my daughter."

"You're telling me that's why I require sex from my husband all the time." Ashoka asked slightly embarrassed.

"Yes my child. To explain, my Daughter had an additional purpose whilst your master, Obi-Wan and you were on Mortis. As you know, the hope was that Anakin would take my place to maintain balance after which Obi-Wan and yourself would return to be Jedi."

"Yes." Uttered Ahsoka, very interested.

"The plan was that after Anakin took my place; my Daughter would approach both Obi-Wan and yourself individually and make love to both of you."

"Make love to me? But I'm another girl." Ahsoka didn't bother to hide to slight panic or disgust at that statement.

"That wouldn't have mattered my dear, she would have still done it.."

'I kind of think it would have mattered.' Ahsoka thought to herself.

"To continue, the plan was once Obi-Wan and yourself got back to the temple, the effect it would have had on the pair of you would have forced the Jedi to see the truth about love and alter their code to embrace it rather than ban it. Unfortunately, as you have now seen, my daughter was killed before she could do it."

Ahsoka suddenly had a terrible thought. "Does that mean my love for Lux is just a remnant of your daughter's purpose?"

"No, you misunderstand my child. The love you have for your husband is your feeling and yours alone. All my daughter's gift did was make you act on it."

Ahsoka smiled. She began to see how blessed she was. "Why am I so important though?"

"Before I answer that, there is one final thing you must know; as my daughter's successor, her power and purpose have made you immune to the dark side. It cannot affect you or control you."

"I cannot fall to the dark side?"

"No my child, but those around you still can, including your daughters. Be careful. To answer your question, your importance is immense. You have no doubt heard of Luke Skywalker?"

"Yes, the holonet report said he defeated the emperor. His name stuck out for me though."

"What happened on the Death Star was in reality more complicated than that. You don't need to know all the details so there is no need to show you, but you do need to know that it was actually Vader that killed the emperor not Luke."

"What?" asked Ahsoka.

"Luke used the love his father had for him to bring him back to the light. He became Anakin Skywalker once again and threw the emperor down a ventilation shaft, killing him. Unfortunately Anakin's suit and lungs were so damaged, he died soon after, but he died a Jedi again."

"I knew you would come through Skyguy". Ahsoka whispered. She had always hoped that Vader would one day redeem.

"The important thing here." The Father started. "is that Luke used love to defeat the Sith; he has learnt a valuable lesson and must not be allowed to forget it. This is why you are so important. It is Luke's destiny to set up a new Jedi Order; it is your destiny to make sure they embrace love. After Luke, you will be the Order's grandmaster and will be for countless millennia. With that will come the greatest age of peace the galaxy has ever seen."

"How am I even going to meet him?" Ahsoka asked still in total awe.

"Your husband will see to that. He is a senator and will be called to meet Luke and his sister."

Through the force Ahsoka instantly knew who Luke's sister was. "Is that Princess Leia?"

"Yes. Master Yoda separated them at birth to avoid detection. My time here is short my child, I regret I won't be able to help you master and control my daughter's power, now your power. You must practice my child. Eons of peace depend on it. I have also left you something you will need. Goodbye my child. One final thing, don't be surprised if Anakin Skywalker visits you. He has been taught how to be a force spirit." With is the Father faded leaving Ahsoka alone in the house again.

Ahsoka's emotions were a mixture of shock, awe, peace and pure joy. The force had picked her for what is possibly one of the most incredible destinies she had ever heard. There was one problem. How to do it? As Ahsoka sat there taking it in, she noticed two objects that had appeared on the coffee table. She held out her hand and called them to her. "My lightsabers." She exclaimed. "I'm truly a Jedi again."

She looked up as she heard the door open. Lux walked in. "Sorry I'm bit late back darling. I got stopped by an official from the Alliance telling me that Princess Leia wants to meet us." He instantly noticed the smile on his wife's face. "What's happened?" he then caught sight of the lightsabers in Ahsoka's hands.

"It's back Lux." Ahsoka beemed.

"What is?"

"Let me put it this way" she held out a hand. Lux found himself lifting into the air and then flying into his wife's arms. "I think I need a connection Lux. You just wait and see the difference the force makes."

Lux had an 'Oh no, not again' look on his face as his wife led him away.

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