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****Chapter 20****

''In modern war... you will die like a dog for no good reason.''-Ernest Hemingway

If Melissa was a Marauder.

''Angela where are you?'' Mel's voice shouted over the loud yelling that was Alice's continuing rants about how everything had to be perfect for Bella's wedding which was a week away.

Angela winced at her best friend's loudness before her eyes met the forestry of Ipswich, Massachusetts. She blinked back the tears that were starting to form due to the dry moisture caused by the blistering heat that didn't seem to end.

'Thank god for tank tops.'

She was grateful to get out of the cold and rainy weather conditions that were her hometown of Forks, but getting used to Ipswich, would take a while.

The call that had saved her from Alice's wedding planner rants were Mel's mother, who was staying for a few days until she left with her.

Apparently Evelyn Danvers needed an assistant to organize her vast library, that hadn't been cleaned or dusted for the better part of a decade.

Her phone beeped again, signaling another call, she switched to her other line as the happily spontaneous mother of her best friend and her boss started to talk.

''Ange…where are you sweetie?'' Anna's bell like voice asked.

Angela scanned around the area for a minute before parking her car to the side.

''I don't know…I can only see trees…trees and more trees…'' She said reluctantly walking a foot away from her car.

''Did you past any places before you entered the empty road?'' Anna inquired.

''Hmm—yeah—err-Nicky's!'' She recalled, seeing the bar she was at half an hour ago, a good place for teens and townspeople to communicate.

''Eve say's one of her son's friends will be right there to guide you…don't move.'' Anna instructed.

''Alright…bye.'' She said hanging up before switching back to Mel's call.

''Dude…Angela…you let go…Angela…you said you'd never let go…''Mel cried out dramatically.

Angela shook her head. ''Mel!—now is not the time to be doing a parody of Titanic.''

''Fine-You're no fun''

'''Ha ha ha—''She starts to chuckle before she spots a black hummer approaching her.

''I'll have to call you back Mel… helps arrived.'' She smiled but she grinned to herself as two guys got out of the hummer, both awfully attractive, one with blonde hair that looked windswept and grey eyes that pierced hers, the other, with curly brown hair and baby blue eyes.

'Thank you Mrs. Caffrey.'

''You're Angela Webber?'' Blue eyed hottie asked.

She nodded. ''You're?''

''I'm Tyler Simms….''—

''And I'm Reid Garwin…'' the blonde smirked holding out a hand

She flashed a smile at Tyler before looking at Reid.

''Pleasure.'' She said dryly shaking his hand.

Tyler chuckled under his breath. ''So—ah—just follow us.''

''Okay—thanks'' she cracked a small smile.

Walking to her car, she strapped in her seat-belt before pulling off from the curb and following the hummer that started to speed up.

Inside the hummer, Reid was annoyed.

''Who is this chick? 'He asked to no one in particular.

''According to the text from Caleb, she's a friend of his mother's friend's daughter who lives in Forks, Washington.'' Tyler answered shifting gears.

''Forks?'' Reid's eyebrows rose.

Tyler hummed. ''Yep…the rainiest place in the capital.''

'Angela Webber...huh? This is going to be an interesting couple of days.' He mused thoughtfully as his grip adjusted on the steering wheel, his regular black gloves glinting against the sun's glare.

Mel huffed irritably as she lay on the Cullen's couch, while absentmindedly twirling a lock of her brown curly hair that was unkempt at the moment after having washing it and then deciding she didn't want to blow-dry but air-dry her air.

'I'm so bored.'

She snuck a glance at Esme who was busy preparing dinner for her and Bella, who was at the moment, presumably in the meadow with Edward.

Someone gag her with all the amount of mush she was witnessing.

'Maybe you miss Marcus.' Her thoughts strayed to the ole vampire who she was so fond of.

'I wonder what he's doing.'

She shook her head violently. 'Don't think about it.'

''Mel?' Nigel's voice snapped her out of her thought; she turned her head to the side to see her best friend, looking down at her with her gold eyes twinkling merrily, while a smile tugged at his lips.

''Are you done speaking to yourself?'' He bent down low beside her as she started to sputter.

''I—I wasn't.'' She denied vehemently flaying her arms wildly.

He grinned before grabbing her hand, ''let's begin shall we!''

She adopted a small smirk on her face before following up the stairs to Alice's room.

''Are you blocking?'' Mel asked nervously hoping he was using his powers, before walking to the large walk-in closet.

He nodded. ''I have been for the last hour…don't wanna give away the secret before we start.''

She started browsing through the racks before spotting the garment bag, without a thought she took it and tossed it to Nigel.

He caught it effortlessly as she closed the closet doors and walked to her room where the sewing machine sat innocently on her bedside table.

Nigel had already taken the dress out of the bag before Melissa started snipping away at the fabric like a mad scientist.

Nigel whistled lowly.

White cloth hit the grown at his feet followed by lace as she began taking apart the seams, then Melissa let out an unexpected gasp.

''Shit—we forgot our scents.''

She turned to Nige expectantly. ''Go to Newton's and get some Febreeze.''

His eyebrows rose before he was out the door.

She sighed exasperatedly before continuing to tinker on the dress, readjusting the size that once fit Bella; even Elizabeth Swan would have problems breathing in the dress.

Removing the three layer lace within the skirt she left only one, so if it got wet, and she was counting on it, it would be an entertaining show for her cousin.

Take that Edward…you old prude.

She cackled as she pulled in the seams around the bust area before she began to sew back everything, Alice wouldn't be able to tell the difference until after Bella tried on the dress, it pays to have fashion in the family.

''I'm back! ''Nigel announced walking into the room just as Melissa finished putting the final touches on the dress before grabbing the Febreeze from Nigel's outstretched hand and began spraying it like she was applying bug repellant.

He grabbed it out of her had after five minutes.

''Mel, I think it's good.'' He yelled holding against his chest, Mel looked down sheepishly.

''Sorry.'' She smiled.

He took the garment bag from before disappearing.

''Did you get the shoes?'' She asked once he reappeared.

He silently handed her a box with a pair of Jimmy shoes, that was exquisitely made in pure white with a few diamonds that curved into an 'S' in the front.

''Wow!'' She traced her hand hesitantly over the diamonds before giving it to him as she grabbed the similar box, that was under her bed and replaced the contents of each box, Bella was a size '6' , while she was an '8', so she had the shoes prepared after a week of arriving.

Nigel saluted before speeding back into the room and placing the box below the garment bag, giving a few more sprites of the air-freshener until it was finished, he calmly walked out the room.


Melissa grinned rubbing her hands together mischievously. 'I miss YouTube.'

''Good—let the games begin!''

Angela stepped out of her Chevy Impala '67, slamming the door while shouldering her bag, as she followed behind Tyler.

''Angela dear—''she was enveloped in a cold set of arms, familiar to her as she caught the scent of Chanel No.5 radiating off of her best friend's mother.

''Mrs. Caffrey!'' She smiled hugging back the petite woman.

Releasing her hold on the taller girl, Anna smiled up at Angela, ''I told to call me Anna…Ange!'' She mock glared.

Angela just smiled and looked at the other woman who was approaching them.

''So you must be Angela!'' Evelyn Danvers smiled shrewdly.

Angela nodded almost hesitantly but offering a hand, ''It's a pleasure to meet you Ms. Danvers.''

Evelyn turned her head, hiding her smile as she shook her hand. ''Nice to meet you too, I've heard wonderful things.''

She pulled the younger woman behind her as she ascended the stairs. ''Now, I have a big bookcase, so be careful…some of these ole tomes are rather…heavy.''

She walked towards a pair of mahogany doors, Angela noticed that the gold paint that once adorned the delicately designed handles was fading into deep bronze.

''Here we are.'' Evelyn announced turning the handles before sliding the doors apart to reveal a mini library, where an ole fireplace was to the end of the room, cold and unused as if it hadn't been touched in years.

There were rows and rows of books, some falling over each other, some had cob webs over the majority of the cover while others rested helplessly on the floor.

Angela's jaw-dropped. ''H—how—did?'' She gaped openly at the state of the library. Her brown eyes trailed over to the rather tall bookcase, which had a ladder that rested off the side of it innocently.

''Let me take your jacket dear.'' Angela wordlessly handed over her brown coat as Evelyn walked out of the room shutting the door behind her.

She sighed before grabbing her hair tie off her wrist and pulling her brown locks into a ponytail.

''Let's get started.'' She announced brightly before picking up a random book.

''A Series of Unfortunate events, how befitting!'' She chuckled dryly.

Downstairs in the living room, Anna quietly conversed with her friend.

''How long do you think she'll be there before she comes out?'' Anna asked curiously.

Evelyn glanced briefly at the stairs before answering. ''She's a smart girl, she'll be finished in no time.''

Anna nodded. ''But of course she will.''

In another side of the house conversed two gentlemen, who were waiting on the two youngest of their group, ,the oldest had tanned skinned, with black spiked hair and a fringe that fell lightly on his head, dark brown eyes held wisdom and apathy, his aura was calming yet dangerous.

His voice rumbled powerfully as he greeted the younger two of their quartet. ''Tyler…Reid! '' He greeted them, but his eyes narrowed in slight interest at the blonde.

''Is something wrong Reid?'' He asked raising an eyebrow.

Reid shrugged unconvincingly. ''It's nothing.''

Beside him Tyler laughed before trying to hide it behind a cough, mumbling a slight, ''Liar'' under his breathe, yet they all heard it.

Reid glared at him openly before turning away as he tried to avoid their amused gazes.

The second had light brown hair, but longer almost to his shoulders, his hazel brown eyes were piercing as he continued to play with a set of keys on a skull key-ring decided to voice his thoughts.

''Is it a girl?'' he teased.

Tyler laughed as Reid's scowl became more prominent.

''Fuck you guys!'' He huffed irate,folding his arms across his chest.

Caleb's hands flew up calmly. ''We're not trying to rub it in Reid…but it would be nice to see one girl constantly instead of the many, many, many we see occasionally.''

Pogue sent him a small grin. ''Plus maybe it would help your image if girls didn't think you were an ass the minute you open your mouth.''

Tyler clasped a reassuring hand on his friends shoulder. ''But we got your back though bro.''

Subconsciously he traced the patterns on his gloves before placing a hand on the bridge of his nose. ''I need some air.''

He left the room.

The guys traded glances before Caleb turned to Tyler. ''Do you know the girl?''

Tyler smiled. ''Yep, she's in the house now.''

Pogue turned to Caleb smirking. ''Why don't we have a look see on the subject of interest our dear Mr. Garwin has seemed to be infatuated with.''

Caleb matched his smirk with a wide grin, ''let's.''

Fixing his leather jacket, Pogue followed aimlessly behind Caleb with Tyler trailing after them as they walked to the library at the other end of the house.

A sudden thought occurred to Tyler as he turned to his leader, ''Where's Sara?''

''With Kate—before you ask, they're shopping for some last minute things for the wedding'' Caleb replied turning towards along corridor.

''Women.'' They shook their heads in unison.

A loud crash was heard as soon as they were in the view of the old study—err—library.

As one their eyes bled midnight black unconsciously before reverting back to their regular colors, it was a common occurrence, since the whole 'Chase fiasco'.

The four men were the Sons of Ipswich, Caleb Danvers, Pogue Perry, Reid Garwin and lastly the baby of the group, Tyler Simms.

But there was a fifth son, his name was Chase Collins, born Chase Goodwin Pope, the fifth line of Ipswich that was thought to have died out with his father.

Chase happened to transfer into the boys last year of high school at Spenser Academy; he already had a hold on his powers and was addicted to it.

Sara, Caleb's girlfriend at the time was also a transfer from Boston Public and had met Chase as well as the Sons, whom they thought was normal, but he wasn't, he carried a deep hatred and resentment for the other four families.

Kate, Pogue's girlfriend, was the first attacked by Chase by the 'Spider Curse', he sent to her in her dorm, since she was also Sara's roommate, things became more panic.

The Sons of Ipswich were witches that could do magic, but the power they held, was their lifespan that could become addictive if they didn't control it well enough.

Eventually the fight at Putnam Barn, the night of Caleb's accent into his full powers, after his father's willing of his own power, Caleb was able to overpower Chase, saving Sara who was kidnapped by Chase.

The guys pushed back the mahogany doors and chuckled at the uncanny site before them.

A mountain of books was on the floor, along with the wooden book case ladder that had needed to be replaces, since it was old and decrepit. Reid was holding a beautiful brunette in his arms; she seemed to be in shock.

Caleb cleared his throat. ''Are we interrupting something?''

Tyler laughed openly, ''Decided to read a book?''

Pogue glanced at the now blushing Angela who had jumped out of Reid's arms and fidgeted under his gaze. ''And who –is this?''

Angela waved lightly. ''Hi-I'm Angela.''

She fixed her glasses as they were askew on her face before bending back down to pick up the books.

'Ignore them, maybe they'll go away.'

She tried to zone them out, but they kept trying to make conversation with her, she blinked in surprise as Reid bent down to help her pick up the remainder of the fallen books.

''You don't have to do this.'' She said trying to grab the books from her.

He held them away from her and smiled demurely. ''I want to.''

Caleb smiled knowingly at the couple, they were, however,unaware of the deviousness that would befall them.

Seattle, WA

''The world has changed.'' Marcus said contemplatively as he stood against his lavish bed, while looking out against the windows into the pouring rain.

'' Master, I have found the location to the Cullen residence. ''Demetri announced walking into the room.

The Volturi King looked up in a flash. ''We leave immediately—and make haste.''

Demetri, Alec along with Afton and Heidi pulled on their cloaks, before Marcus nodded to Demetri who zoomed out in a flash.

'I'm coming, my sweet.' He thought as his mind flashed to his mate, who kept outsmarting him. All the same, he was in love with her.

Forks, WA

Mel felt a chill run down her spine.

'Something doesn't feel right.'

She looked at Nigel who was bust trying to figure out Edward's honeymoon itinerary , she knew she could've just told him, they were going to Esme's island, but how could she prove it?

Nigel paused him speed typing and sat up straighter.

''You're boyfriend's coming.''

Mel spluttered. '''He—he –isn't.''

She huffed indignantly. ''Wait—when's he coming?''

Nigel glanced at her anxiously. ''In about an hour or less, give or take a few minutes.''

''Shit—shit—shitty- -shit—shit! ''She cursed out loud and began pacing.

''He can't find me here!'' She took out her phone and sent a mass text to the Cullens before running to grab her coat.

''How fast can you get me to La Push—like seriously.'' She asked, leaning with her hands firmly on her hips.

''In about 10 minutes, if we hurry. '' He calculated.

She grabbed his hands. ''Now's the time to get up and go-'' He stopped her.

''Don't you think it would be best to see him now, before he decides to maim people?''

She bit her lip hard. ''I don't' want to run anymore, but you know how my temper is.''

''Why is life so complicated…why did it have to be a Vampire king…why not a shape shifter—at least with them, I know I have boundaries.'' She protested loudly.

''So what are you going to do?''

Mel looked up. ''I'll see him.''

''I see, well I best no be here then, the Volturi has it out for me.'' He replied before exiting.

''I need a best friend!'' She whined out loud before taking out her cellphone.

Speed-dialing Angela, she waited for the phone to connect her.

No answer.

'Why today of all days you chose not to answer.'

Her nerves were on edge as she waited.

The door to her room opened as Alice poked her head in.

''Hey…I got your message, what's up?''

Her eyes looked at Alice intently, ''Marcus…is on his way here.''

Alice nearly collapsed. ''But—I didn't see anything.''

She flew out the door and started gathering the rest of the family in the living room.

Mel could hear their loud exclamations and worry vibrate through the whole house, Emmett being the most vocal.


''They're on their way here.''-

''But Bella-''

''Carlisle, what are we going to do? 'Esme fretted.

''Everyone just remain calm'' Carlisle yelled steadily.

''How come you didn't see this? 'Edward demanded as he held Bella protectively around the waist against his side.

''I don't know Edward, I've been a little bit busy planning your wedding while you're frolicking in the meadow of yours.'' Alice snapped back.

Bella trembled unconsciously as she recalled those ruby red eyes that seemed to scar the surface of her retinas.

Melissa fixed her wild curls in a messy bun before she walked down the stairs softly.

'' Everyone calm the hell down, Nigel's powers was affecting Alice's somehow, but we'll get to that later, what's more important is keeping our cool, even if one of the kings are coming. 'She said coolly, even if she just wanted to scream and hide herself.

Before anyone had a chance to rebuttal, the doorbell rang.

They all traded meaningful glances before Carlisle walked towards the door, with Emmett and Jasper flanking him.

Melissa stayed behind and sat on the posh couch, her hands curled into closed fists as she tried not to fidget.

'God, angels above, please let everything go smoothly.' She pleaded to God.


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