Balalaika's helicopter took Revy and Rock back to the Roanapur Convention Center where the others are waiting. They were immediately examined by the medical technicians. All of them suffered injuries, most are cuts and concussions, none life threatening. The pirates had over a hundred dead, plus a few dozen injured. Cops and investigators swarmed on the center after medical men removed the dead and rushed the wounded to the hospital.

Benny arrived aboard another of Chang's large chopper and the Lagoon guys had a reunion in an ambulance.

"You guys okay?" Benny asked with a smile. "Sorry I missed the fun."

"Hell of a battle," Revy said weakly.

Chang approached the gang with Roberta and Lotton on his heels. "So. I would like to congratulate you guys for a job well done," Chang said. "Who says criminals couldn't do something good?"

The Lagoon crew laughed. "So what happens to the nukes?" asked Dutch.

"They will be sent back to China. Don't worry, I'm not planning on selling any of it."

"I knew you wouldn't," Dutch assured the Chinese boss.

"I'm sorry for your boat, Dutch. Rest assured you will be compensated."

Dutch shrugged. "It could be repaired. Just help me transport it back here."

"You got it." Chang extended a hand. "Next time, Dutch."

Dutch shook it. "Anytime, Chang."

Revy stood up. "Hey, Mr. Chang! We'll have a little celebration later at Yellow Flag. Bring the boys and we'll drink till dawn."

Chang thought about it. "Then see you later." He waved as he walked away.

Dutch turned to Lotton and Roberta. "What about you guys?"

Lotton shrugged. "My boat is gone anyway, I have nowhere to go. I'd say I'll join the party."

"You're a good man, Lotton. Thanks for everything."

"I think I'll be staying here for a while," Roberta said.

Revy didn't want to say it, but she was glad these two are with them. Without Lotton and Roberta the ending could be very much different.

"Thank you, guys," Rock finally mused. "I knew I could count on you all. Especially you, Revy."

Revy eyed him suspiciously. "You seemed to enjoy your captivity, Rock. That Sukandar bitch has a terrific body."

"Yeah she's got boobs the size of watermelons," Lotton added.

Rock swallowed. "Uhhh…Stockholm syndrome?"

Dutch rolled his eyes. "Here we go again."

Benny took out a bag from his pocket. "Hey I found this at the island. I guess finders keepers." He tossed the bag to Dutch.

Dutch opened it and out spills hundreds of diamonds.

"WHOA!" Revy exclaimed.

Lotton whistled.

"We'll divide it later."

"Let's go!" Revy shouted. "I'm dying for a cold beer!"

Rock looked at the ocean again. He was still alive. He was still in this city. With friends that cared for him.

This is home.

Black Lagoon: Ocean of Death

Written by Gene Akizuki

Based on Black Lagoon created by Rei Hiroe

All characters here are fictional unless specified

Special thanks to:

Widi Sukandar, who let me used her name and taught me a lot about penchak silat and Indonesian cultures.

The readers and reviewers. Thank you for all your love. You guys give me the inspiration to write more fast-paced action stories.