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Chapter 5:

Naruto gulps audibly. He notices that Sasuke's started biting his lip, and he can't help but think it's pretty damn sexy. (Although he'd never admit it because he's totally heterosexual.) The blonde leans forward until their faces are about an inch apart and they're sharing the same breath. A light blush erupts over Sasuke's cheeks as he looks from Naruto's lips to his eyes and back again.

"Ahem." Sakura clears her throat loudly. She's clearly getting impatient.

Sasuke glares at her, although he's much less intimidating due to his tomato-red cheeks.

Naruto sighs and snakes his right hand around Sasuke's neck before gently connecting their lips together. Both boys can feel the sparks that erupt from this simple contact, and both instantly want more. Aren't I supposed to be straight?! Is Naruto's last rational thought before he loses himself in the feeling of the raven's lips against his own. Naruto takes the lead in their kiss and deepens it which causes Sasuke to moan. Sasuke's really too drunk at this point to care that he just moaned like a girl because damn do Naruto's lips feel good. Naruto's tongue snakes out and licks gently across Sasuke's bottom lip. Sasuke gasps and Naruto's pink appendage darts in to spar with the raven's.

Where did the Dobe learn to kiss like this...? Sasuke wonders to himself.

Although Naruto is clearly the one in control of the kiss, Sasuke doesn't like the idea of being completely dominated, so he bites down on Naruto's bottom lip. Hard. But Naruto doesn't mind in the least; quite the contrary, in fact. The blonde growls lowly in his throat before pushing Sasuke onto the ground, straddling his hips and never once breaking contact. The kiss soon becomes even more heated, much to a red-faced Sakura's horror.

Well, this is what she'd hoped for, right?

She silently makes her exit from the room, deciding that she'd rather be anywhere but here, watching her two best guy friends get it on on the living room floor.

"Wear a condom!" She yells as she closes Naruto's bedroom door behind her.

Naruto and Sasuke are too caught up in each other to notice the poor girl leaving. Sasuke flips his and Naruto's position so he's the one straddling the blonde. Their groins are pressed together and Sasuke rocks his growing arousal against Naruto's, causing them both to shudder at the friction. Finally, when the need for air becomes too great, they break the kiss. Sasuke smirks down at Naruto drunkenly. He paws the obvious bulge in the blonde's pants, causing him to growl.

"Teme..." He warns.

Sasuke's smirk only grows wider.

"Need help with something, Dobe?" He whispers huskily as he continues to rub Naruto's crotch.

Where the fuck did Sasuke get all this confidence from?! Naruto internally shrieks.

He hates not feeling in control, but he is painfully hard and he knows he'll need some relief soon or else he might go crazy. He blames the alcohol for the fact that his male friend got him this hot and bothered.

"Please, Sasuke." He half-moans.

Sasuke grunts before slinking down between the blonde's legs. He unbuttons the clasp of Naruto's jeans before latching onto the zipper with his teeth and dragging it down slowly, all while never breaking eye contact with his blonde friend. He pulls down his jeans and licks the hard bulge through his black boxers, causing Naruto to let out a breathy moan. Sasuke's alcohol-induced confidence is faltering and he knows he's probably blushing again, but he really wants to please his best friend. He yanks Naruto's boxers all the way down with his teeth, and blushes hugely when he comes face-to-face with the blonde's proud erection. He hadn't expected Naruto to be so big.

He takes a breath to steady himself before his tongue darts out to lap at the precum that's collected at the head. Naruto shudders and bites his lip to keep from moaning too loudly. Taking that as a good sign, the raven takes the head of the blonde's dick in his mouth and sucks hungrily enjoying the pants and whines coming from the boy above him.

"S-stop teasing, goddammit!" Naruto moans.

Sasuke internally smirks knowing that the blonde is at his mercy. He then proceeds to deep-throat him, causing Naruto to toss his head back and nearly scream. Sometimes, not having a gag reflex can be really useful. He continues to suck and nip and bob his head up and down the blonde's length, thoroughly enjoying every moan and mewl spilling from his mouth.

"Fuck... Sasuke." Naruto groans as he bucks into the raven's mouth.

Sasuke lets him since he has no worries of choking, and moans around the blonde's length. He can't even count how many times he's fantasized about this and it's majorly turning him on.

Soon, Sasuke's own arousal is too much to ignore and he unbuttons his pants. His hand disappears into the waistband of his boxers and he moans at the contact. He strokes himself quickly and looks up into Naruto's half-lidded eyes. Naruto moans at the lewd sight of his dick in the raven's mouth and the raven touching himself. It's more than enough stimulation for him to cum, and he does. Hard.

"SASUKE!" He screams as he releases.

Sasuke groans in pleasure as he reaches his own peak while swallowing the blonde's cum. Breathing heavily, the raven detaches himself from Naruto's length, making sure to suck every last drop of cum from his softening manhood. He sits up, taking in the beautiful sight of a panting and red-faced Uzumaki Naruto. Sasuke crawls up Naruto's torso, and kisses him deeply. Once the kiss is broken, Naruto grins drunkenly at the raven.

"I knew you liked me."

Sasuke blushes.

"Shut up, Dobe. What happened to being 'straight'?"

Naruto just grins wider.

"I guess I'm not as straight as I thought I was."

Sasuke snickers.

Sakura peers around the wall, one hand covering her eyes.

"Is it safe?" She whispers.

Naruto and Sasuke quickly jump up; Naruto pulls up his boxers and pants and Sasuke buttons his jeans.

"Yeah!" Naruto grins.

Sakura uncovers her eyes. Her entire face is red, much to Naruto and Sasuke's amusement.

"I... I think I'm gonna go to sleep." She says as she makes her way to the couch, a blanket dragging behind her. "The bedroom's all yours. Just please, please, try to be less loud."

Naruto grins and Sasuke turns beet red. Suddenly, Sasuke grimaces.

"I've got cum in my boxers..." He pouts.

"We'll just have to take a shower then." Naruto whispers huskily into the raven's ear, causing him to moan quietly.

"I CAN HEAR YOU, YOU KNOW!" Sakura shrieks, burying herself under the blanket.

She can already tell that it's going to be a long night.


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