A/N: This is a filler intermission so that the story doesn't get taken down. The real purpose is to notify you that the next chapter's outcome will depend on your votes. I fixed the poll on my main page, so be sure to vote Paragon or Renegade, and that will influence the Alliance's actions towards the Council.

Intermission One

In the depths of Council Space, a midnight-black shape drifted through the rings of a gas giant. The planet cast its dark shadow over the shape. The only light was from the blue running lights all along its hull, and the occasional arcing of red lightning. It observed and waited until it was time to summon its brethren to harvest the inhabitants of this galaxy.

It waited patiently, unaware that its plans were about to be hopelessly overturned by an extragalactic invasion.

The Reapers accounted for many possibilities, but in their programmed arrogance, they never stopped to think that maybe they weren't the biggest fish in the sea.