"But why do I have to go? Your great grandfather scares me." Bolin pouts, crossing his arms.

"Because, you're family!" Iroh II responds, smiling at him. "At least, to me you are. And don't worry about him. He doesn't bite... anymore. He's so old he had some of have fallen out. Mother will translate everything he says for you, don't worry."

"But then what about your grandfather? The scarred one? He really scares me. His scar only makes it worse." he pouts.

"Don't be afraid of him. He isn't as bad as my Great Grandfather, and he can't even speak audibly anymore."

Bolin sighs. "Okay." he says, packing his final outfit in his suitcase.

Iroh smiles, leaving the room. He sits at his desk, tapping his fingers as he looks out the window at the moon. He smiles, and takes of his leathery, red jacket and hangs it up on the coat rack near the door. He sits back down at his desk, resting his head on his hands. "Perhaps I'll wait on Bolin to finish up before I go to sleep." he thinks, and begins to whistle to "Secret Tunnel."

Bolin comes back and whistles to the part of the song where the lyrics are "And a mountain divides them apart...~"

"Built a path to be together!~" Iroh whistles back.

"And I forgot the next couple lines, but uhm, then it goes.." Bolin says.

"Secret Tunnel!~"

"Secret Tunnel!~"

"Through the mountains!~"





"Tunnel!~" they whistle together.

"Yeah!" Bolin says, laughing.

Iroh laughs with him. "Well, that was fun. I'm gonna get in my pajamas. How about you?" he asks.

"Okay." he smiles, leading Iroh to their closet. Bolin picks out a nice, clean, gray, muscle T-Shirt and takes off his sweater. He puts on the muscle shirt and yawns, and then goes back to the bedroom, where he kicks off his pants and lies on the bed, sleepily.

Iroh takes off his black sweater he had underneath his jacket and neatly hangs it back up. He picks out a clean, sort of transparent, V-Neck and takes off his pants as well and hangs them up. He smiles at Bolin when he walks in and lies next to him.

Bolin yawns. "Goodnight, love." he tells Iroh, kissing his cheek.

Iroh's cheeks flush, and he plants a light kiss on Bolin's lips. "Goodnight, beautiful." he says, smiles, and looks to the fire place in the room. (They had fire places, rather than lamps. It was a really nice feature of their house, and it was quite common with royal Fire Nation families.) He extends his arm and distinguishes the fire, and then yawns. He lies back down, facing Bolin and closes his eyes, slowly falling into a deep slumber.