Chapter 1: Go Fish

"Go Fish!" Anakin crowed triumphantly at his Padawan.

Ahsoka frowned and grabbed a card from the deck. "How can you not have any threes? Didn't you ask Padme if she had any threes, like, four rounds ago?"

Obi-Wan answered, "He did, but I took them. By the way, Ahsoka, do you have any threes?"

The Togruta scowled at him and passed him her three of clubs. Anakin laughed and then put on his "intense" game face. It made him look constipated. "Okay, Padme. Do you have… wait…"

Ahsoka and Padme giggled at his face. "Wait… just a second… oh. Do you have any aces?"

"No. Go Fish."

He sighed and grabbed a card from the deck. Padme assumed her politician face and glared at all three Jedi. They practically wilted under her gaze, which was exactly what she wanted. "Obi-Wan."

"Uh… yes, ma'am?" The Jedi Master asked, frightened.

"Do you have..." she paused for emphasis. "any kings?"

"Yes, ma'am," he muttered, and passed her two kings.

Padme smiled, satisfied. She now had three kings.

"Padme?" Ahsoka asked, half terrified at the prospects of what she was going to do. "Do-uh- you have-um- any kings?"

"AGH!" the Senator yelled in frustration. "YES, DAMN YOU!" Then she threw the three kings viciously at the young Padawan, the king of hearts landing on Ahsoka's knee, the king of diamonds two feet away from their circle, and the king of clubs falling limply in front of the Togruta's foot.

"Uh- thank you," Ahsoka whimpered, picking up her cards.

Still having an expression of complete and utter terror on his face, Obi-Wan tentatively turned to Anakin. "Anakin, do you happen to have a six?"

Mace Windu, who had been passing by the four of them, stopped and stared. "Master Kenobi, what did you just say?"

"I asked him if he had a six."

"Why would you ask him that?"

"We're playing Go Fish," Ahsoka explained to the Jedi Master, suddenly deciding to smile brightly up at him. "Do you know how to play?"

"Yes," Mace answered. "But, you see, I have important Jedi Council business…"

"No, you don't," Obi-Wan said indignantly. "If you did, I would too. Or have you forgotten I'm on the Council with you?"

"Uh…" Mace rubbed his head and then sat down on the ground with the four of them. "Oh, all right, I'll play Go Fish with you."

Gasp! Our heroes reduced Mace Windu to a player of child games!

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