A Repeat Of The Past

Summary: "I need to know that the Aya I knew is still in there somewhere, please-" his voice began, but the sudden sharp object pressed itself further on to his neck. "That Aya you knew is gone," she says in a bitter tone with a slight sly grin on her face before leaving him out into the cold and dark atmosphere.

Where Are You Aya?

The hard patter of the rain muffled the noises of quiet murmurs from people that glanced into the distance. A young man with a dark hood on that seem to hide his handsome appearance, tried to escape from the awkward stares from the townspeople. Never missing a step, he arrived at a motel to take shelter in and stay for the night. The area was isolated from customers with the exception of the person behind the counter, much to his relief. He immediately took off his hoodie and walked towards the counter asking for a room to stay in.

"Can I get a room for the night?" he asked politely with a hint of exhaustion in his voice.

The man looked at him curiously and mostly at his right covered eye, but didn't say anything about it except, "That'll be 15 pieces."

Dio gladly gave him the cash and took off into his assigned room, the given keys in hand. Once he did so, he observed his surroundings hesitantly. The room felt warm and comfortable than the outside where he can have some time to think for himself without any distractions. Plopping down on the bed, he gave out a tired groan before raking his hands through his disheveled golden hair.

It's been only less than an hour ago when he received a request from the same woman not ages ago. One minute he was finally be able rest in peace with a warm pleasant face settling itself in his head, making him smile in his deep slumber before being awaken by a gentle shake on his shoulders. He even remembered the events that took place.

~ x ~

Blinking his one eye at his disturber, his remaining vision began to focus on the beautiful woman that he used to help years ago. He smiled at her despite the fact that she ruined his chance for eternal peace, but it was soon replaced by a serious expression plastered on his face. She too smiled back but only for a short moment and said with a worried tone, "I have another request to ask of you Dio."

It's been a long time since she had called him that and he resisted a grin that came upon his features. "Go on," he started.

"I'm afraid that my daughter has been taken a liking through my husbands experimentation and that I can't help but be disappointed about it," she grimaced and added, "I want you to at least try to get her back to her normal self. I only want what's best of her and for her future, not the repeat of the past. I know my Aya is better than that." Her beautiful features displayed a frown and she looked at him as if was the answer to her prayers.

Dio can't help but sympathize at the news. The thought of Aya being like her father made him frown and glance down at his lap helplessly. Sulking about it didn't help the situation at hand, so he finally decided to assist Aya's mother from her sorrows and spoke, "I'll help you make it right Mrs. Drevis, for you and Aya's sake."

"I trust that you do so," she said with a smile that replaced itself on her face once more. "But I also want to let you know from what I learned, that my husband is still alive and well and he will not hesitate to come back for Aya again."

Dio shuddered from the memories he had spent with that insane man and regretted himself for it. How long has it been when he had picked him off the street from starvation and loneliness? Shaking it away, he nodded at her. "I can take care of myself for the time being, I appreciate the info Mrs. Drevis."

She grinned at him and rubbed his dirty blonde hair even though it's already been messy enough and said, "I knew I can always count on you Dio, but come to think of it, you've been taking an interest to my daughter haven't you?" He quickly looked away; not meeting her gaze with his one eyed one and stared off into the far distance. A light blush on his face appeared and he cursed himself for it. "Well?" she asked. She was trying to enlighten the mood at least and wanted to know if he really have feelings for her daughter. Noticing the way he stiffened, she let go of the question and sighed. "No need to tell me, I can already tell."

He stiffened once more and muttered under his breath, "But she doesn't feel the same way." She grinned at this and picked herself up from her place. "Don't worry, she made a promise didn't she?" Dio suddenly met her deep blue eyes filled with sadness but with a tint of wonder and said, "I-"

"I know my dear Dio, now I must take my leave since I've taken too much time being in this place," she interrupted softly with the smile still in her face. "But before I go, you only have one week to get her back or all hope is lost and her father will be able to reach her." He gritted his teeth. To him, a week feels like three days. "But how do I know where she is?"

"Start by making your way through town, only you can tell. Bye for now Dio. I appreciate your help and for that I'm very grateful to have you. May you find the right path along the way," she replied then vanished before him.

~ x ~

He keep recalling back the memory and can't help but frown about it. A week wasn't enough to help him finish his job. He needed more time. Taking a peek at the mirror across from him, his bandaged eye somehow started to itch. He started to unwrap it against his own better judgment and was taken back by surprise.

His once bloody injury on his face suddenly stared back at him, replacing it with another pair of honey brown eye that he used to have. He mentally thanked Mrs. Drevis for it and began to feel complete for the first time in his life. Not only did he get his eye back, but his own life too. Well.. sort of.

The rain outside went quiet and the sound of droplets can be heard through the window. Dio was beginning to feel really tired when the drops became an endless rhythm of a lullaby in his ears. His eyes were getting heavy and he slowly closed them, pleased that he was finally able to get some sleep. The smiling face of a young girl with lovely blue eyes came upon in his head that left him breathless was the last thing he sees before he can fully rest again.


It was nighttime and the sound of horses galloping from the outside came to a halt as the pretty short haired woman made her way to the back of the cabin. She met with the woman who acted as her guardian ever since and spoke with a low voice, "Were you followed?"

Maria replied with a shake of her head. "No, nobody followed me mistress."

Aya gave her a grin and said, "Then you know what to do."

Her guardian just nodded and made her way to the carriage behind the horses. Opening the wooded door, she brought out a sack and walked towards the cottage. Aya followed suit after she came inside and gestured her to the closest table. "Put it here."

Maria did as she was told and laid the sack carefully on the table before opening it to reveal a young woman on her mid 20's sleeping quietly with her hands tied behind her back. She somehow looked delicate which almost reminded Maria of the woman now standing beside her. Aya, who now wore her mask that covered half of her face, broke the silence that was beginning to surface saying, "Let's wake her up, shall we?"

Aya's protector noticed the way she smiled when she said this even through her covered mouth and simply responded with a nod. She took out a needle and waited for the signal to continue. "Get ready to place the rag in her mouth in case she makes a noise," Aya ordered. "I need to make a few tests before making her into something more better than she already is." As she says this, her slender hands caressed the woman's soft brown hair until she stopped and instructed Maria to carry on her task.

The only thing that remained that night was the sound of the chirping grasshoppers and a full moon gazing at the night sky.


Dio felt the stares once again behind his back and darted his way into a corner of a building. Taking off the hood that blocked his face, he gave out a sigh and mumbled under his breath, "Why can't they just leave me alone?"

Even his morning was not a good one. He could feel the eyes of the people at the motel he had stayed in and they were mostly from young girls that watched him with predator eyes. He knew he shouldn't have left his cloak back at his room and immediately left with a newspaper he found laying by the counter. He even convinced himself during the day that people would be crazy enough to wake up early in the morning and walk around the area. He knew better not to do that next time.

A few ladies were be able to tail him and he had to shake them off by giving an old man a few gold coins to help him hide in his carriage for the time being. It lasted about an hour and he happily thanked the man for hiding him in his ride. The old man muttered something about desperate women and shooed him away, but Dio just shrugged at this and took his leave. Much to his relief, the stares didn't stop though and he was getting really frustrated from this.

Now taking place where he's at, his stomach began to rumble quite loudly. I haven't even gotten the chance to eat, he thought sadly before glancing down at his held item. Slumping down on to the floor defeated, he opened the paper and took a mental note of the current situation. 'Abigail Genevieve Reported Missing And A Few Other Victims.' He then observed at the lists below the headline and desperately muttered to himself, "Where are you Aya?"

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