Chapter 3

Amy opened her eyes to see her mother. Inwardly, she gasped at her beautiful mum, who she had taken after. Reyna Wits Gryffindor nee Stoll's wavy brown hair tickled the one-year-old baby's face.

"Mum," Amy sighed contentedly.

***Three year***

"Reyna!" shouted Sadiron Stoll. "Take Amy away. Now!"

"I can fight," the four-year-old calmly stated. "It is a long story. But I will fight."


"No. I will fight."

"A four-year-old?!" laughed Voldemort, sweeping in. "What can a child do?"

"This," Amy snapped, whipping around and slashing her hand at him, leaving a finger pointed at him. He paled as pain enveloped him. "Reducto! Stupefy! Impedimenta! Protego!" she yelled, ducking a Crucio and blocking a Stupefy. "Dad," she warned. Her father ducked a green bolt of light. "Don't you dare hurt my family!" she screamed. "You will never win."

"Really, child? I wonder where you learned such spells?" questioned a laughing Voldemort.

"Oh, I know all your secrets, Riddle," she laughed. "No one can stop me!" :Can they?: she hissed in laughter. *I am actually your relation. Did you know that you are only a distant descendant of Salazar? Oh, yes, he told me. You descended from Stilt Slytherin, a seventh cousin thrice removed* she sneered. "Now, come. Nagini," she invited, holding her arm out. The snake slithered forward. *Perfect. Your old master…hmm…* Nagini lunged at Voldemort. He screamed as he began to die from the venom. *That solves the problem. Thank you*


"Oh, I know all about your Horcruxes, Tom Marvolo Riddle. I destroyed them myself," Amy laughed.

***Three hours***

"So you drained your magic core?!" screeched her mother.

"Mum. You died when I was two months old. You were dead," she reminded sadly.

"Yes, yes…Harry Potter, you say?" asked her father.

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