The days passed slowly. Sherry found herself more depressed as the days went by, and Jake felt more helpless. He would enter her room in the mornings and find her sleeping. Every time he woke her briefly to tell her he was going to go to school, and she would nod and hum before falling back to sleep. Then when he returned he would find her in the same exact place. His father agreed that Sherry was depressed but knew it was normal.

Sherry on the other hand seemed to be unaware of her behavior. If she ate it seemed to be a struggle to everyone but her. She rolled her food around in her plate and then it grew too cold. So then she would heat it up again and chew through it slowly.

The funeral was coming up, and try as she might she could find no peace with what her father had done.

He has the right to do that, she reasoned, he was in pain… I understand why he would want to end his life. And yet… and yet she could not bring herself to forgive him for it.

Chris and Sheva visited her often. Jill called her every day and told her she wanted to see her, but Sherry was in no mood to see anyone, and so she politely told Jill that she was simply not able to do it on that day, or the day after that.

Truthfully the only person Sherry wanted to ever see was Jake. He would return in the afternoons with warmth and a soft smile on his face, making her feel better despite all that had happened. It reminded her that she was not alone. It helped her calm herself and rationalize her thoughts when he was around her.

"Do you… do you love him?" Sheva asked Sherry one evening while Jake and Chris played video games in the living room of Jake's home. Sherry and Sheva had gone off into the kitchen in search of something to eat.

"I don't know," Sherry admitted thoughtfully as she spread butter onto the bread, "I just… I don't know. I think I do," she blushed slightly, "he's very sweet. And I've known him long enough to where love wouldn't be such a ridiculous thing. He's just very sweet."

"Who would have thought," Sheva smirked, "Jake and Sherry sitting in a tree-"

"Very mature," Sherry laughed. It felt relieving. But as soon as it came it was gone, the reminder that it had been a long time since she laughed made her sober up. Her father's funeral would be in a matter of days. Sheva, Jake, Chris, and Albert Wesker would be in attendance.

"So, what have you and Chris been up to?"

Sheva shrugged and lowered her voice, "Chris is still going to the army as you know. And basically he and I… I don't know. He wants to stay together while he is away… but I just don't think that I can do it Sherry. I really don't."

"You'll still love him and think of him as yours even if he leaves," she reminded Sheva, putting the buttered bread in the oven.

"Yes, but I just don't want to wait around for someone that won't really ever return. I should be able to live my life and fall in love."

"You're in love with Chris. But I understand what you mean. There is no reason as to why you should wait around while he's leaving."

Sheva nodded, "I just know that he's not going to handle it well."

"When do you plan on telling him that…?"

"I don't know," she sighed, dropping her head onto her hand, "I mean… I have to be sure about the decision first. Then I'll come to a choice. But until then I'm just going to see what happens. I just hope that I don't regret whatever choice I make."

Sherry hummed in agreement.

When they moved back to the living room Sherry smiled at the sight of Chris' frustrated face as Jake grinned and killed his character.

"You fucking cheated," Chris hissed.

"Yeah? You don't have any proof," Jake laughed, standing as Sherry neared him.

"Proof? You want proof?!" Chris stood and jammed his finger at the screen "that right there is fucking proof. You have a gun that is only available through cheat codes!"

"And how would you know that?" Jake challenged as Sheva rolled her eyes, "you just sold yourself out. I knew you were using fucking cheat codes all those other times! I told you I'd figure you out you liar!"

"Whatever, kid." Chris frowned shyly and then pulled Sheva into his side, "Sheva knows I don't cheat."

"Liar," she muttered quietly and silenced him before he could protest with a kiss on the mouth.

Sherry silently went to Jake's side and took his hand in her own. Instantly it seemed to her that a pressure she hadn't noticed released itself from her.

"How are you feeling?" He asked quietly as Sheva and Chris took a seat on the couch and spoke about something.

"Feeling fine, thanks for asking."

"Anytime," his lips found her temple and then he sat, pulling her onto his lap lazily, "I just want you to be honest with me, that's all."

"I am," she admitted, "but that's why later we have to talk about something."

At this Jake stiffened. Instantly he thought back to the last few days and how they had gone. He hadn't done anything to annoy her. Or so he thought… "Are you mad at me or something—

"No, no," she laughed and kissed his cheek gently, "it's not anything like that. We're fine. I promise, we're absolutely fine."

"So then what is it?"

"It's just," she sighed carefully, "we'll talk about it later okay?"

He nodded silently and pulled her in a bit closer, aware of how she shivered against him and then melted into his embrace.

Later on that night when Chris and Sheva had left Sherry stood in the living room waiting for Jake. They were both alone in the house, it was the perfect time to do this.

Sherry knew that Jake wanted her to stay here with him, she understood that he worried about her all alone in her apartment. But she also knew that this couldn't go on much longer. There had to be an end to it at some point, and that end would be the day of the funeral.

When Jake returned he had a wary frown on his face. He knew that whatever was coming was serious by the way Sherry clasped her hands in front of her self. She was just standing there, staring at him, and there seemed to be a sad smile on her lips.

When he stopped in front of her he crossed his arms in front of his chest. Regarding her tensely.

"So what do you want to talk about?"

"Well," she squirmed, "I… I wanted to tell you that I'm grateful for you letting me stay here. You know that. And you also knew that I wasn't planning to live here. I've been here for like a week now Jake… I think it's time for me to go home."

There was a moment of tense silence. She could see the understanding working itself out in his face. It was as if he was having a hard time really grasping the concepts and was working them out one by one. Finally, he came to an understanding of some sort and took minor step forward.

"You can't leave Sherry… you can't be all alone-

"I've been alone for some time Jake," she smiled softly, "I'm not going to be alone technically... I mean I still have you, I'll just be alone in my apartment-

"I can't allow-

"It's not up to you to allow anything," she reminded him, doing her best to not lose her patience. "This is my choice completely. If you'll still have me here I'll stay until my dad's funeral-

"You can't be alone especially on that day Sherry! It's going to be your dad's funeral and you think I am going to leave you alone in an empty apartment after all the shit that you've found out? My dad will lock you in here –

"Would he really?" she murmured, "Because in that case I'm leaving now."

"No…" Jake whispered and pressed his hand to his forehead, "he really won't." He really would. "I just think it's a good idea that you stay here for a while."

Sherry watched him closely. She could see that his worry was making its way up to the surface as he shifted from foot to foot, and raked his hand along his head. "See, that's exactly why I have to go home."


"Look," she pointed to his tapping foot and laughed softly, "you get antsy at the idea of me returning to my home. You're getting too used to me being here Jake. It's not good. It's really not."

"Sherry…" he sighed and pulled her closely to him, "just think about staying for that day… please?"

"No Jake.. I'm going home on that day. I need to be home. Alone."

"I'll do you one better…" he argued, "I'll take you home, and I'll leave you alone, but I want to be in the apartment with you… to make sure you eat."

"Okay," Sherry relented… "okay."

Silence reigned for a moment as Jake hugged her tightly, her small body made him feel overwhelmed with warmth, "thank you."

The day of the funeral was a tense one. Jake did not sleep at all the night before. Sherry was crying in her room, he could hear it from his. He had knocked on the door over and over, trying to get her to open it but she simply asked him to please leave her alone for the night, which he did without complaint. He knew that she wanted privacy in things like this, and he respected that.

The next morning he dressed in a black t-shirt, dark pants, and dark combat boots. His father was waiting for him in the living room and he dressed as he always did. They did not speak to one another as they waited for Sherry.

In her room she was staring at herself in the mirror. She wore a long sleeve black t-shirt, and black jeans with her black flats. She looked paler than usual, and despite herself she couldn't bring herself to make any attempt to look strong or normal today. Her eyes were swollen and red from a night of crying, and she had absolutely no energy in her system.

"Time to go," she murmured and grabbed her cellphone, then began the exhausting process of putting one foot in front of the other.

When she made it down stairs Jake took her in his arms immediately, she did not respond except to kiss his cheek and toss a meek smile at his father who watched impassively and then led them out the door.

The inside of the car made Sherry feel worse. Trapped in the silence he could not help but recall all of the great moments she had with her father. The amazing laughs and the soft hugs he would give her. And now she was all alone. The word kept making itself present in all of her thoughts.

Alone, she was going to be completely alone.

Jake did his best to remain silent as Sherry sniffled in the backseat. He wanted to stop the car and go back there with her, but he knew that it would not help.

When they made it to the graveyard Chris and Sheva were already there. Albert Wesker pulled open the car door for Sherry who just sat there absently, taking a few deep breaths. And when she made no attempt to get out Albert Wesker bent down and spoke to her, aware of the wary look his son was shooting at him.


"Mhm…" her absent stare made Albert Wesker wonder if the girl had gone into a catatonic state.

"We are here."

Sherry blinked out and looked around her… that was fast.

Jake watched Sherry step out of the car and pulled out a cigarette. This was stressing him out. Silently she walked over to her friends and smiled at them..

"Thanks for coming guys…"

"No problem, sweetheart," Sheva sniffled and kissed Sherry on the forehead, "we'll always be here for you."

"Yeah… no matter what," Chris assured her with a firm squeeze on the shoulder. Jake took her hand and Albert Wesker silently passed by them all with a curt nod in Sheva and Chris' direction.

They followed him to where an undertaker was waiting with a pastor.

Jake's nerves started firing off when they approached the casket. Sherry's body seemed to seize up and he had a hard time moving her as she eyeballed the casket. It was long, and wooden. The way the sun shone down on it made it gleam slightly, as if calling more attention to itself.

Chairs sat out and so they all took a seat. The pastor read out passage after passage. And Albert Wesker remained completely still as he watched the man drone on monotonously. Jake watched Sherry who sat beside him with a mask of complete emptiness, Sheva sniffled and shed tears, and Chris stroked her and Sherry's hand soothingly.

"Would anyone like to say a few words?" the pastor asked gently. Instantly they all looked to Sherry.

She hadn't heard. She was just thinking about the fact that her father's once animated body was now in that casket. It was a harrowing thought, that one can be alive, and then gone.

"Sherry?" Jake murmured gently, tapping her hand, "do you want to say something?"

"Mhm? No… no I don't."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah…" she sighed and resisted the urge to sob, "I don't want to say anything."

Albert Wesker nodded at the undertakers and they all stood.

Sherry watched, trembling as they began to bury her father. It became harder and harder to control herself as she watched the casket go under. For a long moment all she could do was stand there, shaking, battling with the need to break out into sobs. But alas, she controlled herself and like usual remained controlled.

The hours after that passed in a daze. Jake carried Sherry back to the car as she seemed unable to walk in a straight line, and noticed that small tears were building in her eyes, she did not let them fall. Sheva and Chris waved goodbye and Sheva promised to return to the apartment that night. Albert drove them to the house and Sherry began speaking only then.

"No, no, I wanna' go home-

"No, Sherry, you need to stay with us for a while," Jake protested softly as she weakly shook her head and tied her arms around his neck. He was already carrying her through the door, following behind his father.

"I want to be with my dad," she croaked, "I want to sleep on his bed…"

"Sherry I'd rather you just stayed here, please?"

She nodded mutely and continued to hold Jake close.

Outside the rain had started to fall, much to Jake's annoyance, of course it would rain on an already depressing day. Great, he thought sarcastically as he took Sherry to her room and lay her down on the bed.

"Do you want anything?" His voice was soft in her ear.


"Please Sherry.. I'll get you anything."

"I don't want anything Jake," she whimpered, "please just… I just want to sleep. I want to sleep."

He nodded, understanding, "okay baby, sleep," he kissed her temple and then escaped the room.

It was the middle of the night and Jake was sleeping in his bedroom. Albert Wesker was in his office, typing away at some files.

Everything was terribly quiet in the large house, that' what made the next events so loud even though they weren't.

"I'm coming dad, I'm coming." Sherry whispered frantically as she tossed on her shoes.

In his room Jake opened his eyes at the sound and sat up sharply. Is that Sherry?

"We can be together dad, yes, we will be together."

"What the fuck?" Jake threw the covers off of himself, kicking them away and jumping off the bed as her door sounded.

When he stepped out into the hallway Sherry was already speeding off down the hall.

"Sherry?!" He called and took off after her as she sped down the stairs. Sherry had heard her father calling to her, she knew that they had to be together or she would die painfully alone on this earth. Jake would eventually get bored of her, and Albert Wesker would want better for his son.

"Sherry stop!" Jake yelled as she landed on the bottom step and moved towards the door.

Albert Wesker stood from where he sat at the sound of yelling.

Jake took off after her full speed. But the difference was that he had just woken up, his eyes were hazy and even worse his legs were not cooperating with him. All he could see was the back of Sherry's head as she reached the door and pulled it open.

"Stop!" Jake yelled as Sherry ran out into the rain.

Albert Wesker took off down the stairs at a blinding speed as Jake Muller angrily tossed on his shoes and grabbed his motorcycle keys.

"What is the meaning of all this?" Albert growled angrily at the disruption.

"Sherry just ran into the fucking night like a wolf was on her ass, that's what," Jake muttered, stomping to get his shoe on his foot, "I think she's going to her apartment."

"I doubt that," Albert glared and grabbed his car keys, "follow me."

Sherry ran and ran blindly through the streets. There were some cars on the road, and they honked or stopped to try to ask her where she was going, but she didn't care. Sherry continued to run.

Jake wasn't on her mind, or even Albert Wesker. The only man on her mind was her father who she needed now more than ever.

She tore through the air and continued to run and run until she reached the cemetery. Without regard for the lock on the gate Sherry began to rapidly climb the gate. She could hear a terrible roaring in her ears and she knew that this would be her only chance to be with her father forever. Die with him, yes that was the only way.

Sherry got onto the other side of the gate and against her better judgment she made an attempt to jump off and fell. The injuries did not phase her. She had fallen on a hard rock with a jagged edge. It had cut into her flesh but she did not notice. Instead she used it as an opportunity. Taking the rock in her hands blindly, whimpering slightly, she ran again in search of his gravestone.

The rain was falling hard now, it plastered her hair against her face and made the blood in her veins rush faster. There would be nothing else after tonight, just her and her father… in hell probably for suicide, but she didn't care. She wanted to be with someone who would never leave her.

When she found it see released a hard gasp and collapsed in front of it, tracing her fingers over his name there.

"Oh daddy," she whispered, "why did you have to do this?" The question had been plaguing her, "I know it hurt, but did you think that maybe you would have been able to just enjoy you last days with me? Did you have to be so harsh with yourself?" The wind slapped her cold skin harshly, making her shiver… "I CAN'T be alone dad I can't.. .because I've been alone for so long and now that you're gone there is really no one here for me. I have no family. I have nothing." A sob ripped through her then, "and if you had just died naturally it would have been different. I would have known it was coming and that there was nothing I could have done to make it better. But you killed yourself, my company was not enough to make you stay. Your daughter was never enough!" She was screaming now, enraged, "Did you think about me? At all! Did you think that that note would explain everything? You never fucking cared about me when you took your life! And I forgive you daddy. I do. I know you suffered, but a note doesn't make it okay! It doesn't make it okay…."

Sherry released a soft cry and backed away from the gravestone. There she pressed the jagged edge of the stone against her wrist.

"I know that if there is an afterlife I'll end up in hell dad, I know that. It's a sin… but I just don't care anymore." With that said Sherry stared down at the soil for a long moment, "you have to forgive me for…"

Suddenly, quite suddenly… quite unexpectedly she felt a small tremble rock through her.

It wasn't her own body, instead it was the ground before her. She squinted in the dark as she watched something peek out from the ground. A worm making its way up.

But no, it wasn't a worm. It was a pinky… and then it was a set of fingers… then a hand and then a wrist. To her horror the dirt began to lift and a scalp was peeking forth from the ground.

"Oh God…"

A terrible moan ripped through the ground, shaking her to her very core as she sat there, in shock at what she was witnessing. Shoulders worked their way up and her father clutched the ground desperately as he tried to move up and out of the ground.

"Dad?" She croaked with shock… It moaned in return and she screamed wildly. It was unlike a scream she had ever heard.

Her father raised his head at the sound of her and opened his grimy eyelids to reveal two hollow holes. His gaunt face was still mostly intact, but it had taken an almost purplish color, and fluids were leaking out of him and mingling with the rain. With a grunt he pushed harder and made a terribly strong attempt to get to her as she came to a stand, but then, so did he.

It was then that a grotesque form popped out. Something that was too large to really be a shoulder. It was terrible… just appalling.

As he rose up from the ground she realized it was an eye… a blinking eye.

It rolled and stared at her with its large iris and pupil, the veins in the eye throbbed with life. Life it should not have.

He was already on his knees, and Sherry couldn't stop watching as he weakly swayed and made his way onto his feet. He seemed feeble despite his large size. This thing did not really resemble her father, and yet, it was her father. It was disturbing altogether.

He blinked at her, and then the eye blinked too, and his arm… it wasn't an arm at all. It was a claw. A monstrously large claw with an eye for a bicep.

He watched her without watching her. He turned his nose up towards the rain and released a soft growl… his right foot came out towards her first, and then his left. Sherry watched with terror as his hands came up in her direction, and clenched over and over, making an attempt to grab at her.

"What is this? Wake up, WAKE UP!" She shrieked, unable to move her feet. All too quickly he was nearer to her and it seemed that something in her broke.

"Sherry…." He whispered it out gently, and for a moment she saw him as she remembered him when he was young. His blonde hair always covering his forehead and the back of his ears… the straight nose and the perfectly healthy blue eyes.


"Sherry-" He gave a deadly moan and grabbed her by the sleeve of her shirt. Sherry screamed at the cold hand and pulled away, ripping the shirt in the process. She almost fell back but caught herself and with terror in her system held the jagged rock up. Wanting to run, and yet unable to move away from the fascinating sight.

Who was this creature? What was this thing? Why was she dreaming this? And better yet, why was she not running? What was going on? The thoughts made her feel faint.

"Get away!" She pleaded, "stop it! Stop!" This wasn't her father, no, no, no. It's a fucking monster! IT'S A MONSTER.

And just like that Sherry took off running.

She sped through the large cemetery. Screaming for help at the top of her lungs as the thing came after her, running and matching her pace. The ground shook with its weight. This was not her father.

I'm going to die! She realized with terror, oh god I'm going to die, I'm going to die!

She sobbed out as she felt hands grab her shirt and viciously yank her back.

The air rushed past her, roaring in her ears violently.

Sherry collided with a tombstone and released a screech so loud that it made the beast freeze. Her back felt shattered. White hot pain shot through her. It radiated and for a long moment it watched her writhe and scream against the cracked stone.

"Oh-oh-oh god!" She cried and lay there helplessly as the thing started coming closer. She saw her father's face, she could see his eyes as they were when he was healthy, squinting at her trying to understand why she was screaming so painfully. "What are you? Please don't hurt me!"

"Sherry…" he said her name again and the eye rolled in its socket. She couldn't rip her eyes away from it. As the beast closed in on her Sherry shut her eyes and began to pray. It knelt down in front of her and reached forward it its human hand, gripping her by the shoulder that was bleeding. Sherry ignored the touch and kept praying for mercy.

"Dear lord, please save me, save me from this, if I should die make it fast, please."

Her eyes opened as she heard that terrible sound again, the sound of the eye rolling viciously in its socket, it sounded slimy. And the beast released a dead moan from its throat. Something in her snapped.

This was not her father.

Without a second thought Sherry grabbed the jagged rock and lifted it. It released a loud growl as her hand came down, but it was already too late.

The jagged rock sank deep into it's large eye, straight through the pupil and beyond. It grabbed her by the throat as it screeched and came to its feet. This was it. It was applying pressure on her neck, she flailed and kicked and tried to scream for help as it raised her over its head. Over and over her foot came crashing down on his chest, but nothing worked.

The lights were fading now, and Sherry knew this was it.

Sherry's last conscious thoughts were on Jake. On how upset he would be to find out that she died. And how shocked the world would be when they found this beast. Certainly they would find it, after all, it was a monster! And just like that she saw darkness.

"Let her go!" Jake's furious growl ripped through the air and the creature, as if obeying, dropped her limp girl to the floor. She went crashing to the ground so loudly that Jake heard it from where he was.

But when she did not cry out Jake's body went cold. Why wasn't she moving?

She couldn't be dead... there was just no way.. but she wasn't breathing. He could see that she wasn't breathing. Her eyes were half shut and even worse, her throat looked purple and bruised.

"You motherfucker!" He roared and went charging at the beast.

It flexed its claws and the bloody eye twitched in its socket.

Jake pounced into the air and roared furiously as he prepared his fist to come crashing down onto the beast, but the thing raised his hand and smacked Jake away and into another tombstone.

Albert Wesker came charging then. He was black lightning as he smashed his foot into the belly of what used to be his friend. A growl ripped through the beast as it skidded back a bit, hitting Sherry with its foot in the process.

"You really did it, William," Wesker observed neutrally in the rain, pressing his hair back and adjusting his glasses as his son stood from where he had fallen, "you took the virus. You fool. You should be grateful that your daughter cannot hear me speak these words. She would defend you quite avidly. Little does she know that you were nothing more than a power-hungry madman. Or that you killed your wife just to get closer to understanding how it is that the virus worked. I wonder how your daughter would feel to know that her father is truly at fault for everything in her life… that he wanted power more than he wanted her or her mother. You wanted to be as I am, isn't that right?"

The creature growled and came charging again. Albert Wesker waited patiently but then to his own shock the beast was knocked sideways.

Jake Muller's eyes were glowing red in the darkness. His fist rose and fell with a rage that stupefied his father and crippled the beast. Jake brought his hand down over and over into the face of William Birkin and when the creature made an attempt to hit him he stepped on the human hand and continued to beat his face.

Albert Wesker flashed over to his side and stepped on the collar bone of the creature, then with a small twitch of his thigh the sound of bones cracking resonated through the air. He had fracture the bones there.

The beast wailed and screeched loudly as blood surged up from its mouth and spilled out into the air, flowing down the sides of his mouth and down to the soil.

"Kill him!" Jake roared at his father.

The man already had his gun out and pressed the barrel of it down to the creature who struggled so furiously beneath him and his son. Together they were a force to be reckoned with, and it was the only thing that kept Wesker from losing control of himself. This thing posed no threat to them both, only alone might it have been able to cause some damage.

Jake turned his face away as his father pulled the trigger five times. The sound exploded in his ears and made his head ring.

The beast went still beneath him. It seemed to be unable to do anything except release a hard moan and die. The eyeball still twitched, and Albert Wesker embedded three bullets into the one too.

Jake fell away from it with a hoarse cry and crawled to the limp blonde near the grave stone as his father called Umbrella snappily. As he crawled to her he felt that his heart was going to burst in his chest. His chest hurt.

"Sherry? Oh god, baby, wake up," he pleaded gently and lay her out flat. Her throat was black and blue, her lips had lost their pinkness. Quickly he placed his hand on her chest, feeling for a heartbeat, when he felt nothing his stomach dropped.

"Fuck! Fuck! No, no, no!" Jake frantically tilted her head back and pinched her nostrils closed, breathing air into her lungs. He began to frantically try to bring her back to life. His father snapped the phone closed and shot another round off into the beasts head. Then he sped over to where his son was struggling to bring Sherry back.

She was completely still, her body felt cold, her eyes were half lidded and there was no expression on her face. Her head wasn't lolling around like in the movies, it was stiffly positioned, her eyes were bored looking almost, and her lips were slack, her jaw stiff.

"Help her!" Jake yelled at his father, resisting the urge to sob. This couldn't be it, she was his, there was something about her that made her special. How could it be that this was all there was? "HELP HER!" He demanded again as his father reached into his pocket and pulled out a strange capsule.

"Move," he ordered and Jake complied, shaking horribly hard and watching his father uncap the glass vial and drop a syringe into his hand.

"What is that? What is that that you-

"It will hopefully jolt her back if her blood is right." His father explained calmly, then sunk the syringe into her swollen throat. Jake shut his eyes at the sight and burrowed his face into his hands.

Albert plunged the fluid into Sherry's system and then capped the end of the syringe again. Carefully he massaged the spot he had injected it into and watched her carefully for any response.

"Please Sherry?" Jake whispered inaudibly, "wake up…"

A few moments of silence passed. Nothing but the rain sounded through the air. The dread sank in hard and cold. His eyes burned with tears and for a long time all he could do was think about how awful his life would be now. How confusing and how angering.

"No, wake the fuck up!" Jake grabbed Sherry's body in his hands and shoved his father away, "wake up!" As he shook her Sherry began to breathe hard through her nose, and Jake kept yelling. "Don't you fucking dare! Get up!" Sherry's eyes fluttered slightly as adrenaline pumped her system. A gasp tore through her as oxygen flooded her starved lungs. "you – you have to live," he whispered as Sherry trembled in his arms and looked around wildly with confusion. He could see it written all over her face. She had no idea of what was going on, and could hardly speak, but she was trying to, "it's me! Sherry it's me you're okay, you're okay."

Her eyes cast their way up to him and for a long moment all she could do was stare at him, completely shocked. And then Albert Wesker was there, checking her pupils, her pulse, the wound in her arm.

"J-Jake there was a-a-

"I know baby, I know," he assured her gently, aware of the fact that his father's workers were approaching from the gate. He hadn't even noticed them, or the fact that Wesker was angrily speaking to one of them, he kept catching the word 'contamination.'

"Oh baby, I'm so sorry that you're hurt, I know it hurts," Jake promised, noticing the constant flow of tears, "I'm so sorry."

"Jake he was a monster—he-"

"I know, I know."

"Jake he…"

"Put her under," his father ordered one of the paramedics from Umbrella, Jake did not argue as Sherry watched him, mumbling incoherently with wide eyes and terror on her face.

"Stay with me," she pleaded him, her hand in his, "you can't leave."

"I won't baby, I won't ever leave you."

"Jake… you have to… you have to explain everything…"

"I will baby, my father will tell you everything… when you get up."

What Jake had witnessed didn't sink in until early the next morning. He had hardly slept. His father kept checking in on Sherry's blood and though Jake could not understand what he was saying he had a feeling the prognosis was good.

It was when his father came in for the tenth time since the night before that Jake opened his mouth.

"She's going to make it right?"

"We do not know that yet. However, I do not see why she would not."

Jake nodded, swallowing, "w-what was that thing… yesterday?"

"That was William Birkin."

"Oh stop that shit," Jake hissed, "you know what I mean. What the fuck was that! And why did you act like it wasn't a fucking monster. You acted like you've seen that type of shit before."

"I have seen that type of creature before," Albert admitted easily, adjusting his glasses and staring down at his son impassively, "you and I are tyrants as well Jake. I have only tamed that part of your blood for your own good, but is it a wonder to you that you often find yourself reacting aggressively, or demonstrating more strength then you should? You and I are as he, except, our blood accepts the virus, and his rejects it."

Jake's eyes widened to the size of plates after that, and he demanded further explanation.

Wesker admitted to having complete control over the virus in Jake's veins, explaining that he simply administers small doses every so often to his son so keep it under control. Jake was furious to learn that those monthly health shots were in fact created by his father to keep the virus subsided.

His father then explained that there would be times when it would show through, such as the night before when his eyes flared in color and it seemed he had more strength then he had ever possessed. "Had I not given you those injections you might have been able to kill William Birkin, but you were weakened significantly."

"And what was that shit you were saying… that William killed Sherry's mom?"

Wesker gave him a simple nod, "yes."

Jake heard the entire story and by the end of it he felt as though he was going to explode. He couldn't bear anymore. After all, how was he going to tell Sherry?

Jake waited and waited for Sherry to wake up. The swelling at her neck had not gone down at all, but she seemed to be getting some of her color tone back, and still, it was not a sure sign that she woke actually wake up.

Jake kept replaying the scene of Sherry over and over in his head, how limp she was, and that beast…

That thing!

Sometime in the morning Jake got up and went to get a cup of coffee. He hadn't slept, and really didn't want to.

For a long while Jake sat there, just watching Sherry.

"You have to wake up," he pleaded gently, "I can't do this without you.. any of this. Me, I can't be who I am now if you're not here," he bowed his head to her hand carefully and kissed her cool knuckles… "I love you baby."

Silence reigned for a long moment. He sighed softly and picked his head up, staring at Sherry's soft face.

That night Jake was talking to Sheva and Chris on the phone, lying and explaining that Sherry simply wanted to be left alone and that she was not in the mood to see others at the moment. His father explained to him that it was dire that he not tell what he saw. Jake complied, knowing no one would believe him anyway. The image of that creature still terrified him.

"Yeah, she's okay, she just wants quiet and peace."

"Okay," Chris sighed, "well, I'll see you at school tomorrow or whatever."

"Yeah, I'll be there," Jake lied and said goodbye, turning around and going to Sherry's side.

That night something different happened. Sherry's hand, which rested in his, suddenly twitched.

Jake stood sharply and stared down at her, taking her face in his hand, "Sherry?"

A soft moan moved through her and a hard breath escaped him. Her eyelids flickered for a long time. Then her eyes sprang open and she stared at the ceiling absently.

"Sherry?" he stood and hovered his face over hers, trying to desperately look at her better.

Immediately she recognized him, and the flood of memories made her tremble. The beast, that thing that was her father. That thing that was not at all a dream but in fact very real.

"Jake…" she whispered softly, and then turned her face to look at him.

"Yes, Sherry," he grinned and ignored the tears in his eyes at her face. She wasn't smiling though, she was horribly serious.

"It was real… wasn't it?"

Jake gave her a firm nod and then hugged her, burying his face into her throat gently, "yes… it was, and I'm so sorry about that fact…"

Sherry nodded softly, and then held him tightly… trying to block out the images of that thing in her mind. It brought tears to her eyes. She wanted to know everything, she didn't know how Jake had found her, and so she asked.

"I heard you scream…. My dad guessed that you would be in the graveyard… when we went inside we couldn't see you but your scream alerted us… and then I found you with that thing… his arms were around your neck Sherry… I just lost it, I don't even remember what I did."

"You blacked out," she clarified gently, looking at his eyes.

"Yes… there's so much to –

Suddenly, Albert Wesker slammed the door open and then slammed it closed. Jake jumped and stared at his father with confusion as the man grabbed the clipboard at the end of Sherry's desk and furiously scribbled things down, completely ignoring the fact that she was awake.


"What." He answered snappily, making Sherry wince although it wasn't directed towards her. The man had a white lab coat on.

"Sherry's awake-

"Well that is very god, isn't it?" Albert replied and walked around to the side of the bed, examining her face carefully, "do you remember what happened, girl?"

"Y-yes sir," she whispered, lowering her head.

"Good." He took a small breath and then clenched his hands behind his back. "Now… there are many things to explain to you. I am certain you are curious as to what happened at the graveyard."

"Yes…" she nodded, sitting up slightly and then biting her lip, "and you have answers?"

"Yes, I know what happened-

"SIR!" A man came running into the room wildly. Instantly Jake was on edge at the man's face. His eyes were wide and his lips were trembling.


"T-there's an emergency… it cannot wait-

"Tell me then—

"No-no it is extremely sensitive."

"I am ordering you to explain yourself at this instant," Albert Wesker hissed with impatience.

The man adjusted his glasses on his face and cast a wary look towards Sherry, who was clutching Jake' hand tightly. Then he raised his gaze to Albert Wesker who looked murderous.

"Sir," he started, swallowing hard, "there has been an outbreak."


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