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****Chapter 22****

''In modern war... you will die like a dog for no good reason.''-Ernest Hemingway

Meet and greet

Damon was fairly irritated and when he was irritated, he did stupid things which irrevocably angered his little brother.

Saint Stephan was the good child, the apple of his father's eye, he was the first choice even when Damon was the first born. He had enlisted in the army to get away from his father when it had become too much. Then he had met Katherine, the woman who he thought was the love of his life, who he had been living through endless immortal days for 164 years. The same Katherine who had betrayed him.



His head swirled around to see Stephan, so lost in thought and hatred he didn't even hear him. When Elena had chosen to erase his memory of her, he found solace in Bonnie, who had become his rock, his best friend.

He knew once Kai had tied Elena's life to Bonnie's, it was no longer about keeping the woman who he thought he could love alive anymore. She had made that decision without him. The only person who ever really saw him was Bonnie. The good and the bad, and the very, very ugly. Bonnie Bennett, his bon-bon saved his life, even when he threatened to kill her, even when he gave no thought to what would happen to her every time she helped him, help Elena. He attacked her countless of times, she gave as good as she got, cementing the respect in his eyes.

He just needed away to unlink Bonnie from Elena, so that he could tell her, so that Bonnie could stop feeling guilty about things that weren't her fault. Bonnie had lost a lot, her parents and her grams. He knew it was selfish, but he knew it was Bonnie, from the moment she sacrificed herself to send him back to their world from the other side. The moment he smelt those familiar pancakes on the hotplate, the mesmerizing glint of her emerald eyes that had warmed up to him, given him hope. She had returned to him.


Stephan observed his older brother, the uncharacteristic way in which Damon would gaze after Bonnie once she had returned from the other side. He knew Damon no longer held the same longing and devotion for Elena. Damon seemed best suited for Bonnie, someone who he could meet as an equal. Bonnie kept Damon sane on the other side, giving him hope that they would return to the real world.

She saved him.

''We're here.''

Damon nodded, ''let's get this over with.''

He followed behind his brother when he was cut off by a black hummer swerving in the Cullen driveway.

Four guys got out of the vehicle, two brunettes, one blonde and a raven.

''Pogue I hope you got the right address.'' The elder male, who had slightly spiked raven hair. His light brown eyes glinted, the edges of his mouth coming into a slow scowl.

'Pogue' the brunette with near shoulder length straight hair, grunted. ''Reid has the address Caleb, ask him.''

Caleb turned to Reid, ''Well?''

The blonde male smirked, ''It's here alright.''

''Reid, try not to hit on my godmother's daughter, she'll probably punch you in the face.''

Reid laughed, ''Sounds like my kind of chick.''

The curly haired brunette next to him laughed. ''What you laughing at baby boy?''

'Baby boy' turned to Reid, ''I'm beginning to like the vibe of this place.''

Pogue deadpanned, ''Forks is the rainiest place in Washington Tyler.''

Tyler grinned, ''exactly.''

Mel huffed irritably as she lay on the Cullen's couch, while absentmindedly twirling a lock of her brown curly hair that was unkempt at the moment after having washing it and then deciding she didn't want to blow-dry but air-dry her air.

'I'm so bored.'

She snuck a glance at Esme who was busy preparing dinner for her, when her cellphone rang.



Her heart stopped for a moment and began beating erratically. Esme picked up on his disgruntled state, she walked up and slide next to her.

''Uncle Charlie?''

''How's Bella?''

''Bella woke up.''

Melissa closed her eyes in a silent thank you.

''Good, that's good. I'll have mom send her a basket, I know how much she hates hospitals.''

Charlie chuckled lowly, ''She's gonna be monitored for the next twenty four hours, part of the hospital's suicide watch.''

Melissa winced. ''I understand, give Bella my love, I hope to see her soon.''

''Will do kiddo. Love ya, bye.''

''Don't worry I'll take care of Aunt Eve, Love ya.''

She looked at Esme who gave her a happy smile before she walked off to phone Carlisle.

Melissa began to drift before she decided to take a quick walk.

''Esme I'm gonna take a short walk, I'll be back.''

''Alright dear, stay close to the border.''

Melissa walked out , adjusting her brown knee length coat, she didn't glance down.


She nearly tripped on a step.

Her eyes widened taking in the four forms of the sons of Ipswich.


Memories assaulted her brain, the Melissa of this world seemed to have a deep bond with the sons.

Caleb was her god-brother.

She walked up to him slowly, surprising him with a hug. ''It's good to see you.''

He laughed, ''It has been five years.''

Caleb glanced back at his friends, ''you remember Pogue, Reid and Tyler?''

Melissa grinned nervously, ''How could I get, the brawler, the blonde and the baby boy.''

They shared a laugh.

She had met Pogue Perry when he had stopped a pervert for her when they were 12. Reid was a flirt then and Tyler, the baby of the group was super shy.

Reid smirked walking up to the tanned brunette.

''Well, well …..''

A throat cleared and Mel paled.

Damon strutted over to her, ''we need to talk.''

''Huh….hello Mr. Salvatore, what can I do for you..both?'' She looked behind him to see Stephan.

He looks like an Abercrombie model, so unfair.

''How long do you think she'll be there before she comes out?'' Ana asked curiously.

Ana had received a call from her brother, she sat next to her best friend.

Evelyn held her friends' hand in comfort.

''I see, thanks Char-Bear.''

Ana looked at Eve, ''She's going to be okay, Bella will be back as soon as she's discharged.

''Do you really think it's a good idea?''

The petite woman shook her head, ''We keep her way she attempts to kill herself, bringing her back to the source of her pain isn't going to help anybody, least of all Bella. We'll have to get her some counselling and I've already warned Edward.''

''Good, the boy was too creepy for my taste, she better be paired with my one of my son's friends. Probably Tyler, he's a sweetheart.''


''You remember them?''

Ana grinned, ''Of course, his mother is great listener and one hell of a drinker.''

Eve laughed out loud recalling Elizabeth Simms drinking two bottles of Russian vodka and a couple of tequila shots, the life of memorable Christmas party in 95.

Evelyn glanced briefly at her engagement ring, ''If anything I'm sure Melissa will guilt it out of her anyway.

Anna nodded. ''But of course she will.''

In another side of Cullen land conversed six gentlemen and one very confused young woman, the oldest had tanned skinned, with black spiked hair and a fringe that fell lightly on his head, dark brown eyes held wisdom and apathy, his aura was calming yet dangerous. The slightly taller male, had near shoulder length brown hair, but his eyes were narrowed into slits. The blonde next to him was trying to keep his temper in check at the older male with piercing blue eyes that had cut him off earlier. The youngest was trying to keep his friend from starting anything with two unknown entities. The last man, remained silent, his green eyes surveying the other males before landing on the sheepishly looking female who refused to meet anyone's eyes.

His voice rumbled powerfully, ''what have you gotten into this time Mel?'' Caleb's eyes never left Damon, everything about him screamed dangerous.

Melissa would've laughed if she didn't know the truth in the matter, she was a danger magnet like her cousin. She sighed loudly.

''It's a long complicated story.''

''Please enlighten us would you?'' Damon growled lowly.

''Cool it Damon,'' Stephan snapped.

''I really don't like that guy,'' Reid said under his breath.

Damon's ears picked up on it and he smiled coldly at Reid.

''The thing is guys, we're kind of busy here with a potential war on the horizon, regarding the Volturi.''

''The who?'' the Salvatore brothers said in unison.

''The Volturi are the self-proclaimed kings of the vampire world, three very powerful beings with a castle and honor guard with special abilities,'' she explained.


A sudden realization came to Damon, ''you're dealing with your own originals.''

She nodded, ''In a nutshell.''

''That's bullshit.'' Reid snared.

She shrugged helplessly, ''I know with everything with Chase, I don't want to involve you, but I'm protecting my family here, the Cullen's are like my second family now. We're protecting Bella this way also. I know it's a lot to ask Caleb but—''

The raven haired man held up a hand, ''I'm helping you, Bella is going to be my new sister after all.''

Melissa looked at the Salvatore's, ''what brings you to Forks?''

''We needed help to find someone to help break a curse of sorts,'' explained Stephan.

''What kind of curse,'' Pogue asked intrigued.

Damon looked at the brunette, ''First tell me about you guys, you seem off to me.''

The four sons shared a secret look before Tyler began the story, ''It all started with our families…''

'' But there was a fifth son, his name was Chase Collins, born Chase Goodwin Pope, the fifth line of Ipswich that was thought to have died out with his father.'' He added.

''There families survived the Salem Witch Trials for a reason,'' Mel interjected.

As one their eyes bled midnight black unconsciously before reverting back to their regular colors, it was a common occurrence, since the whole 'Chase fiasco'. Damon gaped openly at the show of power.

Chase happened to transfer into the boys last year of high school at Spencer Academy; he already had a hold on his powers and was addicted to it.

Sara, Caleb's girlfriend at the time was also a transfer from Boston Public and had met Chase as well as the Sons, whom they thought was normal, but he wasn't, he carried a deep hatred and resentment for the other four families.

Kate, Pogue's girlfriend, was the first attacked by Chase by the 'Spider Curse', he sent to her in her dorm, since she was also Sara's roommate, things became more panic.

The Sons of Ipswich were witches that could do magic, but the power they held, was their lifespan that could become addictive if they didn't control it well enough.

Eventually the fight at Putnam Barn, the night of Caleb's accent into his full powers, after his father's willing of his own power, Caleb was able to overpower Chase, saving Sara who was kidnapped by Chase.'' Tyler finished.

Seattle, WA

''The world has changed.'' Marcus said contemplatively as he stood against his lavish bed, while looking out against the windows into the pouring rain.

'' Master, I have found the location to the Cullen residence. ''Demetri announced walking into the room.

Marcus closed his eyes.


Forks, WA

Mel felt a chill run down her spine.

'Something doesn't feel right.'

''I need a best friend!'' She whined out loud before taking out her cellphone.

Speed-dialing Angela, she waited for the phone to connect her.

No answer.

'Why today of all days you chose not to answer.'

Her nerves were on edge as she waited.

In a flash, Alice was in front of her.

''Hey…I got your message, what's up?''

Her eyes looked at Alice intently, ''we might have a problem, Marcus keeps changing his mind, he might come sooner.''

Alice nearly collapsed. ''But—I didn't see anything.''

Melissa fixed her wild curls in a messy bun before she walked down the stairs softly.

Damon eyes the petite looking woman who had flashed in front of him openly.

Who were these Cullens?

Then the sun bled through the trees, he blocked his hands to avoid the glare hitting him directly in the face. He knew he would've turned to ash if it wasn't for his ring. He could only gape at the woman in front of him.

She glowed like a thousand diamonds.

He was suddenly reminded of glitter bombs


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