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Light your Fire to my rain

chap 6 Ron's a dick...

"Ron...RON get up!" I yelled throwing a pillow at his lazy arse." Some shuffling came from under the cover along with a muffled " I don't want to... i'm comfy."

"Well it doesn't matter now does it! Foods on the table get down there! Your laziness is grating on my nerves. You still have yet to pack and we have to leave in like..." I checked my wrist watch "Less then an hour and your mother is having a right conniption, because you have yet to do anything!"

A muffled inaudible mumble came before I huffed leaving the room for the bathroom and finding a bucket. I took it over to the bathtub switching the water to it's coldest thinking that there was no way that prat was going to make me late while I filled it to the top. If he wants to be an arse well he can freeze his, and with that I took the bucket went to his room and proceeded to dump it's entire content's on him as Ron flung himself up cursing and screaming that I was gunna "bloody die". so it was only natural that I turned and ran with him hot on my heels trailing after me.

"Molly He's up I yelled entering the kichen only to crash to the floor as ron dearest pushed me and slamed my face into the table. What a great start to the day I thought.

"Harry? Oh my god Harry, your bleeding!" Hermione exlamed grabbing a napkin to blot the blood from the cut going from his cheek to jaw under his left eye. Ronald Weasly how dare you!" She growled out eyes narrowing in anger.

Ron stomped his foot with a huff glancing at me with disgust before looking to his mother and proceding to complain how he was sopping wet and it looked like George just finished the last of the bacon. I saw her shoot me a glare from the corner of her eye before looking back to her youngest son and pretending to tell him off.

Ron screamed in outrage before stomping up the stairs. Personaly I thought that was fairly stupid considering how much the stairs seemed to creek and groan in protest of their harsh treatment. "I swear if he acts like that I swear he'd fall through those steps one day." Hermione snorted at that before dabbing at my face. "Mrs weasly would you mind...? " Hermione started to say before Mrs weasly spat out "WHAT!"

"..." Hermione cast me a quick disbelieving glance " I was going to ask if you could heal Harry's cut. It seams fairly serious I mean hes bleeding rather much dont you think? if it isent healed soon it could scar."

"Wait... what?" I said "is it really that deep? Hermione nodded " Healing spells would need to be used soon, I'd do it myself but we aren't at Hogwarts yet so it's not like i can do it myself. I'd be reprimanded."

Mrs. Weasley shot them both a glare "Well im not going to heal it, its your own fault you threw water at my Ron. " she yelled pointing at me with a sharp look. "But that's no excuse!" yelled Hermione angrily " What the hell is your problem?" I yell angrily. "im bleeding, it could scar, that's negligence."


I flinched back how could she actualy say my face I mean I knew she hated me but she was on pay roll to pretend to like me why the fuck would she potentially ruin that fake trust.

"Burn in hell!" I spat narrowing my eye's in rage "How dare you? im injured thanks to that damn brat of your's the least you could do is heal my damn face." My eyes widen as I see the bitch direct her wand at my face murmer something and stomp after her son. I felt my face, there was a rather large bandage that extended from below my left eye to my jaw. " Well at least she bandaged it mate." Fred said laying a hand briefly on my shoulder.

"I swear to god im going to kill that bitch one day I say, as I sit down and lay my head on the table." Harry that's going to really stand out" Hermione said. I chuckled "So? whats another scar."

Thankfully we only had to sit there for half an hour and I can tell you I was counting the seconds. Finaly Molly came back and gruffly told us it was time to go so I went up and grabbed my stuff. On the way down the stairs I couldn't believe it Ron pushed past me causing me to fall, unfortunately over the banister I herd Hermione yell as I twisted mid air seeing Rons smirking face before it disappeared from view and I then proceeded to land in a sorta crouch and tumble where I stood and shook my hair so it layed back in its usual messy... well mess.

The twins reached me first " Harry! Bloody hell-"

"-are you OK?" they asked i noded my head yeah im fine just fine."

they gave me a look "well how did you land like that?" Fred asked. "not here...the walls have ears" i said. they flashed each other a look "On the train?" they asked "yeah i sappose if we can ditch the other two I guess I have some explaining to do to you Three.

Now i just gotta go back and get my stuff. so i trekked back up the stairs avoiding Ron, I grabbed my luggage and we left out the door.

The ride the was boring and nothing of importance happened cuse i dident feel comfortable talking in front of certain people. but the twins and Hermione cept shooting me side glances. I knew what they wanted to know, I'd failed to tell them about all of my creature inheritance abilities as well as what exactly i am.