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' - inner thoughts.

''- regular thoughts.


''Only two things are infinite , the universe and human stupidity , and I'm not sure about the former.''-Albert Einstein

Sometimes I do unexpected things without thinking of the consequences. Reading books always seemed like a safer choice, where I could explore the vast lands through the eyes of the author.

My imagination always had a way of running away from me especially when I liked to daydream.

Which was an everyday occurrence, I strived for something new to believe so I could stop the wile barrage of emotions that I had to keep hidden way day by day. I tried to keep these emotions bottled up as best as I could, but my best friend always predicted the day that god might smite me if I didn't let our these emotions.

Music was like chocolate to me, calming to a T, but always left me in a different mood every-time.

Classical music was like an innocent hymn to my soul, I enjoyed it greatly.

I, Melissa Candace Lee, was a 19 year old virgin. I'd like to think that I would be fine with my decision to quell in the life of abstinence, but there were the side effects for staying a saint.

I was afraid to take risks because I had never had a boyfriend ,it's not like I had a disease, it just I had no experience, I found that I had a lot in common with Bella Swan, but there were several differences to name a few.

While her dark brown eyes described were of dark chocolate with long wavy locks to match, I had auburn red highlights in my hair that reached mid-back in loose curls that I kept in different styles of barrettes, clips, scrunches and eyes were chocolate brown to a fault.

I had too many issues to booth, while Bella was sick around blood, I was sick around needles. Just the glint of it made me freak out.

She had a controlling, over-bearing, over-protective, vampire boy-friend who practically dictated her life and treated her like a porcelain doll, I had over-protective, over-bearing parents who were divorced.

Bear in mind, divorces are not a good thing. You best try not to turn your parents on each other; chances are they are already doing it themselves.

While my mother is 'cool' with me having a boy-friend, my father isn't all that optimistic.

My older brother Aidan could care less. He was too busy focusing on him to bother asking me if I had an interest in any guys, or would keep an eye on his friends when they were over at our house.

His friends had an unhealthy like for me; politely I declined any and all of their advances.

Honestly, who would ever continue to date a guy that was trying to control them, not to mention, he was faster, stronger and could read your mind.

I mentally scoffed...an insane person...

I wonder if the reason he couldn't read her mind, and his quest to do so, was the only reason Edward ever stayed with her.

Twilight was often very debatable; no girl in her right mind would ever stay with a self-righteous, over-protective prick. He practically told her to stay away from her family, not that Bella was ever close to her parents in particular, she even called her father by his first name, and no daughter would disrespect her father that way.

She insults the town as soon as she arrives, the school and the car her father bought for her even though she fakes the enthusiasm when she receives it.

She is too whiny, too naive and above all too clumsy. Could she be any more stupid?

My fingers tapped wordlessly against the mahogany desk in the library, this week's assignment involved the concept of 'Theory of Relativity' as well as the 'Time Space Continuum.'

You gotta love Science.

I'm not a geek; I'm a nerd …plain and simple. I will not deny my origins of the science, because I believe there was a reason for everything, the proof of the formula was there, and it was just simple theory.

I concentrated on writing down some of Albert Einstein's points of 1939' who would've known that the guy who was a pacifist and strived for peace, what his formula was being used for in this day and age.

He gave his formula to the world on the promise that it would be used for world peace; well the government had other plans as it were.

I finished off my last assignment before putting back the book I had borrowed onto the shelf. I would borrow it at another time. I looked out the window towards the pouring dewdrops as it began falling even harder.

I shrugged on my rain-coat and secured my hair into my hat just in case. I passed Ms. Pat, the librarian and gave a casual wave as I moved to get my bag from the security guard.

Ms. Pat called after me, ''be careful out there Mel.'' I nodded at her politely. She was always caring.

Believe it or not, people do steal books.

After securing my satchel I pushed the door opening, immediately I could feel the coldness as it hit my palms with an unknown force. I looked up toward the dark and stormy clouds that looked menacing. I tugged my coat closer to me, I sighed when I barely received any warmth.

I pondered on the comforts of my own home, the fireplace we had in our three story house which only got used during power surges, flash floods, Christmas and horrible weather in general, so I began my walk home, determined to have some hot chocolate with marshmallows as soon I reached home.

What I didn't count on was god finally speaking up that day. Stupid -smart-intrusive-best-friends and karma .

I was only seven blocks from my house before I heard it.

It felt like a ripping sound, then the eerie silence you get that gives you goosebumps ,knowing something bad was going to happen…which your instincts are normally spot on.

I wasn't prepared for it at all.

It would seem fate was toying with me…because it shouldn't be physically possible to survive the strike of a lightening, no matter what they say on television, it is not easily explained, you get hit, you are done for.

Then like a baseball hitting the bat, it descended with a blue flash.

I didn't have time to move before I felt the zing of electricity traveling all over my body.

I knew nothing more after that.

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