A Repeat Of The Past

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A Choice

As soon as their eyes met, Aya immediately shuffled towards the counter to avoid their intense gaze. The man behind it gave her a weary smile and announced, "Why if it isn't my number one costumer! Here for another appointment?"

Dio was taken aback for a second and stood up from his seat, despite his companion's worried look. Maria, who was right next to her mistress, casted him a warning glare which Dio didn't pay attention to except at the short haired woman who's back was facing him. He approached her and hesitantly began to speak, "I know it's you Aya."

It took all his will power to take her right then and there and bring her back to her senses. She, however, ignored what he said and continued on to her previous conversation, "Good morning Mr. Wilbert, and yes, I am here for another appointment."

The blonde boy shook his head furiously and began to place both his hands on her shoulders as if he were ready to shake her back from reality. Suddenly, a cold sharp knife pointed towards his neck and he immediately let her go. "Mistress, should I assassinate your assailant?" her guardian questioned her in a dark tone.

Dio stepped back from the weaponry and waited for her answer. She wouldn't kill him now, would she?

Aya remained on her position and replied nonchalantly, "No.. for now."

Her protector made a 'tsk' sound and put the knife back into her pockets. Luke, who appeared beside Dio, pulled on his sleeve and said reluctantly, "We better go." But he didn't nudge one bit while a dark shadow casted itself on his face. It took a while and a little bit of force from his partner to pull him away from the scene.

Meanwhile, the manager from the counter looked a bit uneasy, but resumed on anyways as if nothing ever happened. "Well then, follow me please."

He gestured them to a door behind him and without a passing minute, they left to the other side.


Luke led a shaken Dio towards the exit of the restaurant as he forcefully pulled at his arm just in case he resists. When the rays of the sun hit his face, he squinted his eyes due to the excruciating brightness and turned to look at the boy right next to him. "Are you okay?"

Dio was far from okay, and his face that has been covered halfway by his bangs clearly shows it. Isn't it obvious? he thought and responded a matter-of-factly, "Not really.."

Luke let out a frown while his blazing green eyes stared at him worryingly. "For a second there, I thought you were going to snap and get yourself killed! Did you even know who that was?!"

The dirty blonde boy waved him away, still not facing him, and spoke in a low tone, "Don't worry about it, let's just go back home and plan out what we're going to do next."

His companion though, wasn't fully satisfied but dropped the subject anyways. "If you say so D- mmph?!"

Before he can comprehend the situation at hand, Dio muffled his words by placing his hand on his mouth. He then, made a 'shhh' sound and glanced at an alleyway just near them. "Do you hear that?"

Luke struggled to speak and when Dio noticed this, he finally let him go. The brunette took a deep breath and questioned back, "What noise?"

They stood still like statues and waited for what seemed like minutes as the air around them grew weary. Luke who began to speak said, "Maybe you're just hearing things."

Dio shook his head slowly and revealed his face once more which showed a serious expression, even in his deep blue eyes. Luke sighed out defeatedly and as if on cue, he heard a slight sharp noise that sounded like it came from the corner of the building. When he finally realized it, Dio was already ahead, taking cautious steps towards the sound.

"W-wait for me!" Luke softly shouted as he tried to catch up to Dio.


"So what do you think?" a deep voice chuckled before continuing, "It's not like you can get it from here."

Aya wasn't convinced enough and finally checked the surroundings around her. Various amount of tools were being displayed on each side of the wall, not missing any leftover spaces. She took her time where the chainsaws were set of course, and eyed the way the sharp ridges move rapidly as the holder turns the machine to life. She waited for a few seconds before continuing on to decide in her final decision.

Shaking her head once more, the manager placed the chainsaw back on its rightful place and sighed deeply. "Miss, there's nothing that satisfies your tastes yet again, is there?"

The young woman said nothing as her attention focused on to a shiny glint behind him. Noticing this, he followed her gaze and his expression fell. It was a weapon that's been passed on to generations with a story of its own and even Aya herself can see right through it somehow.

The bearded man broke her line of sight as he shielded it away from her curious and yet intriguing eyes. "It's not for sale," he spoke in a low deep voice.

Aya darted her eyes away from the man and turned to her guardian. Maria nodded and in a split second, the owner was pummeled down to the ground with his hands tied behind his back. He struggled underneath and tried to escape her incredibly strong grip, but a sharp object set itself on his neck as his captivator murmured close to him, "If you keep struggling, I won't hesitate to slit your throat."

He gulped and stopped immediately as he took a quick look at the young blue eyed woman peering down at him. She gave a smile, a smile that looks like its full of innocence, yet covering it's true intentions behind it. "Mr. Wilbert, I won't accept no for an answer, we made an agreement didn't we?"

He looked elsewhere, not meeting her gaze. "But I can't sell that to you, it's very dear to me you see, so -."

"But it won't hurt if I borrow it right?" she interrupted, her tone filled with malice.

Mr. Wilbert forced himself to turn his attention to her. His anger rising inside him that's been waiting to come out. He just couldn't sell that object to her nor let her have it, he's been keeping it for safe keeping as well as his previous relatives have done. He couldn't just leave it at someone else's place. He spatted out one word which could lead him to his afterlife, "Never!"

Aya frowned in response and said, "Very well, you already knew of the consequences," she paused and set her eyes on his attacker, "Maria."

Her protector didn't have to be asked twice, but as soon as she was about to do the only thing that could end the man's life. There was a loud voice that echoed through the room breaking her concentration, "Stop it Aya!"

The said woman turned her head around to the entrance and frowned upon the sight. Why wouldn't he just let her go? Is he really that desperate? She glanced away from the boy and declared, "Take one step in this room and this man's finished."

Maria gently used her weapon for emphasis as she grazed it slowly across his cheek, making the man beneath her flinch slightly. Aya continued, "Or you can leave now and forget you ever barged into my business, your choice.. Dio."

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