He was jealous, really was in the prime of jealousy, that girl was flirting Kraho home freely with her lover. Rook Ester looked like the girl was knowing glances with Ben and the top it was following the game, after fill lemonade Rook insisted the girl long before Ben came to see more about the underworld where she lived. This upset because Ben Rook had not put any resistance and was not saying anything, clear calling him to follow him, to get to the bottom of the earth and she began her plan began to take his arm, much giggling charming, and bear hugs, too much for him.
-Ben must return to base-Dry said, grabbing the attention of Ben.
-Ya? But we see the statue built in my honor ... we can not wait just a little?
-Ben as they do not catch your dear "friend", we should at least arrive early to bring us.
-Amiga? Because you say so? It's a true friend! Or do I mean ...
Ben looked at him wanting to put up with a great laugh, just look at the alien Ben frowning soft, grabbed his arm and lightning speed took him to the car, with Ben constant complaints about their rapid action, undertook up and took him to the apartment where Ben had lived a while, as the boy had ovnitrix with one arm, the other I use to get the key and open the door. In the room, Ben Rook shot gently on the bed and shot over him.
'But what the hell is wrong with you? What did you do that?
-For the sole reason of wanting to recover a young criminal what I want to remove, may have stolen a powerful artifact but failed to take away from me Ben.
-Do not tell me what I think is really real ... these ...
-Jealous? That you tell me?-Rook's jealousy is passed from the hands.
'Well, if Ben, I resent the fact that this girl will scorch, arm grabs you even look you bother me, you're all mine, and I'm only yours, no objections Ben, and I want you now, and not I hear a no, after all you owe me.
Rook kiss voraciously like a wild animal Ben's mouth and this did not stay behind and fell to his love equally. In the room, only groans were heard strong and sweet at the same time, two lovers regardless of race or sexuality, they love regardless of the views of this side, but still not decided wait time and what seemed seconds became hours, causing worry and Max.
-Where are those two? You should have arrived.
Plumber took his badge and call the responsible thing would give the truth and only the truth of his whereabouts.
In Ben's room sounded annoying sound of the unit, Rook as the closest to the place where it was decided to address this thing without knowing it would.
-Rook where? Are you all right? I've been waiting a long time.
His eyes filled with surprise and memories accumulated in his mind.
-Sorry judge, soon we are going to bring us.
Guys, I hope.
When you hang up, grabbed his proto-tech and handed her clothes to Ben that are too lazy beast and sometimes closed his eyes wearily. In a trice they were at the base where the magistrate Max looked reproachfully.
-The order listed, let me guess, you did Ben now? ...
This would take full responsibility when ...
'No sir, this time it was my fault, I apologize sir.
Well, considering it's your first offense, let it go, but that does not happen again understand me?
-Yes sir!
-Okay dismissed.
Grandpa Max retreated and left alone again both plumbers.
-Because I defended? The delay was my fault.
-Is true if you were not flirting with women jealous because I had not and would not have taken.
Both young and diverted their eyes reddened. At least Ben sap to do when he was bored and wanted to share ...