A week after Allen's great escape the police closed the mental facility for bad practices. Now Allen lay half awake, laying in Kanda's hold as the sun began to rise. When Kanda woke all he could see was Allen's bright smile.

"Hello Aren your up early."Kanda commented

"Who said I slept, BaKanda."retorted Allen with a yawn. They stayed like that for hours before someone was slamming on the door.

"I am going to kill whoever is at the door."Kanda growled grabbing Mugen as he headed out.

"Do hurt them to bad!"Allen yelled struggling to untangle from the blankets and follow.

"What do you want stupid rabbit!"Kanda yelled at Lavi.

Allen yawned,"It's Lavi just shut the door." Kanda complied happily carring the slighter teen back to there room.