After the Dance of Unification was completed, the deejay cranked up the music and the strobe lights were turned on to pulse to the pounding rhythm. The newly reunited soul mates moved and swayed to the beat as they enjoyed their high from finding true love. Emma and Regina stayed on the dance floor for a few songs until they took a much needed break and headed for the bar.

"I must say I haven't had this much fun in quite some time," Regina confessed as she took the glass of scotch from the bartender and sipped it.

Emma took a hearty gulp of her beer before she leaned back against the bar and sighed. "I have to ask…where do we go from here?"

"That depends," Regina murmured. "How far are you willing to take this?"

"All the way," Emma stated honestly.

"Good, because that was my plan as well," Regina declared. "As a matter of fact, I was hoping you would accompany me home tonight."

"I would be honored, my queen," Emma said before she gave a slight bow to the woman beside her.

"I must forewarn you that calling me your queen could result in a public display of X-rated affection," Regina warned as her russet orbs turned black with desire.

The sheriff leaned closer and dropped her voice. "Is that a promise?"

Regina licked her lips as she openly gazed at the golden-haired savior's body. "Tread carefully, Emma, for I have no qualms in taking what is mine, wherever and whenever I please."

"Oh so now I belong to you?" Emma teased. "I'm pretty sure my ass isn't stamped with Regina's property."

"That can be arranged," Regina advised, their noses bumping from their close proximity.

"You wouldn't dare," Emma breathed.

"Try me," Regina replied huskily, effectively closing the gap between them.

The kiss was brief, but it was enough to cause their hearts to flutter erratically. Emma drew back enough to gaze into the mayor's dark eyes before she hesitantly reached out and combed her fingers through the thick, ebony hair. Regina's eyes briefly closed at the unexpected touch before she hummed in content.

"I've wanted to do that so many times," Emma confessed before she retreated back against the bar.

Regina took a moment to catch her breath from the sweet gesture the savior had bestowed upon her. Offering a warm smile, Regina had just opened her mouth to express her gratitude when a shout from across the room caused her mouth to clamp shut as her teeth ground together.

"Emma! There you are!"

The savior visibly stiffened as her parents made their way over to her side.

"Hey Regina," Snow greeted before she gripped her daughter's arm and smiled. "So? Did you find your soul mate?"

Emma timidly sipped her beer as she glanced sideways to the brunette, who was purposely avoiding eye contact as she miserably failed to keep the smirk off her lips.

"I did," Emma finally offered in answer. "I suppose I owe you a thank you for bringing me here since it was successful."

Snow clapped in excitement. "Oh I knew it! I knew you'd find the one, Emma! I'm so happy for you!"

"So where is the lad? Or lady…your mother told me you weren't gender picky. I'd like to have the chance to be your overprotective father and give them the third degree," David said.

Emma choked on her beer before she glared at the mayor beside her as she snickered into her glass of scotch.

"No third degree is necessary. I think she's had more than enough of those," Emma muttered.

"Oh, it's a she! I have a future daughter-in-law!" Snow cheered as she looked around the room. "Don't keep us waiting…point her out!"

Emma growled in frustration as they purposely overlooked Regina, but a gentle touch to her arm deflated her anger as she turned to the mayor, who flashed a mischievous grin before she looked to the Charmings.

"Ms. Blanchard," Regina began. "Emma told me that you had made a wish for me to find happiness tonight. Is that true?"

"Oh yes, I'm sorry Regina I didn't mean to ignore you I'm just…"

"Excited, yes I got that," Regina finished for her. "Well if it's any consolation, your wish came true."

Emma took the opportunity to give her mother a subtle hint as she rested her elbow on the bar with her index finger pointed lazily towards the mayor. She sipped her beer with the other hand as she remained in that position until someone acknowledged her.

"You found your soul mate too. That's wonderful, Regina," Snow praised before she gave a quizzical expression to her daughter. "Emma, what are you doing?"

"What you asked me to do," the sheriff stated.

Her parents looked at each other before they faced their daughter in confusion. Emma rolled her eyes at her dense parents before she jabbed her index finger in the air repeatedly.

"I. Am. POINTING. Her. Out!" Emma punctuated with each jab towards Regina.

David and Snow looked to Regina then back to Emma then back to Regina only to look past Regina to the two women who happened to be standing at the bar next to the mayor. Emma followed their gaze to the two strangers and she scoffed in frustration.

"Emma, there is only one way to get it through their thick skulls," Regina murmured before she grabbed the savior's face and pulled her in for a passionate kiss.

The sheriff heard her parent's sharp intakes of breath before everything around her tuned out, her focus solely on the beautiful creature before her. Her fingers tangled in dark locks as she held the mayor in place before the need for air demanded them to break apart.

"Wow," Emma whispered as she gazed upon Regina through half-lidded eyes.

Regina chuckled before she faced Emma's parents, well parent as Mary Margaret seemed to be missing.

"Where's my mother?" Emma asked as she realized her absence.

David blushed as he looked between the two women. "She went to get clarification on some things."

Emma furrowed her brows until she caught sight of her mother towards the back of the room in a heated argument with the blue fairy.

"Guess she's not too happy about her future daughter-in-law," Regina offered before she kissed Emma's cheek. "She'll come around, just give it time."

"If any consolation I'm happy for you, both of you," David supported before his eyes widened in horror. "I better go get your mother."

The two women watched as David ran across the room and slid in between Snow and Blue. It was then that Emma noticed her mother had the fairy's wand, which had mistakenly turned her father into a rabbit. Heated words and animated hands came to an abrupt halt as they both looked down at the rabbit in shock. Snow quickly threw the wand to Blue who tapped it on the rabbit, bringing David back to himself.

"I get the feeling that the holidays are going to be extremely entertaining," Regina murmured as she allowed herself to be pulled into Emma's arms. "Remind me to invite Blue over sometime."

Emma chuckled before she pressed her lips against the smaller woman's ear. "Happy Valentine's Day, Regina."

"Happy Valentine's Day, Emma," the mayor replied as they continued to be entertained by the Charmings and Blue while everyone else partied and danced, oblivious to the animated fight within their midst.