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Present day, at an unknown location in Saudi Arabia... (Age three)

Nightwing looked helplessly at the screaming toddler, which Nightwing just happened to be holding. "Umm... Shh, Dami, it's okay," The man tried in a feeble attempted to clam to raging toddler.

"NO! Want home! NOW!" The raging toddler screamed, loudly too. Nightwing sighed to himself, after all, he never thought tonight would turn out like this. At the very best he would have found his dead brother; alive and well. If the raid hadn't gone well, Dick Grayson and Nightwing both would have died. Dick could honestly say he never would have guessed that he'd find Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul's love child. That was also illegitimate.

"Wait, if you a love child, does that imply you're illegitimate? Or do they mean the same thing? I'm confused. And does Bruce know about you? I would guess not, but then again..." Dick realized that his babbling had shut up the toddler, and for the first time Dick got a real good look at him. "Wow, you have Talia's eyes. Shape, color and everything. Those brown doe eyes don't looks all that bad on you either. I bet you'll have Bruce's jaw shape though. That jaw shape's been passed down for centuries. Actually, everything about their looks has been passed down for centuries. Trust me, I've seen the portraits. They all look the same. Creepy, right?"

The toddler stared at him intently and replied in a demanding voice, "Put me down. Now." Dick waited one minute, then two, and then three before letting out a huge laugh.

"Yeah, there's no way I can leave you with Bruce! You two would kill each other! Come on Dami, I'm taking you home." Dick told Damian. "So I guess you'll have to stay with me, right?"

"... PUT ME DOWN!"

Six months ago, at the top an unknown skyscraper in Blüdhaven... (Age two and a half)

"Now," Nightwing said to the ninja he was dangling off the roof. "Maybe you'd like to tell me what you said about the Bat's son."

"He is nothing but a rumor. A shadow, if you don't mind the irony. A whisper there, a murmur there-" Nightwing slowly loosened his fingers on the ninja's shirt. "Alright, I will tell you what I know! It is said that he was brought to a safe house by Lady Talia, and then abandoned to the teachers to learn our way of life. All the other information I've heard contradicts each other." The man finished his statement quickly.

Nightwing appeared shocked, and then smirked, "If this is true, the son he's referring to could be Jason. It makes sense, Ra's resurrected Jason, and Talia hid him away. Perfect." Nightwing thought to himself however, he asked something else, "How long have this rumors been spreading?"

"For about a year and six months, maybe a little longer but not by much." Nightwing could tell the man answered truthfully. 'That's one thing I can thank Bruce for. Yeah, because every kid wants to learn how to interrogate terrorists. Thanks a lot, Bruce.' Nightwing ended sarcastically.

"Thank you for your help. I'll be back and if you told me any lies, and it won't be pretty." Nightwing tossed the ninja off to the side.

The ninja stood up and said one last thing, "There is one more thing that must be said. It is spoken that the child is hidden in m'lady Talia's private estate in Saudi Arabia." The ninja bowed and continued, "Best luck to you, young one, and may the force be with you." Then he disappeared into the night, never to be seen again.

Present day, somewhere in a hotel located in the Middle East... (Age three)

Dick paused and sank in the chair. "Why me? Why was I the lucky idiot to go chase some rumor? Why did I have to find the kid? Why can't the universe just play nicely with me? Why does it take kidsforeverto fall asleep? What I am suppose to do now?" Dick asked some rhetorical questions, instead of doing wiser things, such as sleeping, seeing what baby stuff he needed to get, or packing his bags for the plane tomorrow.

Within a few minutes of whining hopelessly, he decided to do something productive. Dick stood up and started tossing things into his suitcase, "Might as well pack now, and sleep on the plane. Old shirt? Check. Even older socks? Check. Wow, I have a pair of clean underwear! This is good to know. Let's see... OH MAN! The kid's gonna need clothes! Where am I suppose to get it?!" In hindsight, yelling at the top of his lungs next to a three year old that just fell asleep was a terrible idea. For in mere seconds, the said three year old started to wake up.

"Huh?" Damian's confused face made the nineteen year old laugh at out. "What's goin' on? Who're you?" Those two questions changed Dick Grayson's universe. To him, everything realigned at that moment as the next words gracefully tumbled out of his mouth.

"I'm your Daddy, Damian. And I promise everything's going to be alright."

Bludhaven, Dick Grayson's apartment... (Age three and a half)

"Daddy! Wake up! Today park day! Daddy!" Dick groaned and rolled over on his bed. 'Well I did tell Dami I'd take him to the park today... How do I mange having a job, raising a child and being a hero?' Dick wondered as he started getting up and out of bed.

"Daddy! Come on Daddy, let me get you coffee Daddy!" Damian grabbed his father's hand, and pulled him toward the kitchen. Dick tossed back his head and laughed at his son's antics.

"That's right, Dami. Daddy lives off of coffee and a miracle called daycare!" Dick grabbed his son and hefted him upwards.

"Daddy! Breakfast time? And we need clothes!" The toddler ratted off excitedly as Dick placed him in a chair.

"Yes, Dami. Now do we want Lucky Charms or..." Dick paused as he finished putting the instant coffee in the coffee maker. "Or you rather have the leftover tapioca from last night?"

"Lucky Charms! MARSHMELLOWS!" Damian stood up in his chair and cheered. 'Yup. Why would anyone take pudding when you can have marshmallows?' Dick smirked and grabbed the box. To the father and son, their life was perfect. Even if no one else saw it like that. They had everything they needed, and they never needed any sort of help. To Dick Grayson, this was very important. He couldn't risk losing everything just because he needed to ask Bruce for help. The longer Dick kept Bruce out of the loop, the better off Bruce would be at finding out the truth about Damian. Damian thought nothing of the fact they didn't seem to have any other family to lean on. But like everything else that seems perfect, it will fall apart...

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