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Chapter 1 – I should be dead

I shouldn't be feeling like this thought Melissa. She rested against the marble desk, trying to gather her wits. Undiagnosed depression was hard to catch, but she knew she had it.

She looked at the old beat up copy of Twilight. The front was nearly faded, it had doggie ears from the amount of times she bookmarked her favourite pages. It was an old book.

She glanced at the clock, noting that it was nearing the library's closing time. She practically shoved everything into her satchel.

Enya was soothing. The rain that threatened to soak, was not.

Her footsteps picked up a fast pace, she was nearly home .Only two more streets and she would be there. Her humble abode.

Melissa Katherine Pierce was 16. She was quite, a bit of a social butterfly and loved to take pictures.

She always carried a few things in her satchel, a few notebooks, usb drive of all the twilight books, the first edition of twilight, a lighter, a dagger and a blue scarf.

It never killed to be prepared. Her grandfather was a doomsday prepper.

She closed her eyes, standing, her eyes squinted and the brown irises zoomed in on the tendrils of raindrops. It was like looking through a telescope.

I have legolas eyes, She smiled.

She ran a hand through her short black hair that fell past her shoulders. In a fit of rage, she had cut her long brown hair and had dyed it. All because she was frustrated.

She mused for a moment, twirl one of the locks.

Britney Spears and I have something in common now

Her phone rang, she fumbled a bit, before clicking 'talk' on her headset.


'Hey mellybelly'

She smiled. It was her cousin Aaron. Aaron Rojas was 6'2, slightly afro-trinidadian but actually a 'red-man'. She really wished he was her brother sometimes, not her cousin-in-law. He was married to one of her cousins, yet she knew him since she was a pre-teen, so he was practically family.

'Hey strawberry'

He also got her interested in the anime Bleach, where the protagonist, Ichigo Kurosaki was a protector and substitute soul reaper. 'Ichigo 'in Japanese meant strawberry and protector.

'You home?'

'No, I'm walking there now.'

'Alright, open the gate for me please' She could almost see his grin.

'No worries, I will.'

He hung up and her Enya started playing again.

The rain picked up, she started jogging , the cold water already drenching her, she could feel it on her skin.

Then she heard it.

Thunder, like a canon blast, it was getting closer.

She all but ran.

She grabbed her headphones and stuffed it into her satchel. She tightened her hoodie. Her teeth were chattering endlessly.

A wind picked up , blowing leaves all around her, pieces of paper were flying all over the place.

'Why is this happening to me.'

The thunder was closer, it was picking up a steady pace.

Then it struck.

She screamed.

Her sight was going, the last thought she had was.

I should be dead.