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The palace of Sparta was in an uproar. At first, they thought the queen had gone for one of her morning walks, but then it was discovered that the Trojans were missing as well. Search parties were sent out to comb the area, and each one came back with the same news: the Trojans' ship was missing from the harbor.

King James was beside himself with worry. Initially he doubted any wrongdoing on the Trojans' part, for why would they jeopardize the treaty? But the day wore on with no sign of either party, so he became suspicious. Upon learning that their ship was gone, he immediately dispatched five of his fastest warships, in hopes that they would catch them before they got too far.

The sun eventually set, and the moon returned in its full splendor, and with it, came the five ships. The captain of each vessel personally spoke with the king, and each said the same thing: they were too far ahead.

James immediately called his daughter and son to his private chamber. They, too, were worried for their mother. Despite her being a strong queen, they doubted whether or not she would be able to fend off such strong men. These Trojans were warriors, and could easily break Lily's neck with little effort.

"Hermione, I must go to Mycenae. I am going to enlist of the aid of my brother, and his supporters. I don't know how long I will be gone, but I assure you it won't be longer than necessary. You shall rule Sparta in my stead. You are nearing 16, and you have studied with the best tutors this side of the sea. It is time you start learning how to rule a kingdom."

Princess Hermione knew that it would be a long while before she saw her mother and father again. Being the princess her mother had taught her to be, she held her head high and nodded.

"When will you take your leave, Father?"

"At dawn. I ask you to take care of your brother, Harry. He is growing up, but he will also need guidance in the absence of his father."

"Yes, Father."

James turned to his young son, who was trying his best to be a man and not cry. "You're the man of the palace, now, Harry. Watch your sister and make sure no prince steals her away."

Harry nodded. "Yes, Father."

"Smile, my children, I want to remember you happy."

Princess Hermione and Prince Harry did their best to provide their father with good memories to take with him on his voyage. They spent the night laughing at Harry's antics, and the stable boy that had fallen in love with Hermione. And when dawn came, they saw King James off with smiles plastered on their faces as his vessel pulled away from the dock. Only when they knew he couldn't see them did they stop waving and began the short chariot ride up to the palace.

Hermione was always taught that crying was okay, but only if done in private. And that night she would always remember the anger she felt as the tears streamed down her face. Anger at the Trojans for taking her mother and father away; for disrupting a peaceful way of life; and for ruining her chances at enjoying her last years of maidenhood.


"Your Royal Highness! Your sister had requested an audience with you over an hour ago! And yet here you are, in the kitchens eating more pomegranates! A prince does not hide himself with the commoners, nor does he stuff his face with fruit. Now, I beg of you, clean yourself up and come see your sister in her private chamber."

Harry shook his head and ran out the side door. His tutor let out an exasperated sigh.

"When will that boy get it through his thick head that he is not a commoner?" he muttered under his breath.

"I will take it from here, Master Lockhart," said a soft feminine voice from the doorway.

"Princess Hermione! Of course! He went into the orchard, I believe."

The seventeen year old princess nodded regally, and left the room. She smiled to herself as she heard the tutor talking to himself, a habit he seemed to have picked up in recent months. Perhaps it was time to find a more suitable Master Tutor…Gilderoy Lockhart was getting older.

Hermione found her brother in his favorite tree, eating an apple and terrorizing the birds.

"Harry, will you come down here? I have a letter from Father and would like to read it to you," she called up into the branches.

She grinned when she heard a bird squawk and before she knew it, Harry was standing before her.

"Why didn't you say so? I would have come when you asked!"

"One of these days, you're going to regret not showing up when I request it," the older girl teased. But she sat down in the shade of the tree, her skirts spread around her, and leaned back against the trunk.

It was their routine to always read Father's letters in private, and knowing this, Harry felt no qualms about snuggling next to his sister and leaning his head against her arm. She smiled and wrapped her arm around his head, and began to read.

My dearest Daughter and Son,

The Trojans claim your mother left on her own free will, and indeed, she has said so herself. I doubt that, for your mother has given me no reason to believe she had been unfaithful. In the days leading up to her kidnapping, she was as loving as ever, and if I can recall correctly, tried to avoid the Trojans unless it was absolutely necessary.

Your uncle and I have left Troy and are sailing to Ithaca, where our fellow kings are gathering. It is there that they have raised an army, though I would prefer to use words rather than force to have your mother returned to us. I admit I thought words would suffice, but our spies tell us Albus has called his allies in for support, and that they are training troops now as I write this.

I fear it will be another year before I can return. Please forgive me. I cannot return to Sparta without your mother. I know her mind has been poisoned against me; I know your mother, and your mother would never turn away from me, even in anger.

We will get to the bottom of this, I assure you. In the meantime, I have arranged for your aunt Molly to send her children to visit you. Unfortunately, Molly herself cannot attend to you, but her son Ron and her daughter Ginny are long overdue for a visit. They shall arrive a day or two after you receive this letter, I should think.

Know that I miss you and that not a day goes by where I don't think of either of you. And I am sure your mother misses you as well, deep down.

Your loving father,


"Ron and Ginny to come here! Oh, it's been at least, what? Two years, three years since we last saw them?"

"It has been a while, hasn't it?" Hermione said softly.

As her brother talked about how he was going to tackle Ron when he enters the room, Hermione's mind slipped away to a far off memory.

"Hermione? Sister? Are you there?"

"Oh, yes. I'm sorry Harry, what were you saying?"

"Are you okay? You look….funky."

She blushed under her brother's scrutiny. "I'm fine, Harry. Shall we go prepare the guest rooms for them? They should be here by tomorrow. You remember how punctual Aunt Molly was."


Lily was in her private chamber, brushing her long, red hair when Sirus entered the room.

"Sirus! What have I told you about knocking?" she teased as she proceeded to spray some perfume on her wrists.

He smiled but didn't answer. That was when she knew something was wrong.

"Sirus. What is it?"

"It's…Father's Councilmen are debating whether or not to return you to your husband."

Lily gasped. "No, they couldn't! They wouldn't do that to us!"

Sirus sighed. "I doubt they will, but it does worry me. There's enough opposition within the city that they could decide to do just that.

"I don't understand," Lily said as she shook her head. "I thought the people loved me."

"And they do! But I think with the possibility of war…I don't know. But I pray that it will not come."

She sighed. "I will pray to Godric then, that such a decision does not come to pass."

Sirus smiled, but it did not reach his eyes. He knew what he had done was wrong. Each day he died a little as war loomed closer. In his dreams, he could hear the screams of his people as they were slaughtered by the Spartans and their allies.

The Egyptian claimed it would not come to that; he promised a peaceful transition. And yet, Sirus couldn't help but dream.

It was the Egyptian who told him to kidnap the Spartan Queen, after hearing of his wish to have one night with just the two of them. It was that nameless one who told him to poison her mind against her lawful husband and king. He said it was for the best, that she deserved a real man; but Sirus saw the love they bore each other, and the two beautiful children she gave to him in person. Guilt was something that was new to Sirus, and needless to say he did not like the feeling.


The next day, Hermione and Harry stood at the entrance to the palace, watching the slow procession wind its way up the hill. At the lead, Hermione could see a young, red haired man sitting astride his horse. Behind him, in a chariot, with her hair swaying in the breeze, stood a young woman.

"That's Ron! Hermione, there he is!" Harry was practically bouncing on his feet as they watched the procession make its way up to the gates. Hermione put a restraining hand on Harry's shoulder, though it did little to calm him.

When they finally made it through the gates, the leader leapt from his horse, strode up to Hermione and wrapped her in a hug. Not entirely expecting such a greeting, the young princess stiffened, but then relaxed and returned the hug.

"I've missed you so," she whispered in his ear.

"The feeling is mutual," Ronald, Crown Prince of Mycenae and eldest son of Queen Molly and King Arthur, replied.

Just when the duration of the hug reached its limit of propriety, Ron let go. He turned to Harry, who was literally jumping up and down, and ruffled his hair. "You've grown, Harry." He said with a smile.

"Yep! Come on, we've got a welcome banquet that's waiting for you. It's not like our usual fare, since a lot of the money coming in is financing the campaign, but it's better than what we usually eat. And while we're eating, we can catch up. It's been nearly three years since we last saw each other, you know."

Hermione smiled and spoke softly in Ron's ear "if he wears you out, don't hesitate to tell him. He'll calm down."

Ron grinned and let himself be pulled inside through the palace doors.

"It's so good to be back, Hermione," said a quiet voice.

"Ginny!" Hermione squealed. Despite their age difference, it was nice to have a girl cousin. Considering Hermione didn't have any sisters, and Harry could get a little rambunctious at times, it was always nice to have that girl time.

The young red head stepped forward and embraced her cousin. Then she stepped back and eyed Hermione up and down. "You've definitely grown more beautiful since I last saw you, Hermione. Anyone steal your heart yet?

The older girl blushed and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. "Of course not. You can't imagine how busy I've been since I've been running the kingdom."

Ginny laughed and slipped her arm through Hermione's so they were linked together. "Somehow I doubt that. Harry has written to me many times complaining on your 'daydreaming' and 'lack of interest.' That can only mean one thing: Princess of Hermione is in love."

"Harry's been writing to you?! Why didn't I know this? Is that what he does instead of his studies?"

"Oh…I wasn't supposed to tell you that…" but from the gleam in her eyes Hermione knew she was keeping something from her.

"Right…well, let's go inside. Dinner should be ready. Harry has already dragged Ron in and I suppose we shouldn't subject Ron to Harry's antics much longer. "

Ginny grinned and arm in arm, they entered the palace together.

High above on the rooftop of the palace stood a shadowy figure. He was dressed all in black, except for the dark red scarf that was wrapped around his waist. His blue eyes flashed darkly as he watched the two princesses enter the palace.

"Soon, the Dark Lord's work will be done. And you will be mine."

Okay, here ends BOOK ONE. Before I forget, all of the events happening in this story are in chronological order, but there's no time frame for them. Meaning, any amount of time will have passed between events, whether it's days, weeks, months, or years. Since the Trojan War took 10 years to complete, and seven years for Meneleus and Helen to get back to Sparta, I very much doubt I will have the patience to spend on that. Therefore, I've made this decision that events will be chronological, but sporadic.

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