Lovers and Fighters

By EternalFire87

Chapter 1

Such a troubled smile uncurls across Atemu's face as he leans across the rusted rail high up in the air on the balcony on the 22nd floor of his apartment building. The smoke from his cigarette curls up from between his tan fingers and he sighs. He's drunk but he's still unhappy. Past Atemu is Yugi. Yugi doesn't smoke tobacco but he likes marijuana, so he stares out into the dark night beside his big brother with a joint in his hand and a calm look in his bloodshot eyes. The night drags on like a prisoner with his balls and chain and all is silent mostly.

Yugi watches the people below and is overwhelmed by the rotating thoroughfare to a civil sod. Civility? Unneeded. In this day and age no one even cares to prefix their thought and words with formalities as this is the age of indifference and there's nothing anyone can do about it. The success names the culture. The dictator settles the thirst for material comforts and chemicals for the unhappy.

Atemu cries into his hands. On top of tears speculates a problem. Should Atemu dislike the refrain? The refrain of a problem in his mind his addiction to alcohol and waking up beside partners of both genders but never finding love and never knowing their names. He can wear the clothes the eyeliner get the piercings but he's tortured inside. He looks beautiful to mask who he really is. Who is he really? He knows but never tells. And that's the beauty of it.

Inside there's a loud noise and it's their phone ringing. They can hear it through the screen door open that summer night but neither of them answer it. Soon the light is flashing and someone has left a message because the light keeps flashing again and again.

Suddenly the door slides open and Bakura Yami (who is Atemu's sometimes lover) is there.

"Hey babe" He says "Why are you crying?"

"I can't say" Atemu answers and he's still crying the hot tears forming salty like rivers down his smooth tan face.

"Why not?" Bakura questions confusedly and there's a long silence.

"Why didn't you get the phone?" Yugi asks annoyed. He is not yet high enough not to care.

Bakura laughs snidely. "Hey my koi your little bro is still a brat even when high, huh?

"Sure." Yugi scoffs and takes another drag.

"I'm going to bed." Atemu says softly and there's a resigned look to him that Bakura hates but doesn't know what to do about.

The screen door opens and slams quickly. The tri-colored man steps through it. Atemu's light steps echo through the small apartment to them outside.

"So now it's just you and me" Bakura Yami smirks slowly at Yugi.

Yugi smirks back. "And what are you going to do about it," He laughs all quiet.

All of a sudden Bakura Yami is pressed up hard against Yugi's body and they're making out furiously all blood and teeth.

"Wait!" Yugi stops in the middle of it suddenly. "This is not right what if my brother wakes up?"

"Pfft, you're twins so you're practically the same person," Bakura counters. "Only difference is that Atemu is a few minutes older than you."

Bakura Yami is good at explaining things like this and Yugi becomes convinced. They continue to make out and it gets really heated now.

"Ever had sex on a balcony?" Bakura Yami says huskily, his dark eyes filled with lust and love.


"Then do you wanna find out what it feels like koi?"

Yugi smiles tiredly but he's turned on and happy that his brother's lover finds him attractive enough to sleep on. "Why the hell not. I want you."

Bakura Yami reaches beside Yugi. "Lucky for you I always carry a small bottle of lube in my pockets." He declares.

Bakura Yami abides within Yugi. They are breathing together and moving together rapidly in the dark in the hazy summer air of the Tokyo night.

It is a night of pure pleasure for both of them.

Poor Atemu does not know for he is fast asleep and dreaming of other possible lifetimes where love is a constant and his life is content.

Across the city lives Bakura Yami's younger brother, Ryou. They are almost exactly like Atemu and Yugi and every way but they are not twins they are genuinely a few years apart.

Ryou is an artist. He makes lovely sculptures and sells them across town to all the rich art lovers. He works mostly in ceramic but also uses clay, glass and wood. Right now he is working on a gorgeous sculpture of a woman that is stylized and standing with her arms raised leaning to the right side. It is about 25 inches tall and ceramic and he is painting it now. On the radio Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata floats in the air inspiring him in his craft.

He makes her hair a pretty light golden brown, humming along in a sweet voice to practice his singing for he also sings at small cafes and bars for some extra cash sometimes.

Ryou's thoughts start to wander. He just called Atemu and Yugi about half an hour ago because he was worried about Atemu. His friend is obviously depressed and he wanted to reach out to him.

No one answered the phone, so he left a message: "Hey it's Ryou. I just wanted to know how you guys are doing. Could you get back to me whenever you can? Thanks. Hope to hear from you soon, bye."

Ryou felt very shy leaving the message and thought that his message he left was awkward but he really truly wanted to try to help his friend. Hopefully he could talk to Atemu soon and help him through his problems.

But Ryou has problems of his own as well. He has a crush on his Egyptian neighbor whose name is Malik Ishtar but is too shy to tell him. Plus Ryou he thinks that he is not very handsome. He is skinny and never gains weight no matter how much he eats and has trouble sleeping so he is always pale and tried looking. He has been complimented on his looks before, but thought that those people were just being nice. Atemu has a better chance with pretty people, he thinks jealously. Atemu always looks perfect, even though he is depressed. I wonder what it's like to be so hot, Ryou laments to himself.

Suddenly Ryou feels disgusted with himself. He has no right to judge his friend on his appearance. Someone pretty still might not be happy. I'm just taking out all my frustrations on other people, Ryou reflects glumly. I'm terrible. No wonder I haven't gotten a date in over three years.

Now Ryou begins to think about his crush for about the 1000th time. Malik Ishtar is a guitarist and singer for the local hard rock band, Outsider. Outsider is loved by critics worldwide, and been called "Japan's Avenged Sevenfold." And I'm just some nobody that makes pretty sculptures, Ryou thinks. I've been in a few gallery exhibitions before, but I'm only 21 years old and really new to this whole art scene. I can't seem to wrap my head around self promotion, let alone do it. And Malik is so friendly and outgoing and everyone wants to date him. He's got groupies around him 24/7. I'm a nobody.

Damn, Ryou ponders. Atemu is not the only depressed one around here. But I won't do drugs and alcohol like Atemu. I'll just lose myself in my art.

It's very late, but Ryou has a deadline to meet. He stays up all night to finish his sculpture.

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