I pulled my dark brown hair to one side and sighed over the past few years walking into a new class had gotten normal for me but it still made me nervous I opened the door and walked over to the teacher handing him a note I stayed up front knowing id have to introduce my self every school was the same the teacher stood up

"attention Class" he spoke loudly the class settled down and all eye's were on me as I looked I realized it seemed to separated straight down the middle one side had rich kids the other hoods that was one thing I had never seen in any school

"this is uh.." He looked at the note then back at me clearly shocked on my name that happened a lot to

"My name is Pixie Dust. Yes that is my real name it's on my birth certificate yes it is the exactly spelt like the stuff in the book peter pan. No I can not tell you why on earth my parents named me that they past away when I was 6 so let's just leave that at that as for me Id rather you not try to get to know and not ask questions because I wont try to get to know you or ask you any why because the chances of me remembering your name or anything you tell me about your self I wont remember and by the chance you do get to know Ill be gone before you have a chance to do anything else this is then 8th school I've been to so far this year and probably the like 56th school I've been to since I was six" I said taking a breaking waiting for questions

"do you believe in fairy's" one of the rich kids said laughing at his own joke and highfiveing his friends

"oh ha ha I wouldn't bother making jokes unless you have an original one because I've heard it all and by the looks of you and your friends I wouldn't say your very original" I then walked to an empty seat that was on the hoods side and sat down the teacher clapped I always felt like a bitch when I made that speech but it was true by the time I had opened up to any one and trusted them me and my uncle would be packing up again because he did some stupid shit or got fired it happened all time and Three years ago over twenty schools ago I wrote that speech and now had it memorized to give out at school the only reason I still went was because my uncle didn't want me bumming around the house while he was "Working" which was his word for doing something illegal and because he wanted me to graduate which was almost impossible i never stayed long enough to learn anything I could see the rich kids whispering to each other about me I rolled my eye's praying the stupid lunch bell would ring soon and when it did I found an empty table in the cafeteria and sat down taking my book out leaning again the wall with my feet up on the table I opened my book to were I had my book mark and started to read

" a little old for Fairy tales aren't we" a male voice said I looked up to see he Rich boy and his friends sitting down next to me

" not as old as that line"
I said looking back to my book he pulled it away and closed it I rolled my eye's

"what do you want" I asked him rather annoyed

"just came to tell you how things work around here sweet cakes see me and my guys here were Soc's and those hoods you sat next to in class are called Greasers there nothing but poor low life scum who live on the bad side of town us on the other hand were the rich cool kids the ones you wanna be seen with so why don't you bring your pretty little face over to our table" he said winking and standing up I just picked my book up and started reading it again him and his friends left shortly after two so called Greasers sat down I put my book down and looked at them

"if you're going to give me the whole Soc Greaser speak then call me babe and shit then tell me to come sit with you don't even bother super douche over there already did" I said picking my book back up a hand reached over the top and lowered it

"actually we were going to ask if you wanted to come hang out at the drive in tonight" said a boy who had his hair greased back and curl greased in the front he was wearing a black leather jacket and had a Micky-mouse shirt on the boy next to him and dark I recognized the one in the mickey-Mouse shirt from English

"did you not listen to a word I said in class" I said putting my book down

"Listened and took it as a challenge" he said with a wink I rolled my eye's and picked my book up but the boy put it back down

"he wont give up till you say yes Two-bit's stubborn like that" the other boy said

"fine alright ill go the movie with you and" I looked over at the other boy

"Pony boy Curtis" he said holding out his hand I shook it

"well at least I'm not the only one with a weird name this time around" he chuckled

"so Pixie were do you live we'll pick you up" Two-bit said i bit my lip thinking about it my uncle would flip if i let anyone come to the house

"you know what you tell me the time and ill meet you at the Drive in" I said

"alright meet us out front by the gate movie starts at eight" Two-bit said I nodded and with that he was gone I sighed and started to pick up my book before realizing pony-boy was still sitting there I put my book down

"you got something to ask?"I asked him

"why are you reading beauty in the beast?"
he asked simply but his voice wasn't judging just curious

"well I guess there a few reasons main ones being my mom used to read me all the fairytale and two I just like the whole Beauty and a beast concept" I said Pony nodded then stood up

"Ill see you tonight then" he said I nodded and picked up my book finally able to start reading it or so a I thought a few minutes later a bunch of girls sat down they all stared at me smiling

"you know what no I'm done" I said getting up picking my bag up in one had I started to walk away

"rude" was all I heard the girls say I walked away I opened the big doors that led out side and headed home or so I thought I got side tracked by the Dx Gas station I headed inside and went straight for the Icebox as I headed to the till I saw a boy with his dark hair greased back he was wearing his blue work uniform and had a sparrow tattoo

"that all"
he asked I nodded he told me the amount and I paid I headed for the door not paying much attention and walked right into another boy I stumbled back I felt hands grab my shoulders preventing me from falling

"whoa there Doll face you alright?" I looked up to see a boy with movie star like features his dark hair was greased and tucked under his Dx hat it matched the colour of his Dx shirt he had stunning blue eyes

"yeah I'm fine thanks" I said lifting my hand then headed home when I got there my uncle was gone there was a note on the fridge stating he'd be back after the weekend that was nothing new i rolled my eye's and plopped down on the couch my lazy uncle had shockingly set up our TV I turned it on after noticing there was nothing on I took my book out my bag dropping my bag on the floor I cracked open my Coke and took a sip placing it on the floor while opening my book I had gotten so drawn into my book I didn't put it down till I completed It I sat up stretching and looked up at the clock it was 6:40 pm

"crap" I said jumping up I was going to be late if i didn't hurry I ran upstairs stripping my dress off along the way I ran to my room and rummaged threw my boxes finding a pair of slightly skinny jeans that had rips in them and a simple white button up tee shirt I threw them on and tied the shirt above my belly button I ran to the bathroom and started to brush my teeth half way threw I took my pony out and continued brushing my teeth stopping periodically fixing the natural waves in my hair I finished brushing my teeth and threw on some lips stick put on my converse and ran out the door grabbing my purse I ran for a while then walked then ran again as I walked by a store I peeked into to see It was 7:55 I had five minutes and the drive in was at least 10 minutes away I started to run again and got tired of running my legs burned and the Drive in was in site I caught my breath walking thinking to my self man I had gotten out of shape as I walked up I saw Two-bit, Pony boy and another boy leaning on the fence the other boy had his hair greased but it didn't seem to stay back his eye's were a deep brown and reminded me of a little lost puppy I walked up to them

"Almost thought you were a no show babe" said Two-bit

"I thought about ditching but I didn't think it be fair ol pony boy here" I said ruffling his hair he pulled away the other kid laughed

"this is my friend Johnny" Pony pointed out

"nice to meet you Johnny" he smiled

"c'mon let's go" said Two-bit I fallowed him and the boy's to a little sink hole that was under the fence I rolled my eye's Two-bit was the first under fallowed by Pony then Johnny the looked at me

"you coming?" said Pony

"yeah but if I get dirt in my hair I'm so dumping a soda on you Two-bit" I said directing the last part a Two-bit he just smiled I made my way under and Johnny and Pony helped me up we walked over to the seats and sat down I tried to watch the movie but all three boy's kept trying to get things out of me and some how i felt my self opening up to them for some reason they made me feel not afraid to be myself instead of a stuck up bitch the movie ended and we all stood up I stretched

"well I had no clue what that movie was about" I said the boy's laughed and we walked out the front gate

"so babe" Two-bit started to speak

"think of something more creative and less demeaning or call me by my name Two-bit" I said rolling my eye's him and the boy's shared a glance that made me pause and look at them

"Princess!" yelled Two-bit

"Pixie-sticks" yelled Pony boy

"Pickles" suggested Two-bit

"what about Sugar rush.." Suggested Johnny quietly

"Originality I like that!" I said nudging him gently he smiled

"alright Sugar rush it is!" announced Two-bit we all laughed we heard a car pull up on the gravel behind us we turned around to see a blue mustang Two-bit pushed me behind him as the Soc boy's from my Class got out

"well well looks like fairy picked her side" Said the boy

"back off bob" said Two-bit

"what are you gonna do about Greaser" The Super douche named bob said Two-bit broke his coke bottle and tossed the top at Pony-boy then he pulled out a blade I flinched a bit moving back I felt Johnny's hand on my shoulder Bob took another swig of his drink

"you know what" he paused in his own drunken haze

"you can have the little whore" he said his body swaying Two-bit took a step towards them as they backed away and went back to there mustang driving off Two-bit mumbled something and Pony dropped the bottle we started walking again it was quiet

"Well this has been one interesting first day" I said they laughed

"mean's we made a lasting impression huh Sugar rush" said Two-bit nudging me

"yeah yeah"
I nudged him back

"that means you can come meet the rest of the gang tomorrow" Pony pipped up I looked over at them all three boy's were giving me a goofy smile I groaned loudly

"If I don't you're just going to bug me till I do wont you" I said a little annoyed they all nodded

"pretty much" said Pony I threw my hands up in defeat

"fine Ill go you pains in my rear end" I said

"You're rear end is mighty fine" said two-bit winking and slapping my ass I kicked his shin he yelped and hoped up and down on one foot Pony and Johnny laughed

"you'll fit right in" said Pony still laughing and patting my back we stopped out side of the now closed Dx station

"well I guess this is where I say fare well" I said bowing like a dork to them they laughed

"are you sure you don't want us to walk you home?" asked Pony a little concerned

"ill be fine pony boy I don't live to far" I said giving him a comforting smile he sighed I gave all three boy's a hug and ruffled Johnny's hair and we parted ways I went home and headed straight for the shower I let the water cascade down onto me I sighed as all of today's happening filled threw my head and then I remembered Pony Saying that id fit in a pain filled my heart one I hadn't felt in years I was becoming attached to those three boy's Johnny especially something about that kid made me just want to hug him and tell him life gets better just hold on the more and more I thought about it the stronger the pain got and the stronger it got the harder the tears were to hold in I soon felt them pouring out mixing with the water I collapsed on to my knees whimpering like a coward I had tried so hard to keep everything bottled up avoid people at all costs have no friends no one I cared about so I wouldn't have to worry or feel pain and now I was growing attached to people again those boy's were ripping open my shell like a Squirrel to an acorn I stood up turning the water off I used the towel to dry my self off and dry my tears away I quickly got changed into my Pj's and went to bed I awoke to aloud banging on the front door I yawned getting up and headed down stairs I rubbed my eye's opening the door and threw the screen door I saw Two-bit and Johnny Two-bit had a huge grin on your face

"not that i'm complaining but I don't think those pj's are proper attire to go see a house full of boy's" Two-bit smirked at his comment I opened my mouth to ask how the hell he knew where I lived but then I figured he probably fallowed me here I opened the screen door then headed off upstairs half way I stopped

"two-bit don't break anything"I said barley awake he chuckled I walked up the of the stairs and went threw my boxes I stood there in a bra and panties debating on a dress or jean shorts and button up I went to my door

"hey Johnny boy come up here for a second" I yelled down at Johnny then went back to the clothes trying to deiced there was a light knock then Johnny walked in I turned his eyes went wide then he shut them

"uh..uh so-" he started to apologize I rolled my eye

"Just think of it as i'm in my bathing suit and help me pick Dress or Jeans shorts and stop" I asked him looking back at the clothes

"Id go with the Shorts just in case Two-bit gets drunk he likes to lift dresses and skirts" Johnny said quickly walking out the door I shook my head and got changed into the high wasted jean shorts and black button up the sleeves were long and baggy I tied up the bottom above my belly button again then ran down the stairs

"Ill be one minute" I said looking at the boxes

"whatcha looking for" asked Two-bit walking to the kitchen

"Utensils these sleeves drive me mad" I said Two-bit laughed and walked over to me he lifted my arm up and grabbed the sleeves ripping each of them off and chucking them in the trash

"there let's go" he said smiling I rolled my eye's and we all headed of to Pony-boy's house