Kurt was really excited when he walked into the choir room and every one could see it. Rachel wondered why because his boy friend Blaine was not coming back for more then a month.

"Guess what I got!" Kurt almost sang as he pulled tickets out of his pocket "tickets to see the new Starkid show 'A Very Potter Sequel!"

"Wow Kurt! How did you score those?" Tina asked jumping up to see the tickets.

"Just wait, that's not the best part." Kurt said as he pulled out of his bag back-stage passes for all of them. He passed one out to each New Direction member. "They are

for this Friday so you don't have to wait to long." Kurt smiled as he saw his friends freaking out about this.

"Does Blaine know?" Asked Kurt's stepbrother Finn "You of all people should know how mad Blaine would be if he knew you were going to one of their shows with him."

"He knows, but he is on vacation with his brother." Said Kurt. It really mad him sad to talk about Blaine after not seeing him for a few weeks.


All the glee club members gathered together in the lobby of the theater. Kurt passed out the tickets and the back-stage passes for after the show.

"Every one else as excited as I am?" Asked a very excited Rachel.

"I still can't believe that we are going to see them live!" Said Mercedes.

"Ok let's go in and find our seats" Kurt said as he started to move towards the theater.

(After the show)

After laughing through an awesome show they were all excited to go back and meet the cast but they all had one question on their minds.

"Any one else think that the guy who played Harry looked a lot like Blaine with his hair ungelled?" Asked a very confused Kurt. He was sure his boyfriend was with his brother some were one vacation.

"Ya I saw that too." Said Finn looking at the rest of the group for backup.

"Well, we will find out very soon." Santana said waving her back stage passes.

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