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As usual everyone on the plane was fighting. This of course included Gwen and Courtney who were in first class alone yelling about Duncan. Alejandro and Heather were arguing and took off awhile ago. Sierra and Cody were also nowhere to be found. So, first class was free for fighting in.

"He didn't want to kiss you!" Courtney groaned to Gwen.

"Obviously he did or he wouldn't have done it twice!" Gwen yelled at her.

"I really hate you." Courtney rolled her eyes. "You are so getting eliminated next chance I get."

"Whatever." Gwen walked away and was now leaving first class.

"Where are you going?" Courtney demanded to know.

"To the confessional." Gwen told her. "Why do you care?"

"You can't go and vent about me!" Courtney yelled at her. "I'm going to vent about you first!"

The two shoved each other all the way to the doorway of economy class until they bumped into someone. It was Leshawna who glared at them.

"Watch it!" Leshawna glared at them. "You two can fight all you want, but at least wait until you get out of line!"

"Line?" Gwen asked "Why is there a line?"

"Seriously!" Courtney rolled her eyes "I need to vent now!"

Courtney and Gwen looked at the bathroom/confessional line and in this line was Gwen, Courtney, Leshawna, DJ, Bridgette, Tyler, Heather, Lindsay, Alejandro, Owen, Noah, Cody, Sierra, Izzy, Duncan and pretty much everyone else on the show, including the peanut gallery who Chris was forcing to go on this trip.

"This is the line for the confessional?" Courtney was confused. "I was wondering where everyone went!"

"Yeah, we've all been stuck here!" Heather started pounding on the door. "You better hurry up! I need to actually use the bathroom!"

"Yeah, I need to apply my lip gloss!" Lindsay told them

"I've already been on this plane for 4 hours and I'm ready to jump out!" Trent complained "Hurry up! I really have to pee!"

"I've been waiting to vent about Heather for almost an hour!" Alejandro complained.

"I've been waiting to talk about how I got with two of the hottest girls on the show!" Duncan yelled "Not to mention, I need to actually use the bathroom!"

"I just want to brush my teeth and get away from Sierra!" Cody complained.

"I'm not waiting anymore!" Duncan yelled and took out a screwdriver from his pocket. "Time's up!"

Duncan unscrewed the door from the hinges and pulled it off revealing Harold with a at least 3 blankets over the toilet that he was sitting on while he was laying on one of the first class pillows that he obviously stole. He head his headphones in and was bobbing his head to the music.

"What the hell, Harold?!" Duncan demanded to know "Everyone has been waiting to use the bathroom!"

"Well, you'll all need to go somewhere else!" Harold told them. "This is considered trespassing and you're all lucky I don't call the cops on Duncan for destroying my property!"

"Trespassing?" Courtney laughed. "It's the confessional and the bathroom!"

"Now it's my bedroom." Harold told her. "So everyone will have to leave!"

"He can't do that." Tyler crossed his arms and looked at Courtney "Right?"

"Obviously not." Courtney told Tyler. "I'm sure Chris will make him get out."

"Then I'm going to get Chris so I can use the bathroom!" Heather glared at Harold.

Heather stormed up to the front of the plane where Chris and Chef were flying it and she demanded that both of them come back to economy class to see what was going on. When they got here Chris sighed in annoyance and glared at them all.

"Who broke the bathroom door?" Chris demanded to know. "I hope you don't think I'm fixing that!"

"Talk to Harold." Alejandro rolled his eyes. "He apparently lives in the bathroom now."

"Harold what the hell?" Chris asked "You can't live in the bathroom! people need to vent! I need them to vent for ratings!"

"Where in the rules does it say I can't live in the bathroom slash confessional?" Harold asked Chris.

"Uh..." Chris had to think for a minute and he looked at Chef who shrugged. "There isn't a rule against it because I didn't think anyone would try to live in the bathroom and have a bedroom in it!"

"So, I can live in the bathroom." Harold informed him. "If it's not a rule then I'm allowed."

"Okay guys..." Chris rolled his eyes "Apparently Harold can be a shithead and live in the bathroom so I guess that means you'll all use the cockpit confessional and I'll get you buckets for a bathroom."

"You can't be serious!" Courtney yelled at him. "You're just going to let him do it?"

"I can't stop him!" Chris yelled back "There isn't a rule against it! You of all people should know how that works!"

"Wait a minute!" Heather asked him. "So, there isn't a rule about living in the bathroom?"

"No, there isn't." Chris sighed. "We're going to be landing soon so I sug-"

"Then that means I can live on the plane too!" Heather laughed "Dibs on first class! everyone else better stay out or it's Trespassing!"

Heather ran to first class laughing all the way.

"I call dibs on economy class!" Duncan exclaimed.

"Dibs on the left side of economy class!" Leshawna told Duncan.

"I already called the whole economy class!" Duncan told her.

"Well I called the whole left side." Leshawna rolled her eyes. "Deal with it."

"You people can't be serious." Chris groaned. "You guys can't have rooms on the plane!"

"You didn't make that a rule." Courtney smirked. "Dibs on the elimination room!"

"Cody and I call half of the elimination room!" Sierra shouted.

"Oooohhhh!" Izzy jumped up and down "I want go in the creepy cargo hold then!"

"Doesn't Zeke already live there?" Noah asked.

"Yeah!" Izzy laughed "He's going to be my neighbor!"

Izzy ran off to the cargo and Sierra dragged Cody to the Elimination room with Courtney yelling behind them.

"Dibs on Chris's hot tub room." Justin smirked at the host.

"Oh yeah! Bridgette and I call it too!" Geoff quickly yelled to Justin.

"Dibs on my room!" Chris glared at them. "Everyone stay out of my quarters!"

"Yeah, but we already called the hot tub room." Bridgette told Chris "That means we have to go through your quarters to get through to our room."

"Then I guess you'll just have to find another way in there now, won't you?" Chris smirked at the three of them.

"I'm game for knocking down a wall." Justin smiled at Bridgette and Geoff. The three of them went to measure the wall around Chris's hot tub room. Chris chased them and cursed at them the whole way through. Everyone else started to scramble to find somewhere to stay before everyone else took all the spots and they couldn't go there anymore.

Noah and Alejandro stood there and looked around.

"So, I guess there isn't a challenge today." Noah smirked "Where are you going to live?"

"I'm going to try to convince Heather to share her first class with me." Alejandro smirked at walked away.

"Yeah, I guess I better find someone sane to be near..." Noah sighed and started to look around.

There ya go! Yes, I plan on making this a few chapters. Who would have thought that a contestant could live in the bathroom? If I was on world tour, that's what I would have done LOL

Also, I have no idea why I decided to write this. Can we just put this in the "What the fuck was the writer thinking?" category. Also, the name of this story is like...REALLY bad. lol

If you want the honest to god Truth? I was watching TDWT on youtube and I got really mad when Chris said they didn't have beds. So, I actually said out loud "What the fuck? I'd just make my own bed." and then this idea came to me! Also, to keep people semi in character Harold was the only one who would be obnoxious enough to live in the bathroom/confessional.