Author's Note: I don't think I've ever posted anything this short before; under 500 words? Wow; it is possible! :รพ

First Kiss

"I'm telling you, I saw him do it!"

"You're just imagining things, Petro. Jedi don't kiss."

"Sure they do; they have all sorts of kisses." The brash boy paused. "How did we get on this topic anyway?"

"You said you saw Master Fisto kiss Master Secura," she reminded him pointedly. "I, for one, don't believe you. Kissing is a form of attachment and Jedi aren't allowed to be attached. Especially Masters."

"How do you explained Master Mundi?"

"He's not attached, he has wives and children; that's different."

"How is that different?"

With a suffering sigh, Katooni turned to face the other Padawan. "He doesn't exactly have anything to do with them."

"Except when he goes home to have more kids," Petro pointed out smugly. "See; attached."

"How does that have to do with Master Fisto kissing Master Secura?"

"Um... they could have babies."

Katooni burst out laughing. "And you wonder why you're failing biology?"


"If the lightsaber fits..."

"Kissing isn't a crime, Katooni."

"How would you know?" His face darkened and she tilted hers away, feeling smug. "See, you don't. You've never kissed anyone."

Petro moved before she could react, practically pouncing on her, his pursed, slippery lips sliding against her cheek. She let out a shriek, pushing him away, but he was already leaping back.

"Eww! I'm never going to be clean again, Petro!"

"Nothing to it!" He looked smug, superior even, with his cocky grin and crossed arms, and Katooni let out an inarticulate cry.

"You're going to pay for that!"

"Have to catch me first, Kat!"

Sticking his tongue out, he darted away, leaving her in hot pursuit. "If I ever get my hands on you...!"

His laughter carried back to her as he disappeared into the room of a thousand fountains. Coming to a stop, Katooni stared at the room, glowering, and then deliberately turned her back on it and stalking away. Unbidden her fingers rose to touch her cheek where Petro had kissed her and then, determinedly, she scrubbed at the place; she was not giving his inane argument credence.

She was a Jedi and Jedi did not waste their time on trivial nonsense such as kissing!

What she missed, as she turned to go, was seeing Petro stick his head out, grinning, with a wink and an impish grin as he made a kissing motion to the air, as if to taunt... or promise.