AN/so I wrote like a paragraph of this and a crappy story line back when I was 16 im now 18 and not so overly depressed so I changed some things and went over the plot changing more things I dident think would fit. I'm sorry but hears yet another story started and no I haven't forgotten any of my others I'm just having a bit of major writers block.

k… so this story will contain yaoi(MALEXMALE) cutting depression overall weirdness oh and Triads. Dumbledore some Weasley bashing and yeah Harry will side with Voldemort...yeah I don't know what else to write

This is a creature fic I know what most people are going to be so but don't make suggestions on what creature harry, Lucius, Draco, Fred, gorge and Luna should be.

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Light you're Fire to my Rain

Im a freak, a whore, and a disgusting waste of freakish space, I should just Fucking die. These are a few of the things I've been told all my pathetically short life, nobody cares I mean hell it doesn't freaking matter anymore. I sighed heavily thinking these fucked up thoughts of mine as I fingered the razor flipping the blade over watching it glint in the dim light. I caressed it softly with my finger tips.

It was all just so fucking hopeless my "Uncle" found the need to beat me till I was bloody and broken just to show how much of a freak I was everyday I live under the roof of his house. Then he did something I'd have never expect even him to do on my 14th birthday. He'd showed me a note from Dumbledore stating that he no longer cared how "Uncle Vernon" treated me he could use me as he saw fit. And so he proceeded to rape me over and over.

Finally 3 hours in I blacked out around the time the clock hit midnight. That was when I stopped caring enough and vowed I would become as closed off as possible I couldn't let my self become close to others.

Two days later while cleaning I found a package of Vernon's disposable razors and stole one while cleaning. Later that day I was rather unceremoniously shoved in my room the door slamming behind me. I couldn't take it I couldn't stay hear any more it was killing me I wasn't thinking straight and I knew that. I took the razor and broke it of the handle and then snapped it in half looking and the sharp edge.

I pressed it to my arm was I really goanna do this? No I knew I wasn't I was a coward I slit it across my arm over and over never too deep to cause damage.

I stopped looking at my arm I counted each one…sixty-seven id cut myself sixty-seven times. I started laughing as I watched the blood drip down my arms. Wonderful. I felt wonderful like I was floating on a cloud but it didn't last long my cloud parted and I fell back to the earth back to myself. I cleaned myself up and went to bed.