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Chapter 1:

"Do it, Naruto! You can't chicken out!"

"I think you're enjoying this way too much, Sakura-chan." Naruto whines. He knows he lost the bet, but there's no way in hell he plans to go through with this; not if he plans on living, at least.

"Naruto, what's the worst that could happen?" Sakura pouts.

"Hm, let's think for a second."

Naruto pauses, pretending to think over the limitless possibilities of the ways Sasuke could slaughter him. He could probably make it look like an accident, too.

"I could FUCKING DIE." Naruto shrieks, slamming his head on the table for emphasis.

Sakura sighs, rubbing her left temple in annoyance. Naruto then peers up from the table, tears streaming down his face comically.

"Sakura-chaaaaaan..." He whimpers.

Sakura sighs again.

"Naruto, you're worrying too much. A bet's a bet, and you lost. You have to do it. Unless..." Sakura throws Naruto a look laced with murderous intent as she punches her open palm with her fist. Naruto's face pales at the implication of her words.

"So either you kill me, or Sasuke does..." Naruto pauses for a second before slamming his head on the table again, hard enough to make it quiver.

"Or you'll end up killing yourself, idiot." Sakura groans, her right eyebrow twitching a bit.

Naruto sighs, clearly defeated. "Fine, Sakura-chan. I'll do it."

Sakura squeals and claps her hands in delight. "I knew you would, Naruto!"

Naruto's only reply is to once again slam his head on the table.

"Oi, Sasuke-kun!" Sakura chirps in her annoying, girly voice. She's clutching a medical book to her chest and has an annoying smile plastered across her face. Sasuke scowls a bit as he punches in the combination for his locker and jerks it open with unnecessary force.

"What do you want, Sakura?" Sasuke states coldy while searching for his history book. Sakura really gets on his nerves and he's in no mood to deal with her today; or any day, for that matter. Sakura seems undisturbed by his cool reply, and continues on in that same cheerful tone.

"Naruto wants to talk to you about something. Meet him in the courtyard after school, okay? Bye, Sasuke-kun!"

And then Sakura is running off to do Sakura things, waving and smiling like an idiot.

'How annoying...' Sasuke thinks to himself as he slams his locker shut.

Naruto's sweating profusely as he watches the clock on the wall slowly tick away. He's filled with dread at the thought of what he has to do after school today and he couldn't even eat lunch because of how nervous he is. I won't even get a last meal... He thinks to himself as another wave of terror washes over him.

Kakashi-sensei drones on and on about some old dead guy until the bell, although Naruto's too absorbed in his thoughts to even hear it. Students get up and bustle about, packing their things and getting ready to go home for the day. Naruto just sits there, silent tears making tracks down his whiskered cheeks. Eventually, after all the other students are gone, Kakashi decides to say something to the horrified-looking blonde.

"Hey, Naruto... Are you feeling okay?" He asks, his voice full of concern for his normally hyperactive student. His voice jerks Naruto out of his terror-induced stupor and he blinks a few times at his worried teacher.

"Yeah, I'm fine Kakashi-sensei." He lies through a fake smile as he begins packing up his school books.

"Are you sure? You were awfully quiet today." Kakashi muses.

"I'm just tired, don't worry!" Naruto grins.

"Bye, Kakashi-sensei!" He exclaims as he rushes out the door.

I hope he's alright... Kakashi thinks to himself as he pulls his favorite orange book out of his desk.

Sasuke sighs and kicks a pebble. He's been sitting on a stone bench in the school courtyard for the past twenty minutes, yet the dumb blonde has yet to make an appearance.

"Dumbass." Sasuke mutters to himself as he continues brooding.

"Hey, Sasuke!"

Sasuke glances up to see his blonde friend jogging towards him.

"Hey, loser." He says, the beginning of a smirk playing on his lips.

"What did you want to talk to me about?"

Naruto seems to pale a few shades lighter and he swallows noisily.

That's weird. Sasuke thinks to himself. Naruto never acts like this.

"Uh... Well, I..." Naruto stutters as he sinks on to the bench next to his raven-haired friend. He lets out a monstrous sigh before turning to face him.

What happens next is a blur as Naruto grabs the back of Sasuke's head and forcefully presses his lips against the raven's.

Sasuke is literally too stunned to move, to breathe, to react, to do anything except sit there with his best friend's mouth pressed against his own. Although the kiss may have only lasted for a maximum of three seconds, it seemed like an eternity to Naruto as he quickly pulls away, expecting a punch straight to the face.

But nothing happens.

Sasuke just sits there, eyes wide and mouth slightly agape.

After a few seconds pass without any violence directed towards the blonde, he starts to get worried.

"Sasuke?" He says meekly, scared that he might have traumatized the poor Uchiha.

Sasuke blinks a few times and his hand moves up to touch his lips. They still tingle from the kiss. An uncharacteristic blush begins to lightly dust his cheeks at he stares at his idiot best friend.

"I... I g-gotta go." Sasuke stutters as he slings his backpack on his shoulder and shuffles away. His heart feels like it's going to beat itself out of his chest any moment and he knows he's blushing like a girl and Uchiha's aren't supposed to blush and what the actual fuck just happened? His thoughts are racing as he walks (more like sprints) his way home.

Naruto watches his friend stumble away in a very un-Sasuke-like manner and thanks every deity that he's never believed in that he made it out alive.

But, what the fuck?

'Why did Sasuke react like that?' Naruto thinks to himself. The normally stoic and controlled raven was caught completely off-guard, of course, but he was blushing for Christ's sake. What the fuck was up with that?! Naruto thinks back to the few brief seconds where their lips were touching.

"Sasuke's lips were so soft." He says to himself. He feels his cheeks heat up a little bit but shakes his head fervently in an attempt to shake it off. He sits in silence for a few moments, until...

"I'M STRAIGHT, GODDAMMIT!" He screams into the heavens.

But now he isn't so sure. He lost his and Sakura's stupid bet so he had no choice but to kiss Sasuke. But that definitely doesn't explain why he enjoyed it. Sasuke is extremely handsome, he had to admit that. He has perfect, porcelain white skin and coal black hair with a slightly bluish tint in the right lighting and his eyes are onyx and deep and seemingly endless and he could stare into them forev-

"WHAT THE FUCK?!" Naruto screams again, tugging on his hair in agitation.

What's he supposed to do now?