Allen Walker was a 15 year old boy and, he was all alone. His parents had abandoned him at birth and here he stood watching helplessly as his adoptive father, Mana, died. He crawled from the cupboard where Mana had hide him slowly approaching his father's much to still body.

"Mana," he pleaded, "please get up!" his clothes and hands were slowly stained with blood as he gripped his father's coat tightly. The sirens wailed loudly as the police arrived. 'To late to do anything.' Allen couldn't help but add bitterly in his thoughts. They broke through the door and ran to the room where the dead man lay. Seeing the boy scream at the corpse and the blood that covered them both they assumed the worst.

Taking the small teen in handcuffs to the squad car they saw the M.E. arrive. Allen let his head fall as they sped off taking the white-haired boy away from what fragments remained of his life.