The Pokemon Duelist

I own neither Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh GX/ any other series in the franchise, I'm just using them for my amusement.

In this fic. Pokemon are cards in Duel Monsters with special effects and spell/trap cards based off of certain moves. My OC will be Jaden Yuki's friend Daniel Oak a homage to the first professor in the series, other than Dan there will be no other major OC's I just wanted someone I could create a new deck for and not mess with other established decks.

It was a beautiful morning in Domino City, the sun was shining, the grass was green, and two teenagers were running through the streets as though they were being chased by a raving lunatic.

"I told you we should have gotten up earlier." Said the taller of the two, the wind racing through his short hair.

"okay, okay sheesh I heard you the first time Dan." Said the other boy his hair a two tone mess of brown. Before Daniel could reply he and Jaden slammed into someone else, after untangling themselves and retrieving their cards the man gave them each a card and left. The two stood there stunned for a moment before continuing their desperate charge to Duel Academy's entrance exams.

"Hey Jay was that who I think that was?" Daniel asked, star struck at the thought

"I think so, Dan, crap where's a pen and paper when you need one, real nice of him to give me Winged Kuriboh and you Pikachu." Jaden replied

" you can say that again." Daniel agreed.


"Daniel Oak please report to field five, Jaden Yuki please report to field three." The announcer spoke over the intercom, Jaden and Daniel clasped hands and wished each other luck before heading down for their duels.

"Ah glad you could make Mr. Oak." Said the proctor as he shuffled his deck and inserted it into his duel disk.

"Wouldn't miss it for anything teach." The duelist replied as he too prepped for the duel.

"DUEL" the two shouted and the match was on.

Daniel- 4000LP

Hand- Charmander, Pidgeotto, Fly, Magic Cylinder, Delinquent Duo, Cyber Jar

Proctor- 4000LP

Hand- 5 cards

"All right teach, I'll start off by placing one monster in face down defense mode and playing Delinquent Duo so by sacrificing a thousand LP I can randomly discard one card from your hand and then you have to get rid of one yourself, and I pick your center card." Daniel called out confidently as he played his cards, and the proctor discarded the cards.

"You done kid," asked the proctor, Daniel shook his head "almost, I'll lay down two face down cards and end my turn, your turn"

Proctor- 4000LP

Hand- 4 cards

Daniel- 3000LP

Hand- Charmander, Pidgeotto

"All right kid, here's where the real duel starts," replied the examiner smugly, " I'll play my Spear Dragon in attack mode and equip him with Axe of Despair increasing his Atk. to 2900, then I'll play Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy one of your face down cards," Daniel grimaced as his Magic Cylinder was destroyed, he was now minus his best defense, the examiner went on to attack cyber jar reducing his life points to 1000 however thanks to cyber jar's effect he smirked," thanks to the fact that you destroyed my Cyber Jar all monsters on the field go away and draw five cards if any of them are monsters Lv. 4 or below they get summoned if not they stay in our hands." The Proctor growled out "fine I end my turn."

It ended up on the proctors side there was a second Spear Dragon (1900/0),Shining Abyss(1600/1800), and a Mad Sword Beast(1400/1200), on Daniels side was his Squirtle(1000/2000) in defense mode, Pikachu (1800/1600), and Eevee (300/200) in defense mode.

Daniel- 1000LP

Hand- Charmander, Pidgeotto, Charizard, Ultimate Evolution, Fire Stone

Proctor- 4000LP

Hand- 3

"All right teach, it's been fun but this is where the duel ends." Daniel stated confidently, the instructor laughed, "And how pray tell do you intend to do that, kid." Dan merely smirked "like this, first I get to activate my Squirtles special effect, one that he shares with almost all my Pokemon monsters, evolution, see when my pokemon is still around at the beginning of my turn I can remove him from play to summon the next evolved form in this case Wartortle (2000/2500), next I'll summon to the field my Charmander (1900/1000) before playing my Ultimate Evolution spell card, by removing from play from my field, hand, or deck the first and/or second evolution levels of a monster I have in my hand I can summon that monster to the field, so good bye Charmander and Charmeleon, hello Charizard (3300/2600)!" Daniel cried as his most powerful card appeared onto the field, by now the proctor was starting to look a little nervous. " But wait there's more, why leave Eevee out of the evolution game, I play Fire Stone, this lets me remove Eevee from play to summon Flareon in attack mode (2300/2100), now Wartortle attack Shining Abyss." The two monsters duked it out with Wartortle easily destroying the monster lowering the examiners Life Points to 3600, but the beating was far from over, " Now Flareon destroy his Spear Dragon," once again Daniel came out on top with his opponent down to 3200LP, " Pikachu your up destroy Mad Sword Beast," 2700LP…, "Now Charizard your up, end it," The powerful dragon let loose a huge blast of fire knocking the opponents points to 0 and ending the duel.

"That's all folks." Daniel said as his opponent's LP's reached, he looked over at Jaden to see that he had also won his entry duel, he yelled over to his friend, "Jaden congrats on the win man." Jaden called back excited "Thanks pal, you too." The two friends walked out of the stadium together before they saw their friends Bastion and Syrus exiting as well, they ran over calling the guy's names, "Syrus, Bastion, you guys want to head back to my place to spend the night, it's over by the docks where we leave tomorrow." Asked Dan, the two replied that they would love to but first they had to check with their parents or in Syrus' case his older brother Zane. After they got the affirmative they all left and went home where they had the run of the place since Daniel's parents were out of town and his brother was at camp. They ate grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch before settling down for the other game both Jaden and Dan aspired to be king of… COD. They spent most of the evening playing that and eating pizza before deciding to turn in early so as to be ready for tomorrow's journey to Duel Academy.

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