Somewhere east of the Ice Kingdom, beyond the Land of Ooo rests a barren grey island, forgotten by most. For on it are no forest, no village or creature of any sort, only jagged stone spurs as far as the eye can see. The only landmark of interest found is a crumbling three tiered vaulted temple encroached with centuries of decay. It cannot be found on any recent map as further deterrent to keep wayward explorers away from its shores. If you did find it, it was by accident or product of heavy research.

Oddly however, today this void land rustled with a single sign of life. A beacon of blue moves steadfast across the dull grey earth towards the single lost temple. The traveler is worn and ragged climbing the last of the temple's stone steps with high spirits.

"This is it," his aged voice confirms, comparing the white stone visage to a yellowed parchment inscribed in ancient words and drawings. A smile twists onto his colorless lips, his thin pale fingers squeezing onto the scroll even tighter. "My hard work is finally paying off."

A maniacal laugh builds in his pot belly, a laugh that would send shivers down the spine of anyone who could hear. The strange blue man tucks away his old scroll and marches on, unopposed by anyone or thing on this lonely island. A forgotten rock in the vast ocean shrouded in shadows and ghosts, in secrets; and the yet seen schemes of one Ice King.

Within the massive domed construct, time and nature have equally taken their toll as with outside. In time, even the doom itself will finally meet its end, crumbling to the earth in a mess of rusted metal and sandstone. No indication of the majesty or even the purpose of this temple remains to be reasoned; only fine grains of dust on worn marble floor.

Bare feet crunch across the fine sand, scurrying along to the heart of the dome. There lays the largest pile of dust and decay, and the old king makes haste to claw and dig his way through it. Steadily the dirt is cleared away, the pushing and pulling causing it to trickle like an hourglass, down some unseen cavity.

Ice King's icy nails finally scratch across the surface of hidden wooden planks. Eagerly, his long boney fingers curl around a heavy metal ring attached to the wood piece. With a firm grasp and mighty tug the concealed door not only gives way, but splinters in two from rot. Damaged or not, the trapdoor reveals the hidden stairwell at last. Giggles akin to a school girl bubble up with in the old wizard as he drops down into the portal. Ice King hurries down a flight of spiraling metal and stone stairs, down into the darkness seeping out from below.

Decay and ruin is decidedly less in the lower levels, but still caked with dust and grim. The stairwell is cocooned in a cylinder of metal, not that Ice King can particularly tell in the pitch dark of this passage. Deeper and deeper he descends into darkness until with a thump and a yell he tumbles down the remaining steps.

His scratchy deep voice complains and he gingerly rubs his tender behind, drowning out the native hum of this underground lair.

"Now, where is that lumping scroll?" Ice King pats down his robes blindly in the inky black. Hissing steadily fills the dark, easily ignored by the peculiar old man until a bright white light flashes over head. The low sound grows into a buzz as several more lights burst to life overhead, blinking down a long hallway. After a moment or so the passageway is illuminated by evenly placed, but erratically flickering lights. The glow is unnaturally cold and forces the king to shield his elderly eyes from the harsh white that reflects on metal walls and floors.

Dusting his royal blue robes off, Ice King follows the trail of lights to a massive vault door and a handle shaped much like a ship's steering wheel. The King studies the large door for a moment, poking and twisting the handle a little before attempting to open the large strongroom. With all of his strength he only accomplishes a grunt and whimper echoing down the hall. Huffing and puffing, Ice King tries again, throwing up his skeletal legs for leverage, but still the door refuses to give way.

Running a claw through his long white beard, the Ice King settles on what he knows best for solutions. Fingers glowing with icy power, he places his wizard hands upon the steel wall, letting ice crystals creep and crawl across the surface. Steadily the vault door and hall drop to below freezing temperatures, the safe moaning and crying in protest. Still the temperature drops further, causing the bright white lights above to begin popping and shattering under the extreme cold. Finally the old wizard deems the temperature just right and with a tiny tap of his claw, shatters the door like tiny shards of glass.

As casually as walking through his own snowy home, Ice King enters the last room, where he will ultimately find his goal. It's quite plain for something quite sizable that could have stored a whole treasure trove of wealth and secrets. But amidst the shadows of this dimly lit box is only one noticeable treasure, displayed on a tall square pedestal with a single spot light overhead. It is nothing but a lackluster teapot… or gravy boat the Ice King can't be sure. A sickly green patina encases its shape and any design or engraving once adorning it is long since unrecognizable.

Undeterred, Ice King beholds the lamp in one hand, while fumbling with his yellowed parchment in the other. He skims the worn paper for instruction, mumbling to himself again, "Now, how do you summon this thing? Magic words? A spell? Come on people, throw me a bone already…"

A growl escapes his dried lips when no answers reveal themselves and moves instead to handling the item with both hands and studying it up close. Fumbling again with the items in his hands, the Ice Kings kneads and turns the treasure in his palms until slowly steam begins to pour from the mouth. A booming voice not his own abruptly echoes from all around, "Who dares disturb my slumber?" The ominous sound startles the old man, causing him to hastily toss aside the smoking artifact.

Just above the ground the artifact stops it's decent, levitating for a moment before rising back up to eye level. Ice King watches it with childlike awe and fear, but this is what he came for, his ultimate triumph and greatest wish.

"No seriously," the same voice sounds, less ominously than before as a pink skinned arm reaches around from behind the frozen king and takes the handle of the tea pot shaped artifact. Quickly Ice King turns around to come face to face with a rather rotund fellow with droopy eyes and a coffee mug in his hand. With a mighty yawn of rosey pink lips he pours a fragrant hot beverage from the pot into his mug, "Who dares disturb me before my morning coffee… I do not know."

"I dare," boldly proclaims the Ice King, chest puffed out.

"Oh, this oughta be special," unimpressed the pink skinned man floats towards the back of the room, snapping his fingers and lighting the room up at his command. He comes to rest on a plush sectional sofa, engulfed in pillows and beside a tiered tray of decadent breakfast pastries. The round pink man flops down on the furniture, taking another sip of his coffee before focusing on his unexpected guest, "So, you got me. What do you desire of my immeasurable power?"

Without missing a beat, the old king reaches into his robes again to reveal a thick worn tome for his response. On the cover it read "Fionna and Cake" with a crudely drawn caricature of what appeared to be the Ice King kissing a bunny eared woman. Ice King missed the role of the pink skinned man's eyes.

"This!" Ice King passionately pleaded, "I want you to bring them to life! Fionna, Cake and everyone I want make them real. I want them to be here with me. I want them to love me, and I want to be her hero and be her everything and no tricks! No making the 'book' grow legs and dance around or some imaginary friend thing. I want the real Fionna here in the flesh."

"Fionna?" the man asked with seemingly rapt attention, "The one on the cover, whom I can assume is making hot lip action with you?"

"Yes," Ice King answered, as he double-checked the cover, suddenly a little more self aware. A devil may care smile played on the pink man's lips as he rested his chin onto his twisted fingers.

"You want her here, body and soul, for you and you alone?"

"Yes! Yes! Absolutely yes!" the king crowed in anticipation.

"Hm?" the mysterious creature thoughtfully processed the request in his head, the smile of earlier growing more deeply sinister by the thought. "Fionna the human, heroine of the Land of Aaa. Body and soul… I think I can make something work, that is if you wish it?"

"Yes! I wish it! Everything you just said, body and whatever, I wish for Fionna!" was blurted without a second thought. In that moment he had no more time to think as the wish granter sat up straight, snapped his finger in unison and proclaimed, "Done."


Across time, space and the infinite possibilities, at about the same time Ice King was making his greatest wish, an epic battle was taking place in the Land of Aaa. As epic as the battle was, it was not held between two great armies, but instead just two individuals. It wasn't on some great desolate plain at dawns first light, no this was in the early hours of the night, on the grassy meadows in a funny little tree house in a weeping willow tree. However any bystander outside would have described the start of a second Mushroom War from the sounds, shaking and fleeing birds from the area.

"AAAAAAA" a high pitched voice furiously cried in prelude to a hairbrush crashing through an upstairs window. The cries continued as another thumb and crash echoed within the abode.

"Fionna baby!" a motherly voice pleaded followed by deep sarcastic laughter.

"Is that all you got adventuress?" taunted a young man, right before a chair sailed across the room into his head, to which he dully replied, "Ow."

Front and center of the battle fumed a disheveled blonde teen girl, approximately 14 or 15 years old. She was already a well developed young girl with maybe only a few more inches to grow. Dressed in blues and a white bunny eared hat, she was normally not seen seething at the teeth and brandish furniture over her head. She was also not normally covered head to toe in wiggly red Jell-o which seemed to be hanging off the other two occupants as well.

"What the stuff Marshall Lee?" she bit before she lobbed the dresser drawer Cake normally took her catnaps in. This time the undead teen vampire easily dodged the projectile with a cocky grin on his pale face. Cake however cringed as the wooden drawer smashed and scattered upon the floor. Cockily the vampire opened his fanged mouth to retort, but Fionna wasn't quite done herself.

"I don't get your damage man! You make this big stink about me keeping company with Gumball and now Flame Prince, but than you flopping tell me I'm a stupid lumpy human girl and you could give two booms about me. You act like a total butt and tell me to get the lump out of your life, so I did. But than… on than you do this!"

The adventuress emphasizes her point by flinging red goo from her body as she stretches her arms out wide for all to see. A twinkle of a laugh threatens to play in Marshall's dark eyes, but he somehow manages to subdue the urge.

"You followed Flame Prince and I while we were hanging out, just to pull this… this stupid prank! What were you thinking? Do you know what you did? How much you could have hurt Flame Prince?"

On that accusation his eyes travel down Fionna's arm to her hand, the one that is shinning red and blistering from burns she is currently ignoring. A lesser red stains her cheek too, and it doesn't take an expert to know who gave her both of those injuries. He scoffs at the notion, "Hurt Flame Prince?"

The offhand comment only fuels the proverbial fire as Fionna bitterly shakes her head and turn her away, tears burning in her eyes. She just couldn't understand her hot and cold vampire friend anymore. Over time it seemed their friendship was degrading instead of strengthening, pulling them apart. It was like Marshall Lee, King of the Vampires even after everything, was determined to be the bad guy.

The silence carried on far too long for the vampires likeings as he stared at his human companions backside. Various solutions to the prolonged silence filled Marsall Lee's brain, but when he floated up beside the young woman his mouth inquired, "You know if you're that mad about the Jell-O staining your clothes, I'd be more than happy to suck the red off for you."

"1000 years has really turned your brain to poo," she shook softly.

"What?" he questioned, despite his vampire hearing.

"Get out," Fionna spoke softly staring directly at the wall. Her sister Cake quickly hurried to her side for comfort, no longer attempting to avoid the impending crossfire.

"Oh come on Fionna," Marshall aloofly amended.

"Get out of my house."


"Get the lump out of my life!" she finally roared, turning around to face him with a waterfall of tears. No witty remark escaped the vampires lips after that as he watched her crumble to the floor and cover her face. His expression remained vacant as he turned and floated out of the tree house into the night.

Cake attempted to comfort her baby sister as she sobbed shaking on the floor. The female feline finally took note of the burn on her sister's hand, choosing to fuss over that first and formost, "Oh honey. Let's get something on that burn there."

Her human sister instead mumbled thru her tears and fingers to just leave.

"Fionna?" she couldn't be sure her sister was thinking straight any more.

Sniffling, Fionna lifted her head up and repeated more surely, "Please leave me alone Cake."

The cat hesitated at that, wanting to protest, wanting to comfort her, but eventually conceding, "Call me if you need me."

No more acknowledgment was given as the cream and tan cat exited for the outside to give herself a breath of fresh air too. Her sharp blue eyes looked across the calm meadow and up at the peaceful twinkling stars. She inhaled the clean cool night air through her nose, recomposing her own frayed nerves. A heavy sigh not her own broke the silence, but the cat already knew she wasn't alone.

"I really globbed up this time." The Vampire acknowledged from a above.

"Mm hm," was all she had to say to that.

"I'll just give her some space. She'll come around, she always does."

"I don't know about that," Cake crossed her paws over her chest.

"Whatever. Fionna can't resist me… I mean, no one can. She'll always come back to me because she clearly loves me."

"Just keep telling yourself that."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means, maybe you should be honest and tell the truth," Cake finally resolved to glare at the vampire. Fionna was right she decided, in saying that 1000 years really had turned his brain into poo.

"What truth?" Marshall Lee almost laughed, his eyes unable to meet the cat. Said cat seemed to struggle on her following words, almost too disgusted to speak them.

"That it's you who…"

Before she could complete her thought a familiar shrill scream echoes within the house. No longer an angry or frustrated scream, but the kind where your suddenly caught off guard and very, very scared.

"Fionna!" Marshall reacted in the blink of an eye, instantly to the spot she had last been. Cake soon followed, as fast as her cat paws could take her just in time to see Marshall Lee tear upstairs still calling out the adventuress's name. The cat paused on the spot her sister had last been, seeing Jell-o spatter outlining the spot she was sitting and her sword discarded outside. The cat could see that her sister had been scratching at the floor with her treasured weapon, drawing random lines in the wood. She drew closer to the spot, feeling strong residual heat on the floor right where her sister was.

Startling her out of her examination Marshall Lee informed, "She's not upstairs either. I can't tell that anyone else was here or broke in."


"What Cake?" he questioned with a barely hidden edge. The cat still stared intently at the circle of red slush on the floor. Gingerly Marshall Lee approached behind her, now truly examining the scene before him. The heat radiating off the floor was even more apparent to the undead teen, sensing the ripple in the air above too. His brow furrowed and he ran his hand through his dark locks of hair, "What in the Night-O-Sphere. Someone or something opened a major … MAJOR portal here, and closed it up in a hurry."

"Are you telling me my baby sister's been kidnapped?"

"By some seriously hellish dark magic."

Cake glanced up at the Vampire King, who was floating away clawing at his brain with both hand. Seeing such a loose of compsure and visible worry in him of all people, made the cat feel even more helpless.

"Oh Fionna, baby, where did they take you?"


There's the first chapter. I hope you enjoyed it thus far and will stay with me on this adventure.
I honestly wanted to write this story because while looking over a lot of Fionna and Cake related stories, I found one thing missing from a lot of them: ADVENTURE! Not that I don't enjoy Slice of Life and Romance stories, but I felt like Fionna, Cake and Co. have much more adventures to tell us. Also I'm a little obsessed with how Ooo and Aaa could realistically meet. Okay, well... as realistic as Adventure Time can be.

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