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Heather was in first class with a bunch of blanket and pillows and she had even stolen the bathroom door that Duncan broke off of Harold's stupid bathroom house when Alejandro walked in and Heather instantly glared.

"Don't even think about it!" Heather told him. "I already have dibs on this!"

"Yes, but you didn't call the whole first class." Alejandro smirked at her. "You should have been more specific! Such as this: I call the whole back end of first class. Now, I live here too!"

"You can't do that!" Heather told him. "There has to be a rule against that!"

"There isn't." Alejandro smirked at her and walked to the back of first class. "So, let me be the first to say: Hola, Neighbor!"

Heather was fuming. Why the hell did Harold have to start this? This was all his fault and now everyone was losing their minds.

Courtney wasn't having much luck in the Elimination room either. Courtney and Sierra were arguing over who was going to get what side of the elimination room to begin with. They both wanted the side that they would usually sit at because they both wanted to use it as a bed to sleep on. This ended up in some weird fight where Sierra ripped Courtney's pants off and Courtney had a large chunk of Sierra's hair. Cody stood there and watched the whole thing in amazement because he loved girl fights. Finally Courtney spoke up.

"This is completely ridiculous!" Courtney told Sierra "I called it first and you just copied me! So, I think that I should at least get the side that I want."

"Well I have Cody!" Sierra glared at her "We need the elimination bench! I'm a woman with needs! I need to make Cody comfortable if I'm going to get those needs fulfilled!"

"Uh...No!" Courtney yelled at Sierra "There will be no sexual needs on this plane! Well at least not in my house!"

"That's a stupid rule and Cody and I disagree on it!" Sierra told her.

"Cody hasn't said anything!" Courtney yelled "If you have sex with him on this plane I'm pretty sure that's rape too! Just saying Sierra!"

"Fine." Sierra crossed her arms. "Tell Courtney what you want to do."

"I want to live with Gwen." Cody put his head down and turned red. "But girl fights are awesome too."

"You want to live with that boyfriend stealing bitch?!" Courtney yelled

"Cody!" Sierra smacked him "How could you even say that?!"

The two girls beat the shit out of Cody...He wasn't liking this girl fight.

Noah rolled his eyes. He ended up finding Tyler and Lindsay being really confused in the plane and just standing around. He tried to ignore them but they decided it was a good idea to follow him. They all went to the kitchen on the plane and found Owen already there eating everything in sight.

"Oh, hey guys!" Owen waved as he shoved a whole block of cheese in his mouth. "I already called dibs on the whole kitchen!"

"I'm going to hate myself for this..." Noah mumbled. "Owen, can me, Tyler and Lindsay live with you in the kitchen?"

"Sure thing guys!" Owen happily walked over to them and hugged them.

Leshawna and Duncan managed to get a roll of tape and they placed it on the floor and divided down the middle. Duncan wasn't happy with sharing this space with her but it would have to do. Unfortunately for Duncan, having a girlfriend just gave him less space.

"Hey you." Gwen walked in the room and kiss Duncan. "Any chance you and I could share this space?"

"I don't know." Duncan examined his space. "There really isn't that much room in here to begin with and since I already have to share with Leshawna, I'm not sure it would be the wisest move for me."

"You've got to be kidding me." Gwen glared at him "Are you honestly telling me you won't share your space with me?"

"I'm not saying I don't want to share it!" Duncan tried telling her. "I'm just saying that maybe you should have called the other half before Leshawna..."

"I can't believe you!" Gwen hit him. "Well, I don't have anywhere else to go! So guess what? since you're my boyfriend you're going to share this with me! I'm not about to fight with Heather for first class and I'm not living in the smelly cargo hold with Izzy because she told me she wanted to have a threesome with me and Zeke and she was 'planning' it!"

Leshawna laughed at the two of them and walked out of economy class.

"Where are you going?" Duncan asked her.

"I'm going to try to swing a deal with Harold so I can have a bathroom." Leshawna told him.

"Oh, I'll come too!" Duncan offered. "Gwen can stay here and clean up and earn her keep here."

"Excuse me?" Gwen smacked Duncan and Leshawna laughed.

"Listen, Harold hates you." Leshawna told Duncan. "If I bring you, I'm never going to get to use the bathroom! So, you stay here with your girlfriend and try not to get killed while I'm gone!"

There we go! Can you see all the problems that are going to happen? It's gonna be fun!