My first fanfic, saw the movie but didn't like the johnny character, thought that Naruto would be a better fit. I know it's probably bad but it was little rushed but I wrote this for myself not for you so I don't care if you don't like it.

Naruto was standing in front of a small battalion of ninja from across the Shinobi nations. After the Fourth Shinobi war the five nations and most of the smaller nations had banded together to create the united shinobi country.

The fourth war had been horrible. More than half of the shinobi population had been decimated by the Zetsu army that Obito had sent. That along with the revived shinobi Kabuto had sent and the alliance was in for a tough time. However, that all changed After Naruto and Bee had joined the war. Together the last jinchuriki had obliterated the opposing army, sealing any undead shinobi and essentially winning the war. However Bee was captured by the revived members of akatsuki, together with Obito they sealed the eight-tails and so Naruto was left, the last bijuu container, to fight the resurrected juubi.

In the end Naruto had sacrificed his life to perform the Shiki fujin to seal the juubi into the shinigami's stomach, but at the last minute Naruto had been knocked unconscious by none other than his sensei kakashi; who had given his soul to seal the juubi's soul. Naruto was left with the legendary beast's chakra: which he absorbed and transformed into his own, becoming the new juubi; the new father of all demons.

However with the last war over and the world finally at peace many had begun to turn on Naruto, fearing his new bijuu powers and his new appearance (He now has ten dragon tails coming from his tailbone and he can turn into a dragon at will (I just chose a dragon because that is what I think the juubi looks the most like if you disagree than don't complain)), Naruto however did not tell this to Tsunade because of the issues of maintaining the alliance. And so the cycle began.

Naruto knew this cycle well; humans fear that which they don't understand, and fear leads to hate, hate leads to desperation and finally their desperation lead to betrayal.

Naruto was no stranger to betrayal. the brand that the villagers had placed over his heart when he was a child was proof of that. And so here he was; being attacked by dozens of ninja from around the elemental nations as they tried to strike his down because of his power.

Naruto's reputation as the fastest man alive, however proved to be completely true as he cut down ninja left and right, this however, did not mean that he was without injury, he had a large hash across his chest thwas gushing blood and several injuries that stray jutsu had caused. However Naruto regenerated the lost blood as soon as it left his body.

Naruto couldn't keep this up forever, he would eventually pass out from exhaustion or his regeneration and stamina would simply reach its limit and he would bleed out, he only had one chance to escape everything, all the pain, suffering and most of all betrayal that he had endured. Naruto began a long and complex line of hand seals as he dodged weapons let and right. Naruto silently thanked the younger him for taking Sasuke's eternal sharingan after he killed him, the extra perception and reaction time was helping him a lot in his current situation, not to mention the awesome powers it had.

As he finished his jutsu; his hands in the ram seal Naruto spotted two explosive kunai heading towards him. He smiled, just what he needed to disguise the technique. As the two kunai landed Naruto made no move, the explosive tags burned down as Naruto held the jutsu together just a little longer.

Finally the tags exploded, the heat and fire proving to be the perfect disguise for naruto's escape jutsu, though he got some major and minor burns from the experience. Naruto released his chakra as a large black portal opened, he stepped into it as the portal closed behind him and the smoke dissipated. The shinobi watched as the smoke cleared and there was no sign of the new juubi, people started to rejoice, thinking him dead.

News of his supposed death would spread across the elemental nations within days. While the civilians and most of the ninja and samurai partied and celebrated the death of the supposed 'demon'. Those who had been close to naruto or any jinchuriki wept and mourned his death. This number however was so small that it only bordered on 1-2 dozen people; including the konoha 9 (Naruto sasuke and Neji are not part of it anymore), Tsunade, garra and several of Naruto's other friends, like the priestess of demon country, the princess of spring country and the royal family of moon country.

The memorial service was given and a large monument was made to Naruto and the other shinobi that had died fighting akatsuki and the juubi.


Naruto tumbled out of the portal, only to be met with open sky, that's right Naruto was several thousand feet in the air and falling fast. Through the screaming pain Naruto was able to use his mastery of wind chakra to slow his fall, however his landing was not what one would call a smooth one he crashed through the top of a tall tree, skipped along the ground for a couple hundred meters and finally skidded to a stop.

He groaned, his injuries protesting to his rough landing by gushing more blood than it had been before his terrible landing. He got up, seeking some form of intelligent life so that he might receive some form of aid to heal his wounds.

However before he could get up he was a light deeper in the forest. Thinking it could be a house or some other form of potential help and not knowing where he was Naruto went towards the light (Has he never seen a horror movie. Never go to the light, especially when it is in a creepy forest). Naruto was surprised however when he saw that the light was a bunch of people on fire.

Naruto followed them, hoping to find someone who he could ask for help, as they entered a cave and began to walk through the tunnel it was connected too.

Hotel Transylvania

Count Dracula looked at his lobby with a satisfied smile. His daughter had just returned from the fake human town that he had made to convince her that humans were evil. His little Mavis had no idea that it was fake so she completely believed what she had seen.

The count watched as more and more monsters poured in through the front doors. Business was good and he was glad that so many monsters could stay and get away from the torment that humans had put them through.

Suddenly, a familiar yet out of place smell assaulted his nose: Blood. He smelled it, lots of it. The count's eyes focused on the doors as something with blonde hair came stumbling into the lobby, It was a seemly injured human, but a human none the less. Dracula's eyes narrowed as he shot forward, knocking the boy back into the rotating entrance, which began to spin wildly.

"Who are you? How did you find this place?" Demanded the Count menacingly. The spinning door was not helping Naruto with his injuries as it caused more blood to flow but he was able to answer.

"Naruto Uzumaki, I found this place be following the flaming zombies. Their kind of hard to miss." As the boy was saying this Dracula was having a terrifying flashback to what the architect had said years ago: 'Of course be smart, no bonfires, not fireworks displays'.

"Huh, what have I done?" asked the count, more to himself than to the blonde boy bleeding out on the floor.

"Um sorry to distract you from your worrying but is it possible that you help me before I bleed out onto your floor?" Naruto asked as he saw that the man was not going to help if he didn't point out his condition.

At hearing the voice of the buy he looked down at him, finally noting his whole condition, he had burns, cuts, stab wounds and what looked like small amounts of lightning flickering across part of his right arm. He knew that none of the creatures he had guarding the hotel could inflict such major wounds, that begged the question; where did he get them

"How did you get such grievous wounds?" inquired the count. He noticed a flash of sadness in the boy's eyes and wondered what might have happened to put that there.

"My former home turned on me believing me to be a demon" Said Naruto 'Which is partially true' He added as an afterthought "Can you help me or are you going to let me bleed out on your floor" He asked, slightly aggravated. Meanwhile the count was having a mental debate with himself: on the one hand he didn't want any humans anywhere near his hotel but on the other hand the boy's story had peeked his interest.

"Very well Mr. Uzumaki, you may stay here for the time being but I want to know everything that lead up to you being here once you are healed. Do you understand?"

"Sure but one thing" the count leaned in. "Don't call me Mr. Uzumaki it makes me sound old."

"Very well Mr. Uzumaki." Said Count Dracula, ignoring Naruto's previous words. "Welcome to Hotel Transylvania."